Our IContact Down, Tuesday Store Email 8/29-9/5

Our IContact Email server is down and so I am typing the store email here for the very first time hoping that I may be able to copy and paste it later and thus not waste any time, as time is a precious commodity. It sure is, invaluable, really essential.

It is the end of August , the 29th, 2017 to be exact. It is cool, kool with rain and drizzle today, in the sixties, lovely, refreshing, a real treat! A great day to enjoy everything as it is not too hot, and everything will show really well now. Come by after you read this, see what we have to catch your fancy

LABOR DAY is also on the horizon, for many this represents the end of summer, and it is really a tough pill to swallow.

SCHOOL HAS STARTED BACK and that was yesterday.My daughter and wife started back and it has been tough as the first day, the first week is really hard as eveyone has to get reacclimated to the ' new year ', the new scene so to speak. Heard all about it last night

SO : WE HAVE many new situations setting in and new scenarios and possibilities to encounter, adjust to, work around, with, for and together to grow more. 

OUCH! That all sounds like so much. It is.

I VOTED at our local elementary school this morning before coming to work. My wife reminded me and I am happy I did. It is a glorious way to star/start/art my week, as I am an artist.

WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Getting ready for the fall and th end of our year with so much at stake. Better to be proactive and not reactive.

TODAY SO FAR I have had Tim with Southern Glazer here tasting me on a new 92 proof Kentuckt Straight Bourbon from  OLD FITZGERALD that was really quite polished and we are thinking about selling it here.

THEN MARCI WEINSTEIN came by from her new employer of fine Kiwi, Aussie and also California and Oregon wines from what I can determine so far. ARGYL sparkling Oregon wine is in the assortment, and that speaks volumes to me! But even more important were the four wines I tasted with Marci that I did not know already, the wines from New Zealnad of WILLOW HILLS ( a dry bright crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a full and rich and satisfying all-by-itself dry full rose, and also a ' killer ' world-class Pinot Noir that blew me away for all the layers, the old-world richnessm complexity, the fruit-centered middle, mmmm, balanced, complete, long finish. AND then fro Austrailia the INKBERRY Shiraz, a Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignpn red I was prepared not to like after the superlative Pinot Noir. I had to eat and swallow, and chase down my throat with the INKBERRY my words as it has dark blue berry flavors with some plum or prune and darkness, grit, and it showed really well. Marcy will be here on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 5-8PM tasting these wines with you all, they are truly special and well-made, focused, balanced : all real treats! Thanks Marci!