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     FROM SANTOS RIVERA : Beer and Cider -

          THREE Beers -

       1) Octoberfest from SAM ADAMS, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles - a hearty & smooth Marzen, liked by many! A perfect beer for this weather with a really nice chill!

       2) Doublebock beer . the ' Tregenator ' from TROEGS Independent Brewing, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce beers, from Hershey, PA., with 8.2% alcohol by volume, , using Magnum, German Northern and Brewer hops with a bronze color, , a thick and chewy taste with intense notes of caramel, chocolate, and dried stone fruit. .... yes yes yes!

       3) Down To Earth IPA Session , with 42 IBUs, 4.4% alcohol by volume, a 6-pack of cans  from the 21st Amendment Brewing CO., a extra pale ale with a bold malt taste and hop flavors : serious!' ... " Whether you have a long mission behind you or a full afternoon ahead, this session IPA will help keep things real. " Yes, I agrtee, we agree.

          ONE Cider -

       1)  Pressed-On-Site Hard Cider ' Original ' from JACK'S, a 12-ounce cans 6-pack On Special for $10.99 , made with apples, sulfites and carbonation, gluten-free, from Pennsylvania, We love it! " We produce a hard cider from the ground up. We grow, press, and ferment apples, then package the final product all from our facility located in one of the Apple Capitals of the world, Biglerville, PA. " Cheers, come try some!

     AND IN LIQUEURS - LIQUORS From Jagir Singh we have -

       1) Cane Run Estate Original Rum Number 12 blend, imported, On Special for $12.99, a great deal, what a fine price, exciting and ' new ' and thrilled to have it here to offer you all.

     2) Breaker Bourbon Whisky, a limited realease, hand-crafted Bourbon that is aged for a minimum of 5 years. $48.99 a bottle, something ' new and exciting ' to bring to your attention from , a 45% alcohol by volume, from Buellton, Santa Barbara County, California, ....

     3) Amaro Cio Ciaro , a typical and original liqueur produced and bottled by PAOLUCCI LIQUORI in Sora, Italy. It is On Special for $19.99 a bottle, with 30% alcohol by volume, and worth trying to see if this style of Amaro suits you or not? The price is excellent if it does. Cheers.

     WINE By Chris & Tony -

       1) Vinho Verde from ANJOS de Portugal, On Special On Special $7.99 a bottle, a dry blend of 40% Arinto, 30% Trajadura, and 30% Loureiro, a delight, lively, bright, fresh : perfect to cut through this heat and humidity now! And a festive , colorful label, too!

       2) Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand, 2016 On Special for $9.99 a bottle,  What a deal, what a value, and , most important - what a wine!

       3) AC 4.090 Gewurztraminer from ALTA CIMA in Chile, from the Valle de Lontue, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, regularly $14.99, this is dry, flavorful, and a steal when you want to drink Gewurtztraminer, tasty, a treat.

       4) Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, from Jane Hunter own HUNTER'S Vineyard : so lovely, so soft and bright and refreshing - a silkiness, a satin, lovely! What a treat, loved it, great sipping!What a treat with or without a meal.

        5) Bonarda 2011 Reserva from TIERRA PROMETIDA , from Mendoza, Argentina, On Special for $12.99, a hearty, flavorful, intense and dark-colored red that my family and I enjoyed at the beach in the first week of August. We were in Plover Beach at the Outer Banks in the town of Duck : and with new friends we made from Minnesota we enjoyed this hearty earthy angular red with some apetizers of cheese and crackers, and looking out at the ocean as pelicand dove to their heart's content for their dinner past the breaking of the waves and swimmers, surf-boarders - nice. We closed the beach down with this and it was wonderful. Best with food, an Italian grape taken from Oltrepo Pavese by the Piemonte region, and grown really well, too in Argentina. Come check this one out and see what you all think.

       6) " L'Ingenue " 2011 of ELYSE Vineyard from the Naggiar Vineyard, a dry flavorful, developed, brighter and more lingering mouthful of distinct Rhone varietal flavors that have cadences of honey and accents of nuts - a real treat with a meal, some soups would be amazing - creamy soups like squash, or even cooked squash - mmmmm.

WEDNESDAY Wine Sale Here Every Wednesday - SAVE UP to 20% OFF your wine purchases. Call Chris or Tony to discuss this with us at 202-363-4265 : THREE WAYS to save big.


WEDNESDAY, September 6th, 2017 : 5-8PM : We have Marci Weinstein here to taste four really exceptional ' new and exciting ' Kiwi wines form WITHER HILLS ( killer Sauvignon Blanc, and even greater Pinot Noir, and a delightful dry Pinot Noir rose, too ) asnd also for INKBERRY Mountain Estate ( a Shiraz - Cabernet blend ). JOIN US, no charge, what a treat : maybe, no - most definitely I was amazed!

FRIDAY, September 8th, 5-8PM : We have third-generation owner-winemaker Greg Grazziano here of his own GRAZZIANO Family wines to taste an assortment of incredibly tasty, honest, true-to-soil wines from Mendocinoa, CA. I love what Greg makes- serious, flavorful, distinct, unique - some of the best I have had from California, and great GREAT DEALS, too!

SATURDAY, September 9th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Serghei coming to pour a selection of his FABulous dry reds and whites from Moldova, and it might include a sparkling wine, too. Will talk to Serghein tomorrow and be sure what we are tasting. They are so flavorful, with character, style, power and finesse, too at times. Great wines to enjoy with your meals.

THANK YOU as always for everything, you all are the very best love you all. Cheers, TONY 9/5/2017


       6) CHATEAU CANTELAUDETTE 2013 Graves de Vayres, from Bordeaux is a real trear. Something to enjoy now, On Special for $15.99 : some grip, some backbone, some real flavor and taste : a winner with your meal almost anytime. Enjoy with flavorful foods.

     IT IS A SOBERING time in our lives, and here we are in the beer, wine and spirits' business and most everything we sell has alcohol in it. Still a sobering time on so many fronts, and balance is what is needed most of all. I read a story on Sunday on the front page of the Washington Post newspaper called : " THe Homecoming " I believe? I read it all. It spoke to me on many levels in volumes, and I was thrilled to look into this slice-of-a-local-life in Missouri. I learned, I understood, I thought, I felt, I cried, I smiled, I grimaced, I felt like I was being admitted into a world in the United States that I very much need to know something about as we try and heal our divisions.

     I DO NOT HAVE IT in front of me but I loved it, and read it over the day, a two-and-ahalf-page article that was told from the point of a twenty-two year-old girl, just married, in college, returning home to be with her family for the three-day yearly country fair. The young lady voted Democratic, and most the small town and her friends voted Republican. Her last name was Trump as were many of the people in the town, and her husband was from Honduras, he voted Democratic, too.

     I LOVED THE WHOLE STORY, and I guess some of the highlights, many, were the words her father spoke. He spelled it out. He was a voice of reason, of experience, of someone that had paid his dues and he put things into perspective so he could move along and do what he could both for his family, his community, and not be swallowed up by the division we have. He spoke of learning to speak to one another, to bridge the divide, that we all had many more things in common than not. I loved that.

     I ALSO LOVED that this young 22-year-old-girl was reading a copy of James' Joyce's ULYSSES as well as listening to Bob Dylan : loved that a whole lot! Yes!!

     I MOWED our lawn this weekend and I listened to Bob Dylan, his words reached out to me and made me lsiten closer and want to be enriched by them, to see what we may have in common? What bond of experiences we might have shared and be sharing today. I woder if Sting will mention the guitarist that just passed away from the two-man sensation STEELY DAN tonight at his concert? I understand that he will be at Wolf Trap? That would be nice. I also read the article on STEELY DAN and today, more than ever, we are all reeling, reeling in the split-second, milli-second cyberspace reality that has invaded our lives, thoughts, actions, everything. I understand that the guitarist passed away at 67? 1067 was a great year for music. Great year for peace and love, sunshine, the year of Aquarius, of enlightenment, brothery-sisterly ; come together and love one another ' love and words of Jessie Colin Young of the Youngbloods. Remember that?!?