Labor Day Liquor Specials ! 8/29-9/5/2017

ALL IS WELL as we get ready for Labor Day Weekend here in Cleveland Park NW Washington DC, 20008, our nation's capitol. It is cool kool in the sixties and rainy, too : perfect weather to enjoy all these alcoholic beverages we have from Jagir for you now. Cheers, let us know what you think of them, too, be sure and share.

1) Grappa di Moscato from MOLETTO, On Special for $38.99 a bottle. , from Montegalda, Italy, a real class-act, I have tried them and enjoy them, and can speak well of them. I enjoyed myself so much the Nebbiolo. This one is the softer, rounder, brighter, more fruit-cenetered, forward one with less tang and bite and fire, so easier for many to sip and not choke or worse be surprised and knocked for a loop! It is a great way to start your journey discovering and enjoying-experiencing the many pleasures of fine grappa! Cheers.

2) RON Flor De Cana Anejo Clasico traditional artesenal rum rhum , On Special for $19.99 a bottle, it is slow-aged, has been since 1890, this is the 5-year-old slow-aged, with 40% alcohol by volume, and it is always a favorite of many of you that shop here.

3) Cranberry flavored vodka from Austin , Texas, from DEEP EDDY, On Special for $18.99 a bottle. Shake and serve it for best results. It is a great way also to blend into many cocktails, as the flavors are intense, sharp, edgy and powerful, so mix this and become your own mixologist and find ' new expressions ' for this Cranberry DEEP EDDY, yes!It has 35% alcohol by volume.

4) Charcola filtered Vodka from LAIRD'S, distilled since 1780, from LAIRD and Company, from Scobeyville, N.J., it is distilled from grain and is a great value for mixing drinks, from a whole liter bottle, so more for your money, yes!

SO : here are but a very few of the spirits we have to offer you : hopefully something for everyone on a really cool damp rainy day in the sixties. Feels so refreshing, really it does. Come by and see what we have to offer you all. TONY  9/29/2017

Thanks again for everything.

Happy Labor Day weekend, too.