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HERE IN CLEVELAND PARK we're getting everything ready for a you all to give you plenty of ideas to celebrate with this weekend, especially this Sunday, but hey, there is always ONE Valentine's Day in a year as well as 364 UN-Valentine's Days, too, just like birthdays and un-birthdays, anytime is a great time to show your love, appreciation and warmth, spread it always, let us help you with some liquid libations to help you relax and smile broadly! Cheers.
I AM STILL LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION as I start to type this ' organic email ' that I will post today by 5PM for you all to read and enjoy. If you have any ideas please do share them with us here this week : our ears are always listening, our eyes always open.
I JUST DID A DISPLAY on our tasting table in a heart shape, see if you can find it, find your place : Heart-You, Heart-Us, Heart-Love 4 ALL! Cheers.
LAST NIGHT MY WIFE and I celebrated our anniversary of many years! and we chose to do it close to home at Cafe Mozart. It was wonderful, really special. We enjoyed ourselves so well, and we even made four ' new friends ' ( John, Elizabeth that were celebrating their 46 years of being married, Kevin ( celebrating his 52nd birthday, and his wife Renee ;  six, if you include both Max our waiter from Austria that also lived a long time in northern Italy,  and the brunette waitress, too, that served the other two tables.

WE ENJOYED THOROUGHLY a bottle of the STRAUSS ( Gustave ) Classic Sauvignon Blanc, $18.99, from  Steiermark,Gamlitz, Austria, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, that was very reminiscent of a racy, lively, spry and almost a touch of spritz-style Pouilly Fume, Loire Valley dry mineral, rich and citrus, too Sauvignon Blanc, we really did love it!

IT WAS SMASHING, really a great treat for us six there at Cafe Mozart. We all do recommend it. I asked Max for the list of aperitifs and spied that they had the MOLETTO De Nebbiolo Da Barolo Grappa, $42.99 a bottle that we sell here, and I ordered each table a glass to celebrate together before leaving. That cemented the whole evening for the six of us , and I would not be surprised that we get together sometime later? You never know.

I WAS ASKING my wife questions about her earlier trips to Italy and what she had enjoyed then, before we even met and got married. She had enjoyed Amaretto  and also some grappa. There was no amaretto on the list that I could see at Cafe Mozart, so I ordered the grappa, taking a chance that she would enjoy some of it? I was very lucky, she did.
THE GRAPPA di Nebbiol Da Barolo from MOLETTO really did impress all of us. With 43% alcohol by volume, it was fruit-forward, softer, silkier, fleshier, rounder and much more appealing than I would have imagined. I was very pleased, we all were.
I HAD THOUGHT about offering each of the three tables some of the Moscato like the G.D. VAJRA Moscato Di Asti, $20.99, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, that I just tried here a little more than a week ago with owner Francesca Vajra, and our local Country Vintner rep Graham Isaac? But I decided we needed something more intense as snow was about to come, and I thought we might need more strength?
THEN CAFE MOZART's Max cam with three glasses ' on the house, for the ladies ' of the Moscato on their list.
I ALSO PONDERED offering all three tables some port that I saw on their list and decided against it. It would have been like offering some of our MESSIAS 10 Anos Tawny, $27.99 a 750ml bottle, as that would have also pleased, or some of our BORGES Porto Ruby, $11.99, that would have also pleased us.
RENEE SAID that she had never tried grappa before and so this was a ' new ' experience for her. That pleased me as three of the ladies did try and enjoy it.
WORKING HERE I TRY always to support ' local first, local of Cleveland Park N.W. D.C., 20008! I wanted to take my wife to dine at Coppi's Organic and it was simply too far for her to go after a busy day of work. I understand that, and so to bring Coppi's Organic restaurant to her I ordered a pizza from Charlos' sister when I left work on Saturday night, and we enjoyed it thoroughly that Saturday in the comfort of our home with some excellent FITZ Sekt German Pfalz , a dry Riesling Sekt from Bad Durkheim, On Special here for $22.99 a bottle, with  12.5% alcohol by volume. It was amazing, too, both with the pizza and the Feijoada.
I ORDERED A Vegertarian-mostly pizza, asking them all there their opinion? It was a 12-inch pizza with eggplant, mushrooms, herbs, artichoke, and the pansetta was added on for me! WE loved it, really loved it, so many flavors, not heavy at all, a real treat to the finish of a really busy week for the both of usYOU KNOW IT IS GOOD when each bite illicits another comment in praise and appreciation.
SO IN THIS MANNER I brought ' local ' to our home in northern Virginia, and we were all happy And while there we discussed doing some business together, a wine dinner or two with the wines of ALMA, DOS PASSOS and IN SITU that we get from our owner, friend Manuel Rojas. We will push forward on this soon and be able to offer you some really great tasty, flavorful, impressive and yet also ' value meals ', and that is a wonderful prospect.
WE HAVE THE IN SITU Grand Reserva 2010 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon here that would also be a great Valentine's Day or weekend treat as it is smooth and drinking like a dream now and is On Special now at $16.99, regularly $26.99 a bottle, what a steal!
THIS MIGHT ALSO BE A GREAT dry, flavorful, silky and lush red to enjoy while listening to the returns tonight from New Hampshire for all our presidential candidates for the next election? This wine will warm and please you all, and I highly recommend it, HIGHLY!
FOR A WHITE to enjoy while listening to the results of the New Hampshire voters we suggest some of the ' Buried Cane ' Chardonnay, a 2014 Columbia Valley, Washington State, $14.99 a bottle, tasty, distinct, a whole lot to offer, what a great dry white to fend off the cold and soothe frazled spirits, too, lovely calming and pleasing taste.
I JUST SPOKE TO ANDREW SHAPIRO that has invented his own Ginger Brew non-alcoholic drink that he will taste again here this Saturday, noon-5PM. He will create specially for Valentine's Day cocktail, here is Andrew to type it in himself : " A splash of Reposado Tequila, Lime and Ginger Brew" makes for a perfect Valentines Day treat. See you Saturday! " We sell the El Jimador hand-Harvested 100% Blue Agave tequila reposado On Special for $19.99, and Andrew's  Ginger Brew for $1.99 a bottle.
ALL THESE ARE EXCELLENT choices to enjoy this Valentine's Day! I recommend them all, come by and check them out, try some early this week and see what you think so you have enough time to return and buy more if you like any of them as much as I/ we do.
SPEAKING OF WHICH we also have 3 other MOLETTO Grappas here in stock for you all to consider for this Valentine's Day :
     1) Grappa Di Moscato, $37.99, with 43% alcohol by volume. even smoother and softer than the Nebbiolo grappa.
     2) GRappa Di Arneis ( the Arneis makes a fine dry white wine from Piemonte, Italy where all these grappas are made. $37.99, with 43% alcohol by volume. Should be even lighter, more steely and biting, I would imagine?
     3) Grappa Di Barbera , $37.99 a 750ml bottle, with 43% alcohol by volume, should be even fuller and richer, more of a base than the Nebbiolo we enjoyed last night?
     COME TRY ALL 4, what a great way to get this Valentine's Day weekend and week-before off to a great start, especially with this bitter cold coming they say, and the rain and wet and snow of today.
          IN BEER From Santos we have :
     1) Lolita a Belgian-Style Wild Ale from GOOSE ISLAND, $20.99 for a 750ml bottle with 8.2 % alcohol by volume, from Goose Island Co., Chicago, IL., : " Develops in the bottle for up to 5 years, contains live yeast, a sediment may form, go to : for more info!

     2) Bitter Valentine Double India Pale Ale from ALEWERKS Brewing Company for a 1 Pint 6 Fluid ounce bottle, with 8.3% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99 a bottle. From Williamsburg, Virginia, tasty!

          IN LIQUEUR, LIQUOR From Jagir we have :
     1) Amaretto Di Saschira / LUXARDO, On Special for $27.99, something nice for the females to enjoy, although men do like it as well, soft, rich, thick, soothing, long satisfying finish, too, think about adding a splash to some sparkling wine the PIERRE LAROUSE from Alsace, France that we sell here for $9.99 a bottle? That would appeal to more people I think? Just an idea.
     2) Hazelnut liqueur from FRATELLO, $23.99 a bottle, with 20% alcohol by volume, for all of you that are nuts about your significant other! So luscious, made from the hazelnuts grown in the Piemonte region where the above-mentioned grappas are made. A grappa and this hazelnut, a bottle of each to please both palates, now that's a brilliant idea.
          TWO From PUR LIKOR, German Liqueurs :
     1) William's Pear Liqueur, $26.99 a bottle, with 25% alcohol by volume, so smooth, so easy to sip and enjoy all by itself, perfect for this damp and cold as we later go out to special meals and times together! For a 375ml bottle.
     2) Spice , a Blood-Orange liqueur produced n Germany that is a dark, deep color of amber that is still translucent and yet so rich in color alone that I just want to open the bottle here and now and sip some as I write. I really enjoyed it when I first tasted it, liked it a whole lot, it challenged my palate, excited, teased and ultimately as we alligned, pleased me immensely! Great before you voyage out into the cold, will brace and help you trace a path to your destination and new space.
     1) RUM CHATA Horchata Con Ron is a great soothing, extremely pleasing liqueur to enjoy, On Special for $23.99 a bottle, for a 750ml bottle, with 13.7% alcohol by volume. Cheers! It has been such a success story here and does unrattle nerves and make one smile.
     2) Sweet Tea from Austin's Original DEEP EDDY, it is ' new and exciting ' here now, On Special for $16.99, with all-natural ingredients, stilled 10 times in Texas, and all these DEEP EDDY voka-based beverages are doing really well here, the sales growing quickly on each! Nice for this deep cold we will have by this weekend.
     3) Los Parrales Aniversario . the Spirit of altitude - SINGANI  , from Bolivia. We have had it here now for more than a year, it has a great review in the Washington Post newspaper, a whole article about the country and this clean, lively, bright, refreshing and unique expression of the high altitudes in Bolivia, a winner! Come get some.
          WINES By Chris & Tony :
     1) Romeo From VERONA dry Veneto red , a stylish blend of Merlot and Corvina, On Special for $8.99, lovely to sip and enjoy with your special one, and needs no food, just love that is food enough!
     2) Blauburger and indigenous dry red from Austria, made by WEINGUT Josef Bauer, On Special for $9.99, regularly $14.99, inWagram, this is a refreshing, peppery, spicy, touch of forrrest-ground earth, lovely, chill 30 minutes, serve with some finger foods and enjoy and smile, feel like a million dollars becasue you feel loved!
     3) Bardolino D.O.C. , a dry red blend of mostly the Corvina grape, made in the Veneto region of Italy, this liter bottle is now On Special for $11.99, and Kelly Tate will pour it and another one or two wines here from 5-8PM, come taste with us! Great sipping, fun, tasty, will stimulate the palate, the senses, the sense of love .... the sense to be together and to share and to love and be-loved ..... ohhhhh yeah.
     4) SBS , a dry blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon Blanc from CADARETTA, in Columbia, Washington State, $19.99 a bottle, with 12.8% alcohol by volume, this wine is delicious, I absolutely loved it as it spoke the language of wine-love to me and pleased all my tastebuds when I tasted it recently. This will be a great wine to watch tonight's New Hampshire voter returns, as well as for Valentine's Day! Love it, love, love, yes, I do. I will, yes try harder to please, be plesed, smile, laugh, feel appreciative for all that we have, that I have.
     5) SHINDIG Fizzi pink , $21.49,  from New York State's Finger Lakes region is sparkling and made by Allie Shaper and from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes, with a lovely full, delicate blush, a real treat, what a pleasure, dry, crisp where needed, an orchestra, a symphony, a satisfying choral group of liquid Cabernet Franc sounds and treats!
     6) 2013 Russian River Valley Chardonnay from DONATIELLO Winery blew me away when I tasted this this past week : a butter and oak marriage of two lovers destined to stay in love for the duration of their lives, love it, it works beautifully, so balanced, so silky, so fine, great mouth-feel, a real treat! $29.99
     Wednesday, we have Alberto Cordero's wines to pour with Kelly, and Alberto here now to say a few words about these outstanding wines from Piemonte, ITaly now : in Italian : " la nostra famiglia possiede una delle piu belle estoriche aziende della zona del Barolo. 19 generazioni e quasi 700 anni distoria hanno contribuito a rendere il nostro know how unico. Eleganza ed equilibrio sono le parole magiche. Provare per credere." The wines are wonderful Alberto, we will enjoy tasting them tomorrow!
     Friday, February 12th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : WE will taste American, French and maybe other wines, will know more tomorrow! Cheers.
     Saturday, February 13th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) , we have Robert here to taste some of the fine Spanish wines like the MARTA dry rose On Special for $13.99, not $19.99, a great cava, wow, what a great treat that will be for Valentine's Day , as well as the Papillon butterfly Mania that I think will also be great in a white, from Spain, a blend of both the Viura and the Derdejo grapes, $13.99 a bottle, what a fine sipping wine to enjoy now! Wow, love it, love the labels, speaks to romance that uplifts the soul and the spirit! Cheers
     FREE TASTINGS, come taste with us, everyone always more than welcome.
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the best!
BE HAVE Valentines' Day as well as President;s Day to look forwarsd to on Tuesday. February 22nd, 2016 ...
CHEERS< THANKS again for everything, you all are the very very very best!   TONY  2/9/2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 Weekly Store Email For This Week, REad & Enjoy!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

AS I SAID last Tuesday, we only closed on Saturday, and many of you thanked us this past week for being open. It was our pleasure, we were happy to be here for you!

I JUST MET for the very first time Francesca Vajra of the C. D. VAJRA winery in Piemonte, Italy, and worked my way through some FAN ( I am a big fan ) tastic wines, starting with the Bianco  Luigi Baudana " Dragon " Langhe 2013 made of Chardonnay and Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc ( ? ), and an indigenous grape I have never heard of ... what a treat, that dry, flavorful, polished bright white, some silky Dolcetto D'Alba 2014 on our shelves now, some richer, heavier Barbera D'Alba 2013, darker, too, more for a meal, some really sinewy, briary Nebbiolo, then we moved to the two Barolo wines : the Barolo Bricco delle Viole 2011, heavier, more mouth-weight, grip, grit, rustic, great food wine, then the Barolo Baudana  2010, lighter, brighter, more elegant and airy, still so distinct,gamey, thought of wild boars and game and that kind of wildness that I like , great foor wine, both great to enjoy with a meal! Then we had the airy, light, delicate, silky, bright, polished , a Moscato d'Asti 2014, I liked that it was not so heavy or thick or rich, it will be great this spring that is coming sooner than we know it! Great tasting, really great! Grazie FRancesca Vajra e Graham Isaac of the Winebow group/ Country Vintners family of fine wines, especially these!
SOME OF THESE WINES will be here tomorrow, and we are thrilled about that! Years ago I went to Vin Italy in 2006 with Chris Pigott and we went to FRancesca's home and winery and had lunch with her parents and then a wine-tasting, too : what a grand treat! Simply wonderful.
THE SNOW IS MELTING rapidly and that is good as it sure is a contrast for me this Tuesday from last Tuesday. Sunny, bright, a lovely day today, and easy to navigate the alley way! I could see the pavement, that is nice, and no ice, so not worried about slipping and hurting myself!
WHAT MADE MY WALK really special this morning was that Roger, one of the owners of Ripple Organic restaurant called out to me : " Hey Tony ! " and we got to talking about this past week with all the snow. It was a really nice, upbeat, friendly, neighborly conversation, smiles all around, just like I like them. Thanks Roger.
EVERYONE IS COMING OUT of the woodwork today! I am seeing everyone that I would normally see last week that have all shown up today when I spend all my time writing a store email! Here it already is at 3PM and I have to work quickly now. Sorry! 
FROM Santo With BEER We Have :
     1) ' Jack Rose ' From DEALER'S CHOICE, a 750ml bottle of ale brewed with apple juice and with natural flavor, On Special for $17.99 a bottle, with 8% alcohol by volume,  new and exciting : " Jack Rose is a hybrid of beer and cider fermented with a healthy dose of Illinois apple juice and finished with pomegranate and key lime juice. It's a burst of fruit accented with a twist of citrus and a bit of spicy rye. "
     2) Berliner Weisse Sour Ale BELTWAY Brewing Company, U.S.A. , On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles  with 4% alcohol by volume,,, what a treat, the ' new wave ' in beer, new in popularity anyway.
     3) Black Sack Porter from the LEFT HAND Brewing Co. a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 6.8%, " brewed on the banks of the mighty St. Vrain, ... slight malt sweetness with notes of dark chocolate, expresso and herbal hops. "
     4) Del's Shandy from NARRAGANSETT, beer with natural lemon flavor , from Rochester, NY. Come get some, enjoy on a warmer, more bright, sun-shiny afternoon or early evening as the sun sets! On Special for $7.99 for a one pint, 16 Fl. oz can, with 4.7% alcohol by volume.
LIQUOR From Jagir :
          TWO Spectacular Rums From PLANTATION :
     1) 3 Stars Jamaican Barbados and Trinidad, a artisinal rum, from three islands, a blend, a white rum to BLOW US ALL away, $22.99 for a liter bottle,  with 41.2% alcohol by volume: " Everything started with a grass, commonly named sugar cane. " Unlike any I have ever had, here you have so much personality, so much distinct flavor and so many added layers of flavor, wonderful, quite remarkable, and the price is excellent, too!
     2) Old Artisinal amber gold colored rum, they call it the ' Original Dark ', a product of Trinidad and Tobago, also a liter size bottle, $18.99, with 40% alcohol by volume, also quite exceptional, also something worth making a special trip to find and buy and enjoy. I liked it very much, almost as well as the white.
          TWO Single Malt Scotches :
     1) The Triple Distilled ' American Oak ' from AUCHENTOSHAN, Est. 1829, for $47.99 a bottle, a really fine price offered here, something special, a heartier, more robust and thicker mouth-feel, more huff, more gruff, more smoked-bite, ahhhh, just right!
    2) The First Islay Malt from BOWMORE, Established in 1779, a single malt scotch whisky : " rich raisins and a gentle smoke lead the way to a delicious chocolaty center." It is aged 15 years, called " Darkest ", finishing polish is established in sherry casks! Oh yes! $86.99 a bottle.
WINE From Chris & Tony :
          UNDER $10 A Bottle :
     1) La Petite PERRIERE 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from SAGET La PERRIERE, vin de France, On Special for $8.99, a remarkable crispness, fresshness, brightness, mineral and citrus, explosive flavors for less that $10 : a steal!
          TWO From Chile From EVOLUCION :
     1) Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, D.O. Maule Valley, Chile, from CASADONOSO, $12.99, I liked the honest flavors and tastes, reminded me of real wine, untampered, or tampered with as little as necessary!
     2) Reserva Carmenere 2014, D.O. Maule Valley, from CASADONOSO, 13.5% alcohol by volume, again, I liked the true authenticity of these flavors and tastes, reminded me of balanced, tasty dry red wine to enjoy with a meal! Glad to have them here.
           From Argentina, a Classic : CATENA :
     1) 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon ' High Mountain Vines ' from the CATENA ZAPATA family, what made Catena famous from the first, their excellent Cab Sauv! Here is a fruit-forward, balanced, pleasing, smooth-tasting Cabernet, a pleasure! Cheers, medium-bodied, a nice way to start a meal and enjoy afterwards, too!
          TWO French Sparkling Wines :
     1) Rivarose in Salon De Provence, bottled by RIVAROSE, since 1909, Brut dry rose, $30.99 a bottle, with 12.6% alcohol by volume, a delicate, refined, bright and polished flavor, lovely!
     2) 2007 Vintage-Dated Brut French Champagne, from Champagne MOUTARD Pere Et Fils ( wonder if they have a daughter? ) , the ' Cuvee des 6 Cepages ', a blend of six different grapes, $52.99 a bottle, a great price for this quality level from one vintage, happy to have it and be able to offer it to you all! Come get some quick, we will not have this for very long once some of you discover it!
          ONE Fine Red Meritage From Brazil :
     1) 2006 Quorum Grande Tradition Bordeaux blendwith 20% Tannat, too, from LIDIO CARRARO, from Serra Gaucha, Brazil, classic, like fine aged red Bordeaux French wine , it rocks, we have sold-out several times already and are thrilled to have it here for you all for special occasions!
          ONE Fine Rioja Red From BODEGAS VINICOLA REAL :
     1) ' 200 Monges ' Reserva 2007 No. 000257 Rioja Spanish red, $63.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, a fabulous dry red blend of 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, and 5% Garnacha, aged 18 months in oak, a real treat with a meal, very slow to open and reveal it's full charms, be patient.
     Friday, February 5th, 2016 : 5-8PM, We have Jim Reeves of Comete Wines here to taste some fine French wines, join us! Free, no charge!
     Saturday, February 6th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Chiara here from Il PIOPPO Imports to taste some really fine Tuscan and Veneto wines! Free, no charge, join us!
THANKS For Everything, you all are the very best, we appreciate your business!
REMEMBER : Wednesday, three ways to save big on wine purchases here!
CALL 4 Deliveries : 202-363-4265.   TONY

Our Weekly Tuesday Store Email 4 January 26th, 2016 : Cheers! Stay Warm, Dry, Safe, Enjoy Your Timne Togther, Come See Us!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

Beers, liqours, wines to watch THE SUN MELT THE SNOW!

 OUR " state of MIND " NEEDS 2 B  AddressED AS WE FIND OUR ' NEW ' NORMAL!

THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED already four times this morning,  three times getting stuck in our alley here behind the store, especially behind Ardeo and just beyond that, a real mess, three cars, one mine, two others belonging to Jane and Ricky!
ONCE WE GOT Jane out of the thick wet icy water and narrow path in the alley she got out of her car and came up to me and, smiling said : " I will never buy my wine anywhere else! " I loved that, it made me smile and I said : " I recognized you but I did not do it for that. We are a community here at Cleveland Park. " I answered. Simple as that, we are a community, and it is a mess here and I feel that much of today will be spent helping those in need as they try and navigate with their cars this really messy, narrow-laned, sloshy-wet, cold and icy paths! Yikes, no fun, not easy, there will be problems as no one really knows what they will find as they try and move forward!
ANYWAY, HERE we are open and ready to help you as we can. We have lots to interest you from an almost case of dry white Sauvignon Blancs for Susan that will be entertaining today, to a lady that needed a couple of butter Chardonnays, to a man that came in shopping for his wife, saying he was ' new ' to this, and needed a soft dry red blend, and also a buttery Chardonnay, too, both under $20 a bottle. I sold him a bottle of the BOGLE ' Essential Red ' 2013, On Special for $14.99, and a bottle of the J. LOHR ' October Night ' 2013 Arroyo Seco Monterey Chardonnay, On Special for $19.99,  with 14.9% alcohol by volume. I told him to take the credit for these choices if his wife liked them, otherwise to blame me. I am always willing to take responsibility for anything that I recommend or sell here.
WE WERE OPEN ON BOTH SUNDAY and also yesterday, Monday, and I asked Santos how it was yetserday and he responded : " IT was slow. " But at least we were here for you Sunday and Monday if you could get out and to us safely to purchase whatever you were out of.
I DO NOT THINK that any stores were open Saturday? Correct me if I am wrong, but I heard that the D.C. government asked stores not to be open to leave the streets open for any emergency needs.
I ALSO SPOKE to Ricky earlier, the owner of Nam Viet and he told me that he was opening today for the first time, to protect those that worked for him, to be sure that they were safe and sound. Good thinking Ricky. As I told you I will be ordering your #61 Vietnamese noodle dish with pork and chicken, shrimp, etc. to take home for dinner tonight, as a real treat for my daughter and wife! That will be special. I have the perfect wine for it, too : some of the Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Sauvignon, stainless-steel, from Charlottesville, VA. $20.99 a bottle I think, we are temporarily sold-out! I will enjoy ours tonight and write more about that later. Love the wines of Gabriele Rausse, for subtle, elegant, bright, fruit-forward flavors and taste!
 WHEN I LEFT at 3PM on Friday afternoon, the snow had been coming already for awhile, I talked to one of the managers at Ardeo and he responded that he had already sent one of his chefs home, and that we was concerned, but did not know exactly when they would close? Driving home that Friday afternoon was a bit tricky , slow and yet I was safe and I did get home before it got really bad, ennabling me to be here on Tuesday, to place orders for " essentials " that we sold-out of on Friday!
THANK YOU 4 ALL being so smart and shopping while you could, early and not waiting until later. We appreciate that, Friday was really like New Year's Eve here, we were slammed and I remembered to take some pics of the long lines here as people waited patiently to pay. One husband said to his wife that the line was long, and she immediately responded : " I will get in place and you get what we need. The line will go quickly. " I seconded her opinion and smiled as she took her place in line saying that it was a smart decision to get what they needed now while they still could! Smart!
I SPOKE WITH BOTH ANDREW and CHARLOTTE standing in line and said : I am going to take a picture of this. Charlotte, turn your back so that your face is not in the picture as you do not like to have your picture taken. " She immediately responded : " You just want to see my a.. " I told her that that was impossible becasue her thick coat was in the way. Both of us smiled. Silly, fun, cheerful times! 
I HEARD THROUGH FACEBOOK, and saw, too, through pics and a great video that Olivia took the corner here at Ordway and Connecticut Avenue NW, D.C. just 200 feet away from our front door, the piles of snow, and I learned that she was headed to Nanny O'Brien's , and that put a smile on my face as I appreciated them being open on Sunday or Monday was it? Open anyway. Thanks Olivia, that was helpful. I liked it very much.
WE HEARD ON Channel 4 that the Nayional Zoo got 16 feet of snow, makes me think of how the animals fared? Anyone know. We know that the young panda Bei Bei is it loved the snow, the clip rolling in the falling snow shown on Channel 4 and also on Facebook was priceless!
JESSICA AND HER BOYFRIEND just came by to see how we are faring? That was nice Jessica. We appreciate that. They spent a lot of time discussing beer choices with Santos at the front of the store and they bought some of the SIX POINT ' Sweet Action ' Ale, 6 12-ounce cans On Special for $10.99. Let us know what you think of this Sweet Action ale? Thanks again.
SETH JUST CAME BY, he lives on Hawthorne Street N.W. , and he told me that a plow came through and shovelled some snow and left it right there at the entrance to their street so no one can get in or out. " They did more harm than they did good. " Seth said throwing his hands up in disbelief! He had a bottle of the ' Zeepaard ' WEST CAPE HOWE, western Australia, 2014 Sauvignon Blanc in his hand as he passed, me, I saw it, recognized it and immediately said : " That's a good one you picked . " I like it, always have, have walked the rows of the vines there with the winemaker Gavin Berry and my then rep Chris Pigott for Country Vintner distributors. What a great time that was in Australia. Treated like royalty, a splendid journey. Seth's bottle should be lively, bright, fresh, crisp and a touch of tartness, some great zip and zing of mineral and cutrus tones, too!
JANE JUST STOPPED by to get a bottle of a ' favorite ' of hers, the dry red 2014 Rioja Cuvee KPF from MONTEBUENA, On Special for $9.99, it is a lovely treat!
A TALL GENTLEMAN with a train of three children, sounding like he could be from Germany asked : " Where are your Albarino whites? Do you have any Roero Arneis whites? " I showed all the choices we had, we picked two from the Piemonte region where his wife is from, and so he asked me my opinion of the three white wines : 1) TARANIS Rias Baixas Albarinio, 2014, On Special for $14.99, light, fresh, bright, easy-sipping, ... 2) Villa Della Rosa Bianco Piemonte 2013 PICO MACCARIO, On Special for $10.99,  and ... 3) Roero Arneis 2014  from Azienda Agricola MASSUCCO, On Special for $13.99, : both the Piemontese wines are bolder, with more weight and body, both dry, I recommended that he buy the two Italian wines for that reason, that it was cold outside, and that they would give his wife more grip and taste to warm her as it is still quite cold outside. He took my advice, we will see her response later?
I JUST SPOKE TO RAZVAN that sells us the MONSER and the GLIA wines of Romania. He and his wife, Gabriella that live in Baltimore in a high rise, up on the 22nd floor, enjoyed the storm, weathered it together, as Razvan said, spending this quality time with his ' special one '. I like that Razvan. He will be delivering some of the MONSER ( pronounced ; mom chere, my dear )  reds, the Babeasca Neagra, and the Fateasca Neagra, as we have had requests for them now quite frequently. They should be here by this weekend! The MONSER Sarba white we have, a dry white like a Bordeaux wine sells for $9.99 and will be excellent to drink with this cold. The GLIA 2011 Feteasca Neagra DOC-CT Husi, $13.99, is a delight to drink now. The extra bottle-age has filled it out beautifully, great taste and complexity, and value, too. Medium-to-light-bodied, a nice complement to many dishes! THanks Razvan.
I JUST SOLD a bottle of the MAN Family Wines Pinotage from Bostok Coastal region of South Africa, $9.99 becasue she wanted a Pinot Noir for her dish of Boeuf Bourgignon, I told her the Pinotage, a clone of Pinot Noir and Cinsault would work better, add more flavor, and not cook off as fast as a Pinot Noir for the same price. We will see what she says later. I told her to have a sip of the wine, to know that it is also really fine to drink as well as cook with.
CHEERS ALL,  thanks for everything, be safe, warm and happy.
COME SEE US, we are open!
     Wednesday,  January 27th, 2016 ( 5-8PM, free tasting )We have winemaker Christian Stahl here tomorrow as long as he is able to get here to try his fine German wines, from 5-8PM. WE will see, let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well. He makes some outstanding German Franken 1)  sparkling wine Scheurebe soft, elegant, light, airy dry sekt , ( there will only be 12 bottles to sell of it unfortunately so be early ), as well as .... 2) 2014 DA MAS ZE NER ' Whiteout ' STAHLScheurebe dry white, $17.99, with 12.24% alcohol by  volume, wow : amazing, as well as the ... 3) 2014 Feder STAHL " Steep Slope "Muller-Thurgau , with 12.01% alcohol by volume, another mineral-laden, dry and refreshing, flavorful expression of the Muller-Thurgau, $16.49, wonderful with a meal as well! Cheers! Join us, call us to be sure : 202-363-4265.
     Friday, January 29th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Join Mike Cavanagh here for a SALTON BRazilian wine-tasting where we introduce some ' new ' selections from SALTON like their dry white Sauvignon Blanc as well as theri new Intenso dry sparkling espumante rose, too : and more of course. Join us, always free.
     Saturday, January 30th, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy here to taste a selection of his finer small-family, small-production, high-quality wines, white and rose and red wine, all dry, I think we even have included some of the PIRIA dry Lambrusco red, and I know we have included the PIETRAVENTOSA dry Primitivo red, silky-smooth, $21.99, as well as the TRE ROSA 100% Primitivo dry rose, too 2013, ' Murgia ' On Special for $17.49, both from the Gioia del Colle, ... wonderful expressions of the Primitivo grape from that special region in Puglia. Join us, free tasting as usual.
     THANKS AGAIN, please LIKE us on Facebook , we have 895 people that LIKE us as of this morning, so please LIKE us so we can pass the 900 mark, then the thousand LIKE mark, too!
     CHEERS< stay war, dry and safe, and happy ... call us at : 202-363-4265 with any requests.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and sent in late January 2011, read and enjoy it, and ask for current availabilty and prices, too.   TONY
ress this Wednesday, January 27th, 2010. I know that I will and so I have some suggestions here for you all to think about getting tonight, tomorrow and before the Address on Wednesday. I start the email with this because I know from past experience that we have many of you coming in the night of these addresses looking for something to drink with your meal and to listen to the President speak. It's usually wine that you are in search of but I don't want to assume it's only wine so I will include other categories, too.
     THERE ARE ALSO SOME " Inventory Reduction " Lists That Chris and I are looking over as we finish January and launch full-throttle into February with more " VALUE SELECTIONS " for you all. This is an exciting time as many of the wholesalers want to get through their older vintages and those wines that just fell through the cracks, that should have already been sold but got passed over somehow.
     IF ALL WORKS OUT WE WILL HAVE FOR YOU some GREAT ITALIAN and some EQUALLY GREAT NEW ZEALAND wines here the first week of February like declassified Barolo being sold as Nebbiolo with some bottle-age and GREAT VALUE at $11.99 instead of $30 or more. From New Zealand we will get a very small amount of Pinot Noir that we will be able to sell from $14.99 a bottle instead of $35-$40. I don't want to zinx things so I am saying very little here as I place the order later today. And these are only from one distributor. I am printing the other list now as I type this.
          PODERI BOSCARELLI ( Tuscany ) :
     Owner,   LUCA DE FERRARI   of BOSCARELLI ( Via di Montenero, 28 53045 Cervognano di Montepulciano ( Siena ) ) was just here with Gary Diamond tasting his 2006 Rosso di Montelpulciano dry red ON SALE now for $37.99 a bottle. It usually sell for $45-$50 a bottle. It sure is elegance and silk and soil and vine and place and time personified. It's medium-to-light-bodied and best with a meal for as after a glass you will be searching for something to nibble on. I liked it's delicate and light-stepping over my palate just a few minutes ago. It also has a lovely bright red ruby-cherry color that has just the faintest brick reds in it. We will have some in February and may even splurge and buy some of the 2004 if it's still available and sell it for $39.99 a bottle.


     SPEAKING OF  2006  Rosso di Montepulciano,   we currently have some of it from TENUTA VALDIPIATTA and it, too is drinking beautifully now. It sells for $19.99 and is a bit deeper in color and  with a bit more color and body. It, too will benefit from a meal and as I told Luca I enjoyed some recently when in the town of Montepulciano at the Cafe Politziano. I Highly Recommend this wine as with a meal it will hold it's own against many flavors and textures and even sauces. I had some with the special noodles that they make there with a beef and pork ragout-like stew. GREAT VALUE everything considered ... and it will transport you to this hillside town where they recently filmed part of the " Twilight " movie ....
     BEER: ( Santos has three great deals here ) :
       THREE ALL " On Sale " For 20% Off :
       1) PIRAT Amber Ale ( $31.99, 1.5ml size- magnum -, 10.5% alcohol, brewed and bottled by Br. Van Steenberge, Ertvelde, Belgium, ) is now 20% Off! Limited quantities, come by soon.
       2) GULDEN DRAAK ale ( $31.99 , Lindelaan 25, 1.5 ml - magnum - Ertvelde, Belgium , 3 pints 2.8 fl. oz ) brewed and bottled by Br. Van Steenberge is also very limited in availability and 20% off is $25.59 a bottle.
       3) AUGUSTIJN, anno 1295, Ale ( On Special for $28.99, 1.5ml - magnum - 8% alcohol by volume, product of Belgium ) is also brewed and bottled by Br. Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, Belgium and reduced another 20% now from this Special price of $28.99. Again, there are limited quantities here : come by and get some while you still can.
       4) LANCASTER Brewing Company " Milk Stout " ( On Special for $9.49 a 6-pack of 12 oz bottles, stout brewed with lactose, Wilkes-Barre, PA. ) is brewed naturally and without preservatives. We had a tasting of these beers this past Saturday and they all sold quite well. The other varieties are : Strawberry Wheat, Hop Hog, Amish Four Grain Pale Ale... ALL $9.49.
          LIQUEUR :
       1) ARAKU  " Ron Y Cafe "  Rum and Coffee ( $24.9 On Special, 28% Alc. by volume , 56% proof, ) from Venezuela is made from rum, natural coffee extract and sugar. It contains caramel color and is made by one of my very favorite rum producers , SANTA TERESA. This sounds like fun and something nice to sip on and relax with friends and family.
          LIQUOR :
       1) MURRAY McDAVID " Bowmore 1995 " non chill-filtered, colouring-free single malt scotch whiskey ( aged 11 years ) has lovely overtones of heather and guava, kiwi - even passion fruit. Do I detect some mint? There's a lot here including accents of green grapes ( yes! green grapes! ) and hazelnut and toast. You have to take your time, close your eyes and let the flavors linger and not be in a rush ... what an experience and all for the very reasonable price of only $78.99 a bottle.
       2) Stoli " Gala Applik " from STOLICHNAYA is genuine Russian-flavored vodka. Made from Gala apples , $23.99 and I believe it is new. Enjoy it in the Stoli Gala Applik Mule :  " i part Stoli Gala Applik, 2 parts iced tea, a splash of ginger ale, then pour over ice in a tall glass, garnished with a slice of Gala apple.
          WINE :
     WHITE :
            AUSSIE -
       1) BIG WOOP! from WOOP WOOP, 2008 liters of South Eastern Australian wine is a dry blend with loads of flavor. It's bright, fresh, lively and a nice treat. You get more wine for your money as these are liter bottles.
       2) STEELE'S 2007 Pinot Blanc, $21.49 from CA.'s Santa Barbara County is the first wine from Jed that I really got excited about years ago and here it is again. I'm glad to have it in Cleveland Park along with his " Pacini " old-vines Zinfandel. If all works out we will do a mini-Steele tasting here on Friday, February 12th, 2010. Stay-tuned for more on that.
       3) Bourgogne Chardonnay, 2006 , $27.49 ( great vintage for white Burgundy ) from Francois Mikulski is drinking beautifully now as it has fleshed-out and is showing more of it's charm, calculation and expertise in the field of pleasing one's palate thoroughly ...
       4) " Les Penitents " Chardonnay, 2006, French Coteaux Charitois from the outskirts of the Loire Valley, $27.49 from Alphonse Mellot is a highly-extracted and very rich-tasting dry white that , like the Francois Mikulski really benefits from a good meal. It's got some great attitude, really it does. It's also got some great maturity and the stories that it could lay on one if only one talked grape-wine as a language ...
           MOLDOVA CHARDONNAY -Like Grand Cru -
       4) CLOS De CORTEN 2005, $32.99 Private Reserve, very limited production Chardonnay from Moldova is world-class and very impressive indeed. What extraction and flavor and harmony and lushness-ripeness of balanced flavors would be hard to beat here. This has it all and is lovely to sip as it is to enjoy with some Cordon Bleu chicken and ham for example, or some succulent lobster and butter sauce.
            Italian White Falanghina -
       5) Falanghina dry indigenous white from Italy, $11.49 from PICCODELSOLE, Beneventano is a great way to have a really nice, smooth, bright glass of dry white that helps to smooth things out and elevate one's mood so that they may once again smile and laugh at the end of a long day. Great value, too. Try it instead of just another Pinot Grigio.
           Alto Adige, Italian Pinot Grigio -
       6) Dolomiti  ( Lasino )Pinot Grigio 2008 , $13.99 from PRAVIS has really got some wonderful dry and extended flavors as well as really fine depth. It's also a great value.
           Resinated Greek Wine : Retsina -
       7) Retsina, $10.99 liter bottles of this resinated white wine is always a big hit with many of our customers. Here you have the ACHAIA CLAUSS bottle that has been around for years and is well-liked by many.
          REDS :
            Italian Red Aglianico -
       1) Aglianico indigenous dry red grape variety, Beneventano, $11.49 from PICCODELSOLE has become both a favorite and a hit with our customers. It represents the more forward and smooth ans drinkable all-on-it's-own version of this grape variety, it's a bit like a Rhone wine with some spice and some earth and in this medium-to-light-body style it is charming and lends it's personality well to many food forays into the world of casual and enjoyable drinking and dining combined well into one ....
            Italian Sangiovese Red Blend From Umbria -
       2) 2008 " Streppaticcio " dry red blend from Italy's Umbria region, $12.49 is a really nice wine to enjoy with a meal. It's the old-world style of wine-making and is specially nice with food : anything grilled my marinated and grilled chicken thighs of last night would have been a primo combination. Too bad I did not have a bottle to put this to the test.
            Moldovan Pinot Noir -
       3) 2007 " Corten " Pinot Noir from Moldova's Cahul Region , $12.49 has got some nice rustic country earthiness and will open and stand it's ground really well against many a seasoned dish. With it's good color and extraction and medium-body it stands a great chance of enhancing many a gathering and meal.
            Oregon Pinot Noir - A Chris Barker selection -
       4) " Klee " 2--8 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $21.99 from the Rcine Wine Company is the epitome of elegance, silk, refinement, finesse and great enjoyment and drinking all on it's own. It does not need anything. Two women on  last Saturday here told me without hesitation that they could drink the entire bottle all by themselves it was so tasty and smooth. It's a " must-try " : it's also brand new and one of Chris Barker's recommendations.
            Italian Aglianico Robust Dry Red -

       5) 2004 " Contado " dry red Italian Aglianic, $18.99 is a mouthful : hearty, earthy, youthful, gregarious, brawny, pithy and a bit too young for me all on it's own. Have it with some chili and sloppy Joes, or some Jambalaya to take some of the edge that it has in it's youth. It's from a great year in Italy and some of the 2004's really need more cellaring like this one in my opinion.

            Sweet Red French Banyuls - Valentine's Day
       6) Banyuls " Hors D'Age " DOMAINE Du TRAGINER ( Proprietaire- Viticulteur : propriator - harvester ) is ON SALE for $39.99 and is a GREAT FAVORITE for " Valentine's Day " and since it is coming up I thought that I would mention this now. This is a really great " special treat " to enjoy with some cakes, fruits like cherries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, nuts and lots of dark chocolates ...
          BUBBLY :
            Prosseco from Italy -
       1) Spumante GEMIN Prosecco di Valdobbiadene ( the best area for prosecco production ), $15.99 is dry and flavorful and with a welcome long finish that simply refuses to quit and where the flavors linger on and remind one that it's close to time to raise their glass once again to their awaiting lips and put them out of their intense/sudden misery at the thought that either the bottle was empty or that their glass was empty and not to be filled quickly again .... It's been a favorite here with our customers for years.
     WEEKEND TASTINGS : Friday & Saturday 1/ 29-30/ 10 :
       Chris Barker on Friday from 5-8 PM will continue to open some of our picks. We will do the same on Saturday from 3-7PM and continue in this same fashion : probably opening some of the wines I have written above here.
     TOM SIETSEMA of " Dining/Resyaurant Reviews " wrote or responded to a question last week on his On-Line Chat :
     D.C.: Hi Tom- Love the column and this weekly Q&A. What is your favorite area store to shop for wine?
     TOM SIETSEMA : I'm a regular at Cleveland Park Wines, in part because it's convenient, in part because they deliver ( for free ) but mostly because I've developed such a warm relationship with the merchants. They know my taste. They remember what I bought the last time. They frequently introduce me to delicious bargains. At other places, I've felt rushed or ignored. Not here.
     Thanks Tom we appreciate the kind words. We value you as a customer and are always ready to be of assistance any time that we can. I love your enthusiasm and warmth that always comes through in all of your visits here.
     I ASKED CHRIS BARKER TO GO AROUND THE STORE and to select some wines for us to draw attention to. Here is his list :
       1) THUNDER MOUNTAIN 2000  CA.Chardonnay, $41.99
       2) ANTHONY ROAD New York Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc/ Lemberger dry red, $21.99
       3) LAMELA Portuguese red wooden box of three reds all from the same year but aged in different oaks - American, Portuguese and French : $59.99
       4) ATLANTIS 200 dry rose from the island of Santorini, Greece, On Sale for $10.99. Mention
     Mention this in the email and get 20% off on any of these items. No further discount. Cheers.
     FOR MORE UPDATES : check the web page at : for more sale items, also for more info and pics, poems and art check : as well as, and Cheers,   TONY


Cleveland Park Tuesday Weekly Email Of January 19th, 2016 : Read & Enjoy, Cheers!


Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
I USED 2 Tell Mike That as he worried so that we did not have th best price on an item ...
I SAID THAT we could not worry about that as we had and still have good, sometimes great prices on many things.
IT IS ALL ABOUT HOW A STORE BUYS an item, how much they buy, how quickly they buy while supplies/ stock still remain, etcetera.
IT IS ALSO that we are often open when our customers need us. That, too is important. One of our regular lady customers just came by for some gin that she likes, saying it may help if the storm comes this Friday and Saturday. She smiled and said that business would be good for us if people are off and there is a storm.
I AGREED WITH our female customer and said that she was right as long as we could open our front doors to be here for them. We have managed to do so in the past, let us hope we can do the same this weekend. That is always our mission, our first aim, to open, to be safe, to provide an invaluable service to you all.
MY WIFE and I enjoyed some fine German Riesling last night with our meal. It was perfect for this biting, amazingly cold and stark, windy, brrr weather of ours. WE have two here that would be wonderful to enjoy now, both amazing wines :
     1) Joh. Jos. Prum 2007 Riesling Kabinett, On Special for $24.99 a bottle, that has a wonderful rich golden color, some great accents of honey and nut and mineral and even citrus, even a splash of spritz, too : amazing really, quite an incredible liquid gold wine experience from Germany's Mosel region, with only 9% alcohol by volume, this is very special indeed!
     2) Dr. Fischer 2012 Riesling, On Special for $16.49, esate-bottled,  with 10% alcohol by volume, also from the Mosel region of Germany, this is younger, more lively perhaps, a bit more racy, not as developed, and yet equally amazing and appealing. It would be great to taste them side-by-side and see what we all thought? Hey, that may be a great idea for oanother wine-tasting here soon?
SPEAKING OF WHICH this past Friday we had Annette and Christian Schiller here to taste with Chris Bartha the release here, perhaps the first-ever of the amazing wines of Weingut Schloss Vaux that make some pretty amazing sparkling sekt trocken wines that we tasted. We sold out of the regular and still have a bit of the dry rose, On Special for $27.99 with  12.5% alcohol by volume. We bought more of it as there is so much interest here in dry sparkling rose wines, and with the weather and the wind being so strong these days we thought it would steel  everyone just a bit more than the Brut sekt trocken. So come by and get a bottle, put it to the test tonight? See how it tastes with this biting, insidious cold? 
WE DID NOT TASTE the Schloss Vaux trocken sparkling Blanc de Noirs, On Special for $27.99 a bottle, and will taste it here with you all soon enough. It has even more body and will also be a delight to enjoy when you want to sparkle and rise above this bitter cold! Come get a bottle and see how it fits with your taste buds?
WE HAVE BROCHURES here for you all to pick up for Annette Schiller's 2016 tours to wineries in Germany, starting with the first one to East Germany on May 12-20, 2016. Come see if you are interested in going on her small group, intimate, professional and special wine tour of the wines of East Germany?
I HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED yesterday Martin Luther King's birthday? It always makes me stop, pause, and reflect, and I am always happy for that. I talked about it with my mother yesterday when I spent some really beautiful, special quality moments with her.
ON OUR HORIZON this weekend, Friday night from 5-8PM we have an actor-turned-business-man-lover-of-wine-food-the-Arts come and taste with us. Manuel Rojas acted in movies with Anthony Quinn as a young man. I love that. Manuel is from Chile, Anthony Quinnis from Mexico, both have had special impacts on me, and I am fortunate for that.
IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE that we welcome back Manue here to taste some of his fine line of Chilean wines, all of which we carry here : DOS PASSOS, ALMA and also IN SITU. Today Manuel and I will decide which wines to taste and to share with you all this Friday, weather-permitting, as it might be quite white and snowy-thick-deep outside? We will see? It is a free tasting open to all of you, please join us, let's talk wine and food and film and all the arts, too, business as well.
WE Have Some Great BEER Specials for you from Santos :
     1) ' Beeruccino ' Porter brewed with coffee, from HELM'S BREWING CO., a smooth roasted malts with coffee and vanilla beans produces this warming, fresh and rich taste , ON Special for $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 7.2% alcohol by volume , from San Diego, California. " Helm's Brewing Co. was born from a passion for brewing among four families rooted in maritime tradition. THe Helm's team believes in BEER and COMMUNITY ; BEER crafted locally with the finest ingredients from around the world; COMMUNITY that shares social values and stewardship. TAKE THE HELM! " I like this, all good. Come try some.
     2) Java Cask from VICTORY Brewing Company, coffee stout aged in Bourbon barrels, On Special for $16.99 a 1 pint 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle with a whopping 14% alcohol by volume : " Depth, complexity and richness occur when delicious ale ages in a barrel, just as a friendship grows over the years."
     3) Imperial PUMKING from SOUTHERN TIER Brewing Co., an ale brewed with pumpkins, brewed in Lakewood, New York, On Special for $15.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles. Come get some, really popular, a ' must-have ' for many of our customers.
     4) Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale from ANDERSON VALLEY Brewing Co. from Boonyville, CA. , ale with natural flavor added. Tasty. Perfect for this biting wind and cold, On Special for $11.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans with 6.9% alcohol by volume.

LIQUEUR, LIQUOR From Jagir & Malkit :

     1) Cranberry Bitters from FEE BROTHERS, a ' cocktail flavoring ', add an interesting background this winter to your cocktails, $7.99 a bottle, from Rochester, NY, for 150ml, 5 Fl. Oz bottle, just a splash or two or three, we all love Cranberries, I know I do. Come check this out.
     2) Three Pins Alpine Herbal Liqueur from LEOPOLD BROS., $38.99 for a 750ml bottle, made with 15 herbs and flowers, " most of which are found in the alpine regions of the Rocky Mountains. .... Serve neat, with iced or hot suntea, or in recipes found on our web page . " Bob has been tasting through these here with our customers on weekends. Time we taste this with you all now, I will mention this to Bob next time he stops by!
     3) ' Krogstad ' FESTLIG Aquavit, distilled from grain, $27.99 a bottle, " a traditional Caraway and Star anise spirit ", this is dustilled & bottled by the House Spirits Distillery in Portland, OR., 750ml bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume. Come get some, perfect for this biting cold and breeze now.
     4) Aged 10 Years Matured In Sherry Casks TAMDHU Speyside Single Malt Acotch whiskey, $68.99, glad to have this back. We have done so well with it over the years, and it is great to see it here on our shelves once again. As they say, : " The ' Can-Dhu-Spirit ' " Great price, too.
     5) ' Liberator ' Gin, hand-crafted American Gin distilled in alambic kettles with 9 botanicals ', VALENTINE, Detroit, On Special for $33.99 a bottle, 42% alcohol by volume, : " With two alambic distllations, we impart bold flavors with maceration, while delicate profiles are infused using a specially designed botanical vessel. ... "

WINE From Chris & Tony :

          UNDER TEN BUCKS / Dollare :
     1) Rosso Toscano 2013 , a Sangiovese dry red Italian ' value ' blend, from VILLA D' , On Special for $8.99 is showing brilliantly, Andrew Stover poured it here this past Saturday, nice, tasty, balanced, classic style dry Italian red!
     2) Merlot 2013 from CHATEAU JULIEN, Monterey, California, $9.99, from a family-owned wine estate, this is an incredible value and wine, way over-delivers for this price, really am thrilled to have it here for you all.
     3) Chardonnay 2014 from California's Monterey district , from CHATEAU JULIEN, for only $9.99, again it has both butter and accents of oak, and way, way over-delivers for only ten bucks, recommended!
     4)  Wagram Blauburger is a cross between two grapes created many moons ago in Austria, n off-dry, fruit-forward, touches of earth and spice and herb, dried flowers, some funk, too, funk in the best sense, like music, plays aver your tongue and tastebuds beautifully, I liked this a whole lot on Saturday when Andrew Stover tasted it, from WEINGUT JOSEF BAUER in Feuersbrun, with 13% alcohol by volume, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, I highly recommend it, really I do, I really became quite smitten with it! Regular price is $14.99 a bottle, ... come get some, it is nice to sip, will complement many finger foods, chill 30 minutes, talk, make merry, be happy!
          TWO from Manuel Rojas :
     5)  Syrah 2011 Private Reserve from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, from ALMA De Chile, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, this dry and full, developed, ample and endowed-with-spice-fruit-oak-complexities, it throws sediment and that gathers at the bottom of the cork, be careful when pulling the cork ( you could possibly write the word ' Chile ' with ath sediment that is part of the tasty Syrah that was never filtered out, I love it, it is a special, very tasty red, glad to have it here, GREAT VALUE, too!
     6) Merlot De Chile 2011 Private Reserve from the ALMA De Chile is lighterm brighter, more lively and fruit-forward, and we are also thrilled to have it here!
As I mentioned previously in this Tuesday store weekly email, Manuel Rojas will be here himself to pour these two wines for us. What a grand treat! JOin us, never any charge, always free to you all, always.On Special for $9.99 a bottle!
          OVER $10 & Recommended :
     7) Buntsandstein Blanc De Noir 2014 from WEINGUT STADT Klingenberg, $29.99, from Churfranken, with 12% alcohol by volume, this dry German white blew me away with each sip, I adored it, my kind of wine, layered, multi-accented, with deep highs, rises, and lows, moans and groans, belly guffaws, wrenching twists and turns that sweep my tongue and tastebuds to rise up and be flown around as if on my very own magic carpet ride!
AN INCREDIBLE WHITE, less than 300 cases made, this is worth coming and buying and enjoying now in this deep cold and wind and sometimes discomfort. Be warmed, comforted, teased, pleased and , of course, eased and so you want to smile before taking yet another sip. Let it sit on your palate for awhile. Do not rush this incredible experience.

          TWO From PIETRA VENTOSA :

     8) EstRosa , $21.99, Murgia, Puglia, southern Italy, a 2013 that is a lilting, lulling, lifting and lovely richer, more opaque, more body, more ripeness and fullness, Rubenesque, a conversationalist, a storyteller of tamer and wilder , more ribald Chaucerian stories and tales, that continue, do not tail-off, hit you and tastebuds bull's eye ' tween each bud, saturating, filling, cajoling, prompting and soooo pleasing us all. It is still showing beautifully, and will warm us all even now with this biting cold and freezing freeze! Made from the Primitivo grape. What expression.
     9) ' Allegoria ' Primitivo dry red from Gioia Del Colle, from PIETRA VENTOSA, $21.99, made from 100% Primitivo, this is so silky and satiny, so fine, so fleshy-red Primitivo fruit-forward-skinned, shined, sensuous, ... a real treat!

          THREE From Australia, David Tastes Them Here Tomorrow, Wed. 1/20/2016, Join Is, Free Tasting Always :

     1) Clare Valley Australia 2014 ' Traditional Dry ' Riesling from PIKE'S Vintners PTY, LTD, $24.49, with 11% alcohol by volume, I look forward greatly to tasting this tomorrow with David here as it has been awhile since I tasted it. We have sold it here and it has always been an asset to the store. Let's see tomorrow where it is in it's growth and development?!?

EXCITING TIMES. You will enjoy meeting David and hearing what he has to say. I have known David now for quite some time and he has been here in the store before tasting, but that was quite some time ago.
     2) ' Mathilda ' 2013 from Australia's Victoria, this Shiraz from TOURNON, $17.99, from French owner/ winemaker Michel Chapoutier, with 14% alcohol by volume, this is made from 100% Shiraz grapes. It brings a definite French Rhone sensibility, sensitivity to Victoria. It is a fine food wine, medium-to-lighter-bodied, great spice and herb and dried flowers, some fruit absorbed nicely, partially into the oak barrels that it was put into, I know this will be tasting even better than when Chris and I tried it 3-4 months ago! I am excited to welcome David to taste it here tomorrow night from 5-8PM.
     3) ' Red Right Hand ' from Australia's Western Australia Margaret River area ( made by Mike Kerrigan I believe, along with Nick Stacey that came up with the idea and the whole packaging and promotion, making of these wines called VINACEOUS! 
I remember when Nick showed Chris Pigott and me these mock-up labels for the wines on his laptop computer when we were at WEST CAPE HOWE where he worked to promote those fine wines, too that we have stocked and carried here for ten years now, with him and with Gavin Berry ( the winemaker ), and even MIchael Kerrigan ( the winemaker as well at HAY SHED HILLS, also in Margaret River ), they have all been here, all family, and we continue to work as such here! Cheers, join us tomorrow with David.


     Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 : 5-8PM : Come meet David tomorrow here and taste the three wines mentioned above. Free tasting, enjoy the moment! Stock up for this weekend's snow storm!
     Friday, January 22nd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : Come meet Manuel Rojas again and try his super Chilean wines of DOS PASSOS, ALMA Del Chile, and IN SITU. This will be great.
     Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 ( 2-6PM ) : We ahve Robert of Tradewinds Specialty Imports coming by to do a tasting of some of the finest Aregentinian and Spanish wines in his portfolio! Fun, educational, entertaining as well, tasty, too!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very best, you really are. We thanks you for your support of us and what we provide here for you all. Gracias, merci, obregado, ... cheers and prost!

Today's Tuesday's Weekly Store Email January 12th, 2016 : Enjoy!

1 of 1,795

Come By, B Prepared 2 Watch 2-Night's State-Of-Union Address!


Cleveland Park Wines via 

4:09 PM (26 minutes ago)
to me
Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
     GREAT NEWS : It's Our 20% 2-Day Wine-Sale! Oh Yeah, This Is Great News Indeed!
     TONIGHT : Come by early, be prepared, get what you need to enjoy  before watching  tonight's State-Of-The-Union Address! 

     Tomorrow : Power Ball Drawing Over 1.3 billion dollars, smackers, dolares, bucks, 4-bits times one-point-three-plus BILLION DRAW later tomorrow night!

     SPEND YOUR MONEY EARLY before the drawing, have a bottle of French champagne handy while you watch the numbers hit your screen.
     IF YOU PREFER come by for a bottle of George Dickle, just like our customer just did?!?
     OR MICHAEL just called from a big local hotel asking for me, wanting to know if I had any of the Chateau Beychevelle Saint-Julien dry and magnificent red Bordeaux ( from a great vintage, I will quickly add ! ) to enjoy tonight.
     SO MANY CHOICES as you watch the State-Of-The-Union address like some SANTA LUZ ' Alba ' Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, both ON SPECIAL for $7.99 to watch tonight's broadcast.
     PERHAPS YOU WOULD RATHER ENJOY tonight some " Welcome Scoville Jalapeno IPA " , On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of cans, from JAILBREAK Brewing Company , from Maryland tonight? It is local from Maryland, and we tasted it here this past weekend.
     WHILE THINKING ABOUT WHAT you might do if you win tomorrow's Power Ball drawing you might enjoy sipping some CATOCTIN CREEK Pearousia Limited Pear Brandy, from Purcellville, VA., $28.99 for a 375ml bottle?!?
     OR MAYBE AS YOU GET READY to win tomorrow's 1.3+ billion dollar drawing you might enjoy drinking some of the ONE 100% Winter Wheat Imported vodka from Moldova?!? It is On Special now for the ridiculous low price of only $13.99 for a bottle of 750ml, 40% alcohol by volume. From our friend Dmitrii.
     SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, start some of them here, ot at least include us soemwhere in the string of events, let us all be vital and revelant together! We do it so well, with such panache, lively, exciting, in style, with heart and passion and so much more.
     TOMORROW we have our 3-Part Wine Special SALE here all day long. SAVE UP 2 20% OFF on your purchases here. Remember that when you buy a bottle of any wine, sake, sherry, madeira, marsala , sparkling ( not Moet or Veuve Clicquot ) and non-sparkling that you get 20% OFF on that bottle,
     SAVE BIG always here @CPWINESPIRITS, you deserve whatever we can save you, we owe it to you. You are all the very best.
     I HAVE WALKED THROUGH the store and have some more things to bring to your attention. These are some ' treasures ' I have just found.
     BEER From Santos :
     1) Bourbon County Brand Stout from GOOSE ISLAND, $10.99 a 1 Pt. 9 Fl. Oz bottle, ... brewed, barrel-aged & bottled by GOOSE ISLAND, it develops in the bottle up to 5 years, from th 2015 vintage, it is the original bourbon aged stout! Come get some while we still have some.
     2) 20 Higher Math Golden Ale brewed with chocolate and sour cherry juice, $10,99 a 12 ounce bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume, wow, packs both some flavor and some pow pow power, too!
     3) Helles Malt Liquor from Austria, from SAMICHLAUS, $21.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, " The World's mostextraordinary beverage ", with 14% alcohol by volume. Warm us all up in this biting cold today, with snow flurries coming later, and tomorrow cold, too ...
     WITH SNOW FLURRIES coming tonight ( I repeat myself to be sure you all read this the first time ), and with the temperatures staying really cold tomorrow .... we have ...
     LIQUOR, LIQUEUR From Jagir & Malkit :
     1) Dark 'n Stormy  ready-to-drink rum cocktail / cocktail au rhum pret a boire ... from GOSLING'S, On Special for $10.99, a 4-pack of 250ml cans that equals 1 liter, with 9% alcohol by volume, something for everyone while taking a quick commercial break tonight from the State-Of-The-Union Address, step outside for a few, enjoy a few sips, step back inside, and return to the address tonight ...
     2) 100% Winter Wheat Imported vodka, ONE from Moldova, On Special for $13.99 a 750ml is really smooth, a nice fluid, silky bright vodka delight, steal of a price, too!
     3) Espresso Liqueur from AVION, On Special for $11.99 a 375ml bottle, with 35% alcohol by volume, enjoy a nip of that, too, mixes well, will warm you even with a biting breeze, look outside at the moon, howl if you dare, smile certainly no matter what!

     4) Dual cask finished in American & French oak barrels, this gin from FILIBUSTER, $40.99 a 750ml bottle, with 45% alcohol, Batch 2, only 2,986 bottles made, come get some, try out this ' new ' set of profile flavors from Evanston, Illinois, then go into Chicago and listen to some jazz and some blues, too!

     5) Aged 12 Years Single Malt Irish whiskey very original reserve , from KNAPPOGUE CASTLE, On Special for $35.99 a 750ml, aged in bourbon oak casks, really quite flavorful, very impressive, a lot of taste to satisfy us, warming, great depth, greater highs and lows and everything in between, GREAT VALUE, too!

NEWS FLASH for DC local spirits business :

AND For the POWER BALL and the State-Of-The-Union, and also for the BACARDI shift to Southern, leaving Breakthrough Distributors ( formerly Washington Wholesalers, - I have just learned about this talking with some of our DC sales reps, Joseph, Matt, Stuart, our hearts go out to them as the business gets ready for a monumental change in the spirits' workforce here and they shuffle, scramble, and dash to realign and make sure they have jobs still and are able to make a living, pay their rents, pay their mortgages, buy groceries, pay utilities, etc ... ), this is a real tough situation, and we wish the very best for them.

WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) Dry white Arinto and Fernao Pires flavorful, rich blend of Portuguese grapes, from VINHAS Do LASSO, in Lisbao, wonderful, regularly $15.99, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, a real treat!
     2) Dry red Rioja, Spanish red Tempranillo blend , this Cuvee KPF from MONTEBUENA, On Special for $9.99 is finally back-in-stock, just arrived earlier this morning, thrilled to have it back, come try some tonight while listening to the State-Of-The-Union Address!
     3) Zweigelt dry indigenous red from Austria, from PAUL D., $10.99, from Direder Paul, a full liter , with 12.5% alcohol by volume, a fruit-forward, bright, quaffing version of this popular Austrian grape variety, ZWEGELT. When was the last time you Zwegelted?!?

     4) Cava Metode Tradicional Spanish Cava from CANALES CANALES " Marta ", vintage 2011, On Special for $13.99 a bottle, regularly $19.99, FABulously rich, flavorful, complex, long mouth-feel, even longer finish, what an extraordinary treat to sit around watching television, games, DOWTON ABBEY, American Idol, the State-Of-The-Union, whatever you like , a great quaffer that raises the bar really high and takes you right along for such a soothing, lulling, pleasing ride, too!

     5) Bonarda Serie A Santa Rosa, Argentina from ZUCCARDI, 2012, $16.99 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, an Italian grape from Oltrepo Pavese, Italy originally, they have planrted and grown a whole lot of excellent, stylish, balamced, elegant even, there is spit and polish, hard work, real attention to detail : fine wine dry red here!
     6) ' Collection ' 2012KirmiziSek Sarap dry red Okuzgozu from DIREN, Turkey, $18.99 a bottle, a refined, a bright, a spicy, perky, very tasty dry medium-to-light-bodied red to enjoy with many a meal. We have had it now for 6 months or more and are thrilled to offer it to you,  with 13.3% alcohol by volume!

     7) ' Laika ' 2013 Gruner Veltliner ' Old Mission Penninsula, $18.99, from CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE, Ltd, Traverse City, Michigan, so lively, dry and bright , a real treat! We love having this!

     8) ' Tumlin ' 2011 Roero 100% Nebbiolo dry red from Italy's Piemonte rgion, from TENUTA FRATELLI POVERO Azienda Agricola, On Special for $19.99, regularly $23.99, , with 14% alcohol by volume, : classic, flavorful, great spice, leather, steel, firmness, barnyard, dust, medium-to-lighter-bodied, a fine food wine, really fine, only less than two cases that just arrived here. Call to claime your bottles, pay tomorrow and each bottle become $16 a bottle, what a grand deal, what a superb wine! Love it.
    9) 2013 Cabernet Franc Finger Lakes, $20.99, from New York State's Finger Lakes region, these are always lovely, firm, more steeled, more fine-tuned, exercized expressions of the Cabernet Franc, medium-to-light-bodied, more of a food wine, from RAVINES, $20.99 a bottle, what a treat to have, goes with so many foods, finger foods tonight while watching the State-of-The-Union Address, or with a feast later tomorrow night when celebrating your big win, big draw of the Power Ball lottery! Oh yeah!
Wednesday, January 13, 2016 : ( 5-8PM ) : We have Kerry Tate pouring some delicious cru beaujolais from Fleurie that I really enjoyed tasting with him last Tuesday! More as well, ... we will decide later today. Cheers.
Friday, January 15th, 2016 : ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris here pouring some FABulous German ' new arrivals ', wow, special, what a treat for you all! Come taste : ... 1) WEINGUT KREUZBERG, some ... 2) SCHLOSS VAUX sparkling Sekt, and some ... 3) WEINGUT STADT Klingenberg, some really very special treats for you all.
Saturday, January 16th, 2016, 2-6PM, ... in the works, will decide this tomorrow, have some calls out, have some special ideas, just have to pull it all together, dor my ' i's ' ... cheers!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, exciting, really trying times, lots on the line, lots to do, lots to keep in focus and in balance, love when you all come by, when you are here, when we work through things, navigate the waters, the cliffs, the valleys, the oceans together.
LIKE US on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits.
FOLLOW US on Twitter at : CPWineSpirits also at : wineenabler
CHECK OUR WEB PAGE : Cleveland Park Wines ...
CHEERS, YOU ALL ARE ' The Best " ...
LOOK OUT SOON for snow flurries...
ENJOY TONIGHT'S State Of The Union Address if you watch it, or American Idol , ...
PLAY THE POWER BALL Lottery today or tomorrow before the drawing tomorrow night for more than 1.3 billions smackers, dollars, bucks, 4-bits times 1.3+ billion ,,,,      oh yeah, having fun, always.    TONY

Tuesday Weekly Store Email January 6th, 2016 Read & Enjoy!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

    MAKE MORE OF YOUR EXPERIENC, let us enrich you, your lives, your choices!

     give us the chance : So many GREAT CHOICES @ CLEVELAND PARK

       HERE'S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE & LEARN at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. The experience here is as much about learning and sharing with you our experiences and knowledge of the old and new products/ spirits/ wines, etc ... that is what we can do best for you, help you to spread both your money, youe experiences and your joy further. WE also like to help you where we can to save your money.
     SAVE THREE WAYS EVERY WEDNESDAY HERE on your wine purchases, up to 20% OFF your total bill for the wine, sparkling and non-sparkling wine, SAVE BIG here EVERY WEDNESDAY!
     TOMORROW, Wednesday from 5:30-7:30PM we have Kerry Tate pouring two fine wine selections for you all, a dry and lively, mineral-laden style white Rhone from the Ventous region from ANNE PICHON,  On Special for $9.99, regularly $14.99 a bottle ;
... as well as a bottle of red Pinot Noir from Argentina's Pategonia region, $16.99 a bottle,  lovely both. Come taste with Kerry, let's start the New Year 2016 well!
     ALWAYS SOMETHING special all around here.
     In BEER From Santos Rivera we have :
     1) ' Guilt ' Belgian Coffee Porter , Ale with Doma coffee from the SELKIRK ABBEY Brewing Company, On Special for $9,99 for a 22 Fluid ounce bottle, with 8.3% alcohol by volume. As they say : " It's not for the masses, it's for you. We very proudly use coffee from our neighbor, DOMA coffee roasting company, in this beer. "
     2) Miles Davis Bitches Brew , ale brewed with honey and gesha, $13.99, for a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, 9% alcohol by volume, : " Miles Davis' seminal Bitches Brew album was a game changer - a bold fusion of rock, funk, and jazz. .... Dogfish Head has crafted a bold, dark beer that's a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesbo root. Like the album, this beer will age with the best of 'em. ... " Cheers, try some!
     3) 21 Mateo Wheat beer  from MATEO & BERNABE and friends , hand-crafted beer, : " Golden straw colour,. White creamy froth, fruit tones. Smooth, refreshing taste best enjoyed when not rushed ... " $10.99 a  1 Pt. .907 Fl. Oz bottle, with 5.6% alcohol by volume, , from La Rioja, Sain. Here is our Basque distributor, Estebe Salgado to say a few words in Basque for you all about this Mateo 21, as well as the 7 that we sell on a regular basis here :
     " URTE BERRI ON = HAPPY NEW YEAR = FELIZ 2016!! Denok urtea oso ondo asi duzuelakoan nago. Empezamos un gran ano con nuestros amigos de Cleveland Park y con las cervezas artesanales Mateo Y Bernabe. 7 Fermin named after the San Fermin Holidays in Pamplona, a great Spanish Red ale made with locally grown hops in La Rioja Spain, beautiful pairing for game! the 21 Mateo will be a Wheat Ale with a slight higher effervesence which gives this beer a unique "white wine"-esque profile. Estas cervezas artesanales son para disfrutarlas con comida! Como bien diria Alberto Pacheco (brewmaster & chef) "Excelentes para platos tradicional de la Rioja"!  Gracias Estebe!
     ALSO In Beer From Santos we have :
     4)  Caribbean Lager from BANKS Brewed in Barbados, On Special for $8.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, with 4.7% alcohol , we tasted it here and are thrilled to have it now to offer you all. Come check it out if you do not know it already, Cheers!
     FROM Jagir and Malkit we have in Liquor, Liqueur :
          THREE Vermouths  from DRAPO, 1 Black Note Amaro :
     1) ' Black Note " Torino, Italian Amaro, $21.99, distinct, flavorful, good herb and spice and distinct flavors! We have it here, ask for a taste, try some, see what you think?
     DRAPO Vermouth : Rosso, Blanco,  and Dry white :
     1) Vermouth DRAPO Rosso, $18.99 :  (   for the liter bottle, I opened it , the sample bottle given to us for that purpose ) , and tasted it with Courtney and her father Don that was visitng. Flavorful, distinct, balanced, very pleasing, a nice change and something ' new ' to try. Cheers.
     I have samples to still open of the Bianco and the Dry white vermouths and will do that here soon. If you are interested in trying them please let us know? Cheers!
     ALSO :
     1) Blanche White Bas-Armagnac from TARIQUET, On Special for $46.99 is slowly sweeping the spirits' world off its feet, come get some some, see and taste what all the buzz is about! Clear, like a vodka, tasty and firm and bracing like a good French Bas-Armagnac!
     2) Tequila Blanco from CAZADORES, On Special for $23.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, hecho en Mexico, a fine value, we still have a bit left at this great discounted price. Come get some while sipplies last!
     3) Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey , a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Spirits from the finest grains, from KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN, a 1.75ml plastic bottle, , On Special for $13.99 , made since 1879, what an incredible deal, FABulous value, come get some now! Cheers! With 40% alcohol by volume.
     4) Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 120 Proof, On Special for $4.99, from KNOB CREEK, this small batch is aged nine years, smooth, silky, warm and nice, really pleasing, soothing for this cold, biting weather just now! Come get some asap while our supplies last.
     AND IN WINE : From Chris and Tony :
     1) Arinto dry Indigenous Portuguese white from FALCO, a 2012, On Special for $12.99, regularly $14.99 a bottle, great body, good definition, a beauty, best with a meal, will cut through many sauces and flavors!
     2) 2011 Riserva Salice Salentino dry red from Puglia, southern Italy, from CANTELE, On Special for $13.49. I loved this wine when I tasted it with Franceen our Vias rep, what a beauty, it blew me away, I bought it all! Come get some while you still can, it is almost gone now, one last call for you all! Great to enjoy with a meal, it will steel you nicely against this brutal cold and wind.
     3) 2014 Brachetto  DOC sweet delicate light red blush ( looks more deep rose in this case ) from Piemonte, Italy, from BARTENURA, $17.99 a bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume. Chill it thirty minutes and enjoy, lovely to sip, close your eyes, smile and relax and let the flavors linger and last for an unbelievably long time on your palate and tongue! Cheers! Kosher, lovely.

     4) ' Ever Red ' dry red blend of Cabernet - Merlot , 2013, from Israel's Judean Hills, from the ELLA VALLEY Vineyards, $18.99, with 14.5% alcohol by volume, a fine red to enjoy with a meal that is also kosher for Passover, a great addition here to our store, Glad to have it here for you all.

     5) 2015 Cabernet Franc from New York State's Finger Lakes region, from RAVINES, $20.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume, this dry red is medium-to-lighter-bodied, elegant, refined, more subtle and delicate, versatile, will go with many a meal. Chill slightly, really a balanced taste where the flavors continue to please, develop and surprise you! Nice. From owner, winemaker Morten that has been here tasting in the past with us and you all ...
     6) Garnacha Centenaria from MONTEVICOR, $22.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, with some bottle age, a 2008, from Calatayud, this is a nicely-aged dry red Spanish treasure made from old vines, really old vines, a very special, wonderful treat indeed!
     Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 ( 5:30-7:30PM, tomorrow  ) : We have Kerry Tate coming to taste a fine dry French Ventoux white Rhone, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, ... as well as a fine Argentina Pategonian dry and elegant, polished, bright Pinot Noir, $16.99. Join us, never any charge.

     Friday, January 8th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : Still to be determined Will know tomorrow, call for an update or check our web page or Facebook page. Cheers.

     Saturday, January 9th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : still to be determined, will know more tomorrow for this weekend and post the info on both on our Facebook account as well as on our web page.
     CHEERS, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 ...
     THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very , very, VERY BEST.   TONY  1/5/2016

Tuesday, Dec. 29th, 2015 Weekly Store Email! Enjoy, Join Us 4 R Bubbly Tasting 5:30-8:30PM, FREE!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
     Want To Feel Bubbly All Over?
TONIGHT, Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 : 5-8PM, come taste with me the 100% Pinot Grigio dry and crisp rose from LAJARA Organic, On Special for $13.99! I will pour it tonight to get us all ready and primed for tomorrow's Part Two BUBBLY tasting here ..
     PART TWO : Tomorrow, BUBBLY, Sparkling Wine-Tasting 18 bubblies, wow, hurrah, hurray, hurry on over! FREE TASTING, everyone of you always more than welcome, we encourage you to come!
     IT COSTS U NOTHING 2 TASTE, just if you decide 2 buy! Come check and see what you want to finish the year off with and start the new 2016! You have some great and fun ' new selections ' that we did not include in Part One on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd.
     REMEMBER that all the bottles over $20 a bottle get a 20% OFF on each of them tomorrow, our Wednesday Wine-Sale Day! 
     YOU CAN SAVE BIG at tomorrow's BUBBLY Wine-Tasting here, and that is great for New Year's just around the corner!
     TOMORROW We Have : FIVE wonderfully professional, talaned, people-friendly, knowledgeable reps, owners of their companies coming to taste :
     SOTIRIS BAFITIS / Table One  : of his own OENOS Greek Imports here ( maybe Nassos, too? ) pouring 4 selections : 
1) DOMAINE KARANIKA Brut Rose, 2014, Macedonia, Greece, using the Xinomavro indigenous grape variety, from Amyndeon, $32.99 a bottle. 2) DOMAINE GLINAVOS 2010 Brut from Epirus, Greece, using the indigenous grape variety Debina, from Zitsa, $32.99. Wonderful and dry, both, I was smitten with both by the second sip of each!
3) ANDREOLA  Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore 2014 Prosecco,  On Special $21.99 a bottle, THE region for the best Prosecco's! Yes! Si!
4) ANDREOLA ' VERV ' Extra Dry ( NV :  it is round and silky and rich , a spectacular non-vintage ) , On Special for $12.99, a favorite of many here.  You know this last of the four, but the first three will be welcome treats and surprises to you all!

ERIN WEAVER / Table Two : Our rep for Lanterna Imports , Erin will pour reall three fine French sparkling wines that inlcudes one creman from the Loire Valley :

1) Le Grand COUTAGE  Grand Cuvee Blanc De Blancs Brut, non-vintage, available in two sizes : a) 750ml bottles On Special for $19.99 a bottle, b) splits or the 187ml sizes, On Special for $6.99
2) Le Grand COUTAGE Grand Cuvee Brut Rose : a) 187ml/split bottles for gifts and small bottles, dry and tasty, some extra body, On Special for $6.99 a bottle. Makes great last-minute gifts for New Year's Eve and Day, too!
Christina Caswell / Kysela Imports : Christina is our rep  ,  ...
( and just like Erin, both are new here this year, bot have done a wonderful job here, and so we welcome them here tonight. As with Craig, Andrew and Sotiris that will be here tomorrow as well, they all are great at their jobs. )
Christina Caswell  / Table Three will pour for you :
1) the WOLFBERGER Brut Cremand D'Alsace, $17.49 that we are so happy to have rediscovered three or so months ago, happy to get it back on our shelves!
2) PAINOUS Cava Brut sparkling Spanish wine, On Special for $9.99 is a freash, lovely, dry delight.
3) SHINDIG Fizzi New York Finger Lakes made from 100% Vidal Blanc, refreshing, really lovely!
Graig Mauro / Table Four : of his own Raja Imprts will pour :
1) Prosecco from CANTINE BUOSO Extra Dry , ' new and exciting ', fun to always be introducing new and exciting wines, especially Prosecco sparkling wines!
     TWO ' New ' English bubblies From HATTINGLEY Valley :
1) Blanc De Blancs ChardonnayTradition Method, NV Brut, $57.99, rich, really creamy and denser, lusher, a real treat for those of you that want lots of body : Rubenesque!
2) Classic Cuvee, Traditional Method, $52.99, lighter, brighterm fermented in oak barrels before going into a secondary fermentation, I like the brightness, freshness, and lightness, speaks volumes to me!
ANDREW STOVER / Vino50-Siema Imports / Table Five  : our rep for Siema, the inspiration-driving force behind VINO50 will pour ...
1) SHINDIG ' Fizzi ' , a 100% Vidal Blanc from the Finger Lakes of New York, clean and crisp, really very bright and soooo refreshing! Some great attitude, too.
2) LEO HILLINGER Sparkling 100% Pinot Noir dry Rose from Austria's Burgenland region. Available in two sizes " ... a) 750ml bottles, $19.99 a bottle, and the .... b) 1.5ml / magnum bottle for a bigger party, $37.99 a magnum : a tasty, balanced delight to drink and enjoy and also help support breast-cancer funding and research for a cure!
     AND Back Again , the RIDGEVIEW : The English are coming again, this time with really fine sparkling wines for us all to thoroughly delight-in, and completely enjoy!
1) RIDGEVIEW , English sparkling Fitzrovia dry rose, $38.49 a bottle : so silky and lovely, an elegant, refined taste that also spoke volumes to me each and every time that I have tasted it, wonderful!


LET US RING OUT this 2015 in style, with great cheers, bubbles, attitude, definition, purpose, joy and great cheer all around!
FREE : Eighteen bubblies ( 19 ), Five ( 5 ) great personalities to taste with, to learn from, to celebrate with : ( in alphabetical order ) : Andrew, Christina, Craig, Erin and Sotiris!
WE ARE HERE 4 U, always have been, always will be.
IT IS BECAUSE of U that we are here, and we thanks U all from the very bottom of our hearts for all your faith, support and business you direct our way. Thank you, gracias, grazie, merci and prost, salut, sante, cheers, we toast you one and all, tomorrow we do this in style.
WE LOOK FORWARD to helping and being here for you in 2016, it will be great, it will be grand, we will be here for one another and navigate the straights and the narrows, the hills, the mountains, the roads, the paths, the streams, the creeks, the valleys, the vales, the lanes, the seas, the oceans, the winds and the grottos, the caves, the cavas , the cellars, the life that comes our way here , ever-changing here in our glorious neighborhood and community of Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington DC, 20008!

Thanks again,   TONY

WHAT FOLLOWS below is an old store email I wrote on December 29th or 28th, 2010 I believe, read and enjoy it if you have time, anc heck for current availability and pricing! Thanks,  TONY 12/29/2015
     CAN ONE EVER GET ENOUGH BUBBLY? I know, I know : not everyone shares the bubbly passion. That's okay. That's why we have a full store filled right now to overflowing with many more still wines than sparkling ones. Good. Something for everyone : come check it all out and let us help you live your lives real and imagined and fun and fanciful with whatever liquid libations 'n alcohols that your heart or guts fancy?!
     FUNNY, JUST BEFORE NEW YEAR'S WE SELL as much still ( non-sparkling wines ) as we do SPARKLING ONES. As some of you know we did our Sparkling Wine BIG THEME Wine-Tasting here on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009. We served 44 different types and many of those are still here.
     WE INTRODUCED MANY PORTUGUESE SPARKLING WINES to our customers as many of you have never tried any sparkling wines from Portugal and were not even aware that they made any either. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING THAT IS UNDISCOVERED AND CUTTING EDGE come and buy some of the various ones that we still have from white to rose to red as well as from dry to off-dry and sweeter still. Most of them sell for less than $20 a bottle and have clever packaging and sometimes very classic, old-world labesl as well.
     CUSTOMERS HAVE TOLD US that they have never seen so many sparkling/bubblies and champagnes here at one time like this. It's true. We have a whole selection of " new " as well as " Favorites ".
     HERE ARE SOME TO ENJOY : Highly Recommended:
       1) RAPOSEIRA " Reserva " Metodo Classico, Meio Seco,  off-dry ,  ( 11.5% alc by volume , $19.99 ) from Portugal is something fun and exciting and nice for just great sipping enjoyment or even with some holiday cookies with fruit fillings. It has not bite, is not bitter, just nice to enjoy almost anytime when someone comes over ( or you go over ) bringing with them some milder sweet cakes and cookies for holiday celebrations.
     2) SAO DOMINGOS Sparkling Red Brut , $17.49 Classic Method, Portuguese from Barrada is made from the indigenous Baga grape and has a nice, forward, smooth flavor with strawberry overtones and just a pleasure on their palate. This is simply stated a very nice sipping dry yet not taut red with some sparkle. This is something really " new " for us.
     3) NETO COSTA Reserva Tinto Metodo Classico Anadia, Portuguese Bruto red sparkling is ON SALE for $16.99 and also made from the famous indigenous Baga grape. We've sold this well now for years here in Cleveland Park and it is more flavorful, more intense with a bit more flash and zip and pleasing zap. Both these sparkling Portuguese reds are excellent with chocolate : this one with dark chocolate and dark berry fruits, the SAO DOMINGOS with milk chocolate and red berry fruits.
     4) ROTARI Metodo Classico rose and one regular brut non-vintage. Both sell for $13.49 and represent some of Italy's first sparkling wine shipped and sold here in the U.S. It was popular before Prosecco ever was. It comes from Trentino ( Trento , Alto Adige ) north of Veneto where Prosecco is produced. It's also a bit drier and more robust and steely and " serious " if I dare use that word. You should try it, some of both and rediscover one of Italy's great everyday values in excellent sparkling dry wines.
     5) ROGER GOULART 2005 Brut Cava , $22.99, from Penedes, Spain is both a great value and a great example of what makes Spanish sparkling wine so special and never that expensive.
     6) LAETITIA " Brut Cuvee " Arroyo Grande Valley, CA.( $20.99 ) dry sparkling wine was recently owned by the DEUTZ French champagne house and recently sold. It has maintained the high quality of DEUTZ and for yeras we have enjoyed selling it when it was available to us. It's made in a methode champenoise traditional technique from France and I like the extra flavor and intensity of taste that involves some yeast and some nice bread/dough overtones. This is fun and exciting for us and perhaps a brand new discovery for you.
     7) ALFRED BASELY Brut French champagne from Champillon, $27.99 is brand " new and very exciting " as it is so reasonably-priced as well as charming and smooth and bright and so soft on the palate that anyone could enjoy this from the champagne aficionado to the novice just starting. This is a great one to celebrate with and that the chances are high that most will enjoy. EXCELLENT VALUE and SO SOFT and SMOOTH DRY.
     8) JANISSON'S " Francois de Rozay " non-vintage dry brut French champagne, $33.99, from Verzenay has more flesh and is a richer, broader and more dimensional champagne than the mellower BASELY. This is nice to enjoy when you are in search of a broadly-appealing dry French champagne yet with more levels of flavors with more intensity, too. They have updated the packaging and added some gold and a nicer design, too so it also makes for a really handsome/sharp gift to someone special. This is made up where VEUVE CLICQOUT is made and here the production is miniscule and you are paying for the quality within and not all the advertiseing without. Highly recommended. For the last three-four years we have sold it well: always running out in the store before New Year's Eve ....
     9) GOSSET Excellence Brut non-vintage French champagne, $45.99 from Ay is certainly one of the most famous ( yet not ) and liked by our customers here - period, end of statement. We have the other two upper tires as well with the red Grande Reserve non-vintage ( $65.99 ) and the green vintage ( Grande Millesime 1999 ( $99.99 ) bottling which also sell extremely well when people want to up the ante. We also have some magnums of the Excellence Brut ( $99.99 ) still in stock here. All are quite refined and with great longer finishes. We bought lots of both the Grande Reserve red label and the Excellence Brut as both are showing so well with or without food. The Green label 1999 is so much more intense and earthy/gutsy that it requires so much more of us at it's particular stage of development and I'm not sure that any of us want to work that hard.  It's smooth sailing with both others.
     10) HEIDSIECK & Co. " Monopole " non-vintage French champagne from Epernay is available here in the 375ml ( half-bottle , $21.49 ), the 750ml regular size, $36.49 and the magnum ( double 750ml size , $119.99 ). It's great to have this " Blue Top " champagne back as it is also very approachable and elegant with a softer and smoother and broader appeal. It, too may be enjoyed with or without a meal. It's been a very popular item with us over the last four-five years.
    11) PIPER HEIDSIECK non-vintage brut french champagne, On Special for $34.99 with two free champagne flute glasses - while supplies last ) is another great deal to buy either for yourselves or as gifts for friends, family and colleagues. This is a very famous, reliable bottle of French brut/dry champagne that also here represents a great value and fun packaging, too.

     ALL THE " Wonderful Rest " : Some Of The Best :

          BEER :
       1) SAMUEL SMITH Handcrafted Fruit Ale " Organic " English ale brewed with cherry juice natural flavors added. It's On Special for $6.49 ( 1Pt. 2.7fl. USDA Organic ) is something that would be especially nice now with this really cold weather. Also, my family is in London and I want to mention an English product as I think of them. This is from the Melbourn Brothers All Saint Brewery in Stamford, England.
       2) STRAFFE HENDRIK Bruges Belgian Triple Ale 9 ( On Special for $11.49, 750 ml bottle,  9% alc. by volume, )  is another fun cold-weather holiday beer when the sun is out and shining so brightly now with a clear , baby-blue sky and some wispy white trains of clouds and enough in all of this to warm the soul and keep the warmth and inner spirit's flame alive in each and every one of us as we near the end of the 2009 year.
          CIDER :
       1) Cidre Pays d'Auge sparkling French apple cider ( $12.99, 750ml bottle, 4.5% alc. by volume )  from de Christian DROUIN is another wonderful treat or gift for this time of year. It's a great, classic label and package and we still have some here for you all.
          LIQUEUR :
       1) CASTRIES Peanut Rum Creme from the island of Saint Lucia ( On Special for $24.99 , fun bottle for a gift in the 750ml size ) was tasted here last weekend  (along with the " Chairman's Reserve liter bottles of Saint Lucia rum On Special for $24.99 - great deal! ) and it sure would be a nice to drink to cozy-up to around a nice fire as the cold tries to dig deep into us and the wind howls and freezes everything in it's path ...
         LIQUOR :
       1) RUSSELL'S " Reserve Rye " 6-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey ( $34.99 ) is " new and Exciting " and well-worth the price. We had 55-year-old veteran distiller of WILD TURKEY here a few months back pouring this as well as all his other excellent small batches and " goodies " . Jimmy created quite a stir here and we sure did have some fun. He knows so much and is willing to talk about it and share with others. Thanks Jimmy : here's to you!   
          PORT :
       1) BARROS LBV 2003 Port Decanters in a beautiful wooden box display, $53.99. This will make a great gift and something wonderful to warm you over these remaining holidays into the New Year. There are only three left so do not delay and respond to this email or call Chris or me immediately. Cheers .... it sure does have some nice character and many wonderful nuances of flavor.


     WHITE :
       1) CHEAP WHITE WINE from California tastes really fresh and sry and refreshing and tastes like a blend of Chardonnay and Riesling to me with other grapes blended in.
       2) PROVENANCE 2007 Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc from Rutherford, Napa California is made by the original winemaker of DUCKHORN and it's ON SPECIAL here for $14.99 is showing really well with the high levels of citrus/mineral and touches/hot-flashes of pepper that would be so nice with well-seasoned meals like Tex-Mex , Cajun, Mexican, Indian, etcetera... It's a lovely treat and we have limited availability now.

       1) FERNGROVE " Symbols " 2006 Shiraz/Viognier On Special for $9.99 from western Australia's Frankland River area is showing beautifully now. We had it open here yesterday and it is medium-bodied and modeled after the French northern Rhones of the town of Cote Rotie. What a deal : what a wine.

       2) ELISEO SILVA 2007 Strah from Washington State's Columbia Valley ( $14.49 )  is an elegant, refined and balanced medium-bodied bottle of dry Syrah to enjoy now with many a cold-weather meal.
       3) DOMAINE LECHENEAUT 2006 Morey-Saint-Denis : On Special for $42.99 ( regularly $69.99 ) : from Robert Kacher selections : this really pleased and impressed me : so fruit-forward, so lively and bright and deliciously seductive and warming, warmness, friendliness, charm, personality and all the trappings of Pinot Noir really make it impossible not to become captive to this persnickity grape that is so hard to harness and make the most of unless you throw many of the grape clusters on each vine first to concentrate the incredible flavors exhibited in all their varied glories here in the DOMAINE LECHENEAUT from Robert Kacher. Drink it up now and feel like a million dollars!
      WE WILL HAVE Various Bottles Open Here at my and Chris' discretion. This will be fun. Now we have the CEDRE HERITAGE French Malbec 2007 Cahors red ( $13.99 ) open as well as the ARROCAL Spanish red 100% Tempranillo Ribero del Duero ( $18.99 ) for tasting with the NETO COSTA dry Portuguese sparkling red ( On Special for $16.99 ) mentioned above.
     COME BY AND HAVE A TOAST WITH US! Happy New Year and Thanks for a Great Year and all you support, patronage and belief in us. We appreciate it, really we do. You all are the best.
     CHEERS and do stop by anytime.... we are always glad to see you.   TONY

Tuesday Store Email Of Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 : Read & Enjoy!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

Open FOR  YOU , Always Have Been, All About Serving you well-er well-est ... i was an english major, i know better, even better-er, strive always for better-est!

 OUR SALES/ SUGGESTIONS/new selections are all about pleasing you, your family, you neighbors and friends, nothing more ...

 we focus all our attention on you, ...

 how may we help you better?

     IT'S FUN FOR us to anticipate what you may all be interested in, what you may want to have, what to offer, what to serve, what to most enjoy now during our holidays? It sure is a challenge, I have lost some hair, not sleep over this, and okay with that!
     Enjoy tonight's debate, 40's tonight, breezy, ... come by before and choose what you might enjoy drinking while you watch the Republican Presidential candidates debate the various issues we face as a country now.
     Also : get ready for the next installment of the movie Star Wars, I walked across to the Uptown Theater earlier and took some pictures which I am posting soon on our Facebook page to share with you all. What will you all enjoy , something on the darker side, something on the lighter side? We have many choices for all of that , so many choices, call or come by now as there are so many possibilities to enjoy. We have choices in beer, ale, ciders, spirits and wines, this is fun, this should be fun, make it part of the experience. Come by an we will show you, I will mention some, too.
     AND IT IS SO WARM, unseasonably-warm these days, and so we are drinking more Indian summer drinks as a result, go figure, how to plan? The temperatures will drop again at some point,
     SO : Here are some recommendations to enjoy immediately and through the rest of December as we get ready to say ' bye-bye ' to 2015 and ' hello!  to 2016!
     IN BEER From Santos :
     1) ' Sorry Not Sorry IPA ' , 4 Hands Stone Bale Breaker , 2015 Celebration , On Special for $10.99, for a 1 Pt. 8 Fl. Oz bottle, with 9.3% alcohol by volume, : " Unabashedly unashamed of our obsession with hops, an Imperial India Pale Alebrewed with peaches. "
     2) ' 24 Carrot Golden Ale ', a Carrot-inspired Belgian-style ale, brewed with carrots, cinnamon, raisins and vanilla beans, by Stone , Juli Goldenberg, Monkey Paw, for a 1 Pt. 8 Fl. oz bottle with 8.5% alcohol by volume, ... On Special for $9.99 a bottle.
     3) ' Sprocket Bier ' Black rye Kolsch style, Rick and Robbie's , a Spotlight series, On Special for $8.99 a bottle, with 5.4% alcohol by volume, another ' must-try ' , thrilled to have it!
     IN LIQUOR From Malkit & Jagir :
     1) The BALVENIE Distillery Banffshire in Scotland, the Single Barrel Sherry Cask, aged 15 years, a non-chill-filtered release, $110.99, with 47.8% alcohol by volume, we have some richer, more concentrated and warmer, more of a rush svelte and silk taste here, fire that fires and simmers and mells and molds and spreads it's influence over us lovingly, respectfully-no! NOT! It is great but not perhaps respectful, it has too much vigor and may be too impatient for respect? Good thought , though.
     2) The Distiller's Edition from DALWHINNIE, a great Highland Single Malt Scotch that is double-matured and was distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2012. It is now On Special for $78.99 a bottle, just a few left, come get some while you still can!
     IN WINE From Chris and Tony :
     1) Sauvignon Blanc from California, a 2014 from BACKSTORY, On Special for $9.99 a bottle, great deal, nice taste, fun package, tasty now as the weather is warmer ...
AS WE WATCH tonight's Republican Presidential debate ot THE VOICE where the winner is announced, or as we anticipate the next Star Wars installment released and shown this Thursday at the Uptown Theater, or wrap presents, or enjoy a meal, whatever, ... a good bottle.
     2) Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Chile's DOS PASOS, from the Aconcagua Valley, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this was open here this past Saturday and it sure is bright, fresh, lively, balanced and so pleasing to sip on and enjoy with or without a meal, and at a great value, too.
     3) The Lion Hound 2015 ' White ' dry blend of mostly Viognier, with some Sauvignon Blanc, from South Africa's Paarl region, $11.49 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume. Refreshing, really lively, a treat that becomes the sparkling wine we also sell here. Come try some, really pleasing. I like it.
     4) Dry white Viognier 2014 from RIDGEBACK, South Africa, in Paarl, $19.49 a bottle, with 13.5% alcohol, a real tasty, flavorful wine that is best with food, that also becomes the sparkling wine we sell, $28.99 a bottle, you should come and try both, use them in a meal and see how similar and yet different they both are. New and exciting here, as well as really special.
     5) The Pinotage 2013 from DIEMERSFONTEIN, , from South Africa's Western Cape,  : " Our Pinotage has a distinct taste of coffee, chocolate, plums and ripe black cherries on the nose and palate , ... "  I tried it, rich, ful and round and so soft on the tongue!
     6) 1900 Battle of Spioenkop 2012 Chenin Blanc , 24th of January, from South Africa's Elgin region, this fantabulous dry, floral, fragrant, mineral Chenin Blanc is On Special for $19.99 a bottle, regularly $27.99 a bottle, and I think it is world-class, I love it.
    10) Syrah 2012 from South Africa's OVER THE MOUNTAIN , $20.99 a bottle,  with 14.5% alcohol by volume, ... rich, forward, very flavorful, too. I like it. I enjoy it more with a meal, and find that it is just starting it's journey, it is still quite young. No need to rush it.
BUBBLY, Real French Champagne To Celebrate With :
     1) Brut PIERRE MONCUIT-DELOS Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc, $62.99 brings you some real thrill of sublime sunshine filtered and fleshed-out with the earth's bounty in a delectable liquid sunshine of Chardonnay grapes, lovely, sublime, a real favorite, tried-and-true-faithful-fleshed-steeled-cheered-chilled-ohhh-overflowing French champagne sparkling charm!
     2) Brut Rose from Ay, a Grand Cru, RM, French champagne GATTINOIS, $65.99, fleshier, flushed, flattering, a really silky , almost sinful delight that defies the boundaries of civilization and moves into the rhelms of fantasy and less of reason as it charms and cajoles one to such a degree that we have to drop all sense of obligation to the world and shine the light of rich rose French champagne onto our tired and weary, worn, sometime frazzled nerves and psyche! Glorious!!

     WE HAVE IT ALL ...

     ALL SIZES OF BOTTLES, something for everyone!
     A MAGUM WORTH it's weight in gold :
     1) 2009 Clos Marion dry red Burgundy from the town of Fixin in the Golden Slopes region, from the DOMAINE FOUGERAY DE BEAUCLAIR, $22.99, a great way to go with some fabulous Pinot Noir.
     2) Chianti Classico 2010 half-bottles from FONTODI, $23.99 a bottle, great year, great wine, great gift!
     3) 2005 ( great vintage ) from the CHATEAU SENAILHAC Bordeaux Superieure magnum ( 1.5ml bottle ), wonderful, On Special for $44.99, this is something delightful , from a great vintage, at a great price, too!
     4) Magno Megonio IGT dry red blend from Italy's Calabria region, from LIBRANDI, a three-liter bottle that is the same as four regular bottles of 750ml wine, for $82.99 a 3-liter bottle!

     WE ALSO SELL two vintages of CHATEAU D'YQUEM Sauternes here! They are half bottles, 1995 and 1998, inquire if you are interested.

COME SAVE HERE on Wine Purchases every Wednesday!
     Wednesday , December 15th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Kelly here to taste some of the great JOSEP FORASTER Spanish wines : 1) Trepat Spanish Cava , On Special for $25.99, as well as the ... 2) dry white Macabeu2013, $25.99, with 13% alcohol by volume, also world-class, wonderful wines.
BOTH get 20% off tomorrow when you taste them with Kelly and decide to buy some.
     Friday, December 18th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris here to taste an assortment of fine wines from France, Italy, and more, a fine Italian Veneto Pinot Noir ITALO CESCON, $14.99, 2014, and some 1997 Marcobrunn Riesling from Germany from SCHLOSS SCHONBORN, $37.99, a Kabinett dry white from Germany's Rheingau region, with 11 % alcohol by volume, imported by Rudi Wiest : fine , fine, really fine wine! Join us, probably a red or white Burgundy included, too?
     Saturday, DEecember 19th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy here to pour four great Italian wines,
1) a dry rose from Sicily called OSA from PAOLO CALI, 2013, ,
2) a dry and flavorful dry white 2013 Vigna Rocca  from Romagna from TRE MONTI,
3) a dry dry red Sicilian blend of Nero D'Avola and Frappatto, " Mandragola " 2012 from PAOLO CALI called Cerasuolo Di Vittoria, 4) and a magnum ( 1.5ml bottle! ) of a dry white blend of Trebbiano and also Chardonnay from PERLA DEL GARDA : wow, really special wines, some of the very best!
Wow, special times, special people, special wines and beers and spirits, waters, ciders, ... special to keep body, mind and soul together, refreshed, energized, sympathetic and understanding, caring, wanting, sharing, giving, receiving .... and so much more!
THANKS for everything, come on by, hang with us, we love you all. Cheers!    TONY
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and to all

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 Weekly Store Email For This Sunny Week!

e  9  y0  

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits


WE DELIVER AND WE ADVISE YOU TO take advantage of this time before the big sun drenches us in good cheer, positive attitudes, energy to perform well in all fields, enthusiasm to finally relax and be swept-up in this lovely warmer weather that is pretty amazing for early December! WE will take it, we welcome it, still cool and a bit brisk, feels good to move around outside these days, a good thing.
HOPE ALL IS WELL, hope you have time to get everything ready to enjoy the many holidays now, the great holiday spirit for us all, sharing in this good cheer!
I CANNOT BELIEVE how beautiful it is outside now, gorgeous! Makes me feel really good as I type this weekly Tuesday store email and think that Hanukkah has already started and Isabel and I walked outside and she immediately called out to a friend and wished them happy Hanukkah as they got into their car, flooded, of course with brilliant sunshine to warm and cheer us all. Lovely. 
WE HAVE wineamker/owner Willy here tonight from 5-8PM of his own FREJA Cellars, in Oregon's Willamette Valley, pouring two of his really fine Pinot Noirs : ...  1) ' Winemaker's Reserve ', 2009, $49.99, with 13% alcohol by volume ( for more info on these stunning wines go to : ), and come meet tonight and taste with a really fun, knowledgeable man, Willy Gianopulos, from Grece originally. We can talk Oregon and Greek winemaking and joys in combining both with food, what a grand treat tonight will be! Cheers!

WE WILL ALSO TASTE WITH WILLY : his 2012 Pinot Noir Willamaette Valley Estate FREJA, $26.99, with 13% alcohol by volume... lovely, real Pinot Noir, the real McCoy, FABulous for this price!

COME JOIN US in just two hours Willy will be here!

JOHN PETERS COMES TOMORROW to pour some stunning French Cremant D'Alsace sparkling wine from GUSTAVE LORENTZ, a Brut dry rose as well as the Brut dry regular, BOTH really impressed me no end! We will also pour some of the  BODEGAS MURIEL Reserva 2008, $20.99 a bottle, ... all three wonderful treats, all three receive 20% OFF on the marked bottle costs as they are all three over $20 a bottle.
SPEAKING OF OUR WEDNESDAY WINE-SALE, come by or call, pay tomorrow and save THREE WAYS on each and every Wednesday here at CPWINESPIRITS!
ON FRIDAY We Will Be Tasting with Andrew Stover and I am thinking some of the great Idaho wines of SAWTOOTH wines, some reds like Merlot and Syrah and also the dry, clean, crisp Riesling, too! What a treat that will be : focusing on Idaho with Andrew, and maybe some Michigan wines, too! WE will see, he will be here tomorrow and we will iron-out whatever are the best wines for the best prices now for the best waether and time of year, all important considerations. Cheers!
I JUST SPOKE to Andrew Stover and we are including the CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE Michigan Gruner Veltliner dry white that is now On Special for $18.99 a bottle, it used to be $23.99 a bottle, so now it is much more affordable, and a delight to sip and also serve with many a casual, impromptu meal and gathering, it will put bis smiles running from ear-to-ear on our faces, and relax us thoroughly!
ON SATURDAY we have Aleks coming here to pour some wonderful wines from Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and perhaps Albania, too? I am excited about this as I would like to devote some more time to these wines that are flavorful, tasty and good to enjoy this time of the year.
I KNOW we will taste the CHE Non CHE sparkling Extra Brut TRAPAN, $34.99, with 12% alcohol by volume, this is a great, very serious bottle of dry rose from Croatia that will shine with some foods, like some curied/smoked meats and fish, like the smoked trout my daughter, wife and enjoyed yesterday, this would have been great with that, really splendid.
I WOULD LIKE also to taste the cloudy, unfiltered ' Ponente ' TRAPAN Istrian dry and full, rich, multi-layered Malvasia white, also from Croatia, $19.99, 2013, with 13% alcohol by volume. It looks nasty when all shook up, and yet it tastes divine, really splendid, quite the treat, a wonderful surprise, trust me, you will be lulled and charmed, warmed, teased and rocked like some great classic rock music, the intrumental in a classic piece like " Stairway To Heaven" .
AND From ALEKS ALSO we have the 2011 Kallmet dry indigenous red from ARBERI, $19.99 a 750ml bottle, from Mirdite, Albania, with 13.9% alcohol by volume, ... a medium-bodied, earthy and pithy and delightfully-engaging red to chill slightly and enjoy completely with many a meal. Ask Aleks about it and what he would serve with it? Cheers. Join us, never any charge
     1) 2013 Torrontes dry white from La Rioja, Argentina, made by RECUERDO, On Special for $7.99, what a lovely wine, developed, flavorful, balanced, showing all it's charm and pleasures, tresures, teases and pleases, too : great value.
     2) Dry Muscat 2012 Sud Italia Terra di Vulcano from BISCEGLIA, On Special for $5.99 a bottle now, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, this is a fine food value as again, all the flavors are fully-developed and together with a meal both it and the meal will sing sweet nothings in our ears, especially for only six bucks a bottle!
     3) '' Il Cigno Nero - the Black Swan ' V.Q.P.R.D. Cerasuolo di Vittoria, ROMOLO BUCCELLATO, a dry , flavorful, fully-developed dry red blend from Sicily, On Special for $7.99, from the incredible vintage of 2001. NO WAY that this excellent and mature dry red should be available, and available at only eight bucks! Come get some quick! Do not delay! Come get some! With 13%  alcohol, this wine smells like divine shit and tastes like luscious and oak-cedar-sweetened wood with red grape overtones, moods, mellows, mists, mires, muds and magnificent montages, mountains, meadows, meows, too! Grape and wine meows, of course.
ALSO : In Beer : From Santos Rivera :
     1)  Blackberry Barley Wine Ale LIPS of FAITH Series from NEW BELGIUM, On Special for $8.99 a 1 Pint, 6 Fl. Oz bottle, with 10% alcohol by volume to warm you at night while the blackberry charms and challanges your palate, too!
AND From INDIA in Whisky :
     1) ROYAL CHALLENGE Spirit Whisky, a blend of rare Scotch, select grain and matured Indian malts, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, with 42.8% alcohol by volume,  : what a lovely deep color, what a great price, come discover this Royal Challange and see how you like it's mouth-feel, mouth-grip, taste?!?
TIME TO POST THIS, have to get ready for Willy's visit tonight! 
COME TASTE Oregon Willamatte Pinot Noirs with Willy the winemaker of FREJA Cellar wines!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you are the very very very VERY BEST.
IF YOU NEED a delivery call us at : 202-363-4265.
HAPPY HANNUKKAH and holidays to one and to all. Let us know what we may do for you.
CHECK ou web page at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
LIKE US on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
FOLLOW US on Twitter at : CPWineSpirits and also at : wineenabler.
HAVE A GREAT WEEK, ENJOY this sun for the rest of the week , warm, yet not hot, cool and refreshing enough, some great mild days in the fifties and even in the sixties through Saturday, with rain only anticipated for this coming Monday! Wow.
JOIN US for all our tastings. Celebrate again the life of John Lennon that was shot on this day I believe? Imagine all the possibilities, the love, the sharing, the togetherness, the great cheer, the good in life and in us all, imagine!     TONY

Tuesday December 1st, 2015 Store Email : Tasting Schedule & TOMORROW Our Big Theme Sparkling Bubbly, Champagne, Prosecco, Cava &

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

WE ALL DO WANT HAPPINESS in life, in family, community, friends, love and relationships!

     I'M SO EXCITED about tomorrow's BUBBLY, Cava, Prosecco, Sparkling wine FREE-TASTING here tomorrow, Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, from 5:30-8:30PM. Join us, bring family and friends, everyone is welcome here, everyone! The more the merrier as we will have for you :

     1) Ten station with between 40-45 bubblies for you all to sample, from ...
     2) Austria, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa ... and from the United States we have the states of Missouri, Hawaii, New York and Virginia!
     3) Christopher Parker the British importer living in northern Virginia introducing the  3 RIDGEVIEW British bubblies,
     -   pouring fine Austrian wines of Burgenland, Langenlois ... sparkling dry rose, red Pinot Noir, Gruner Veltliner ...
     - Andrew Stouver pouring American USA wines from Hawaii, Missouri, and New York
     - Robert Kennedy pouring fine small vineayard Italian wines from Lonato, Sorbara, Mercato Saraceno,
     - Aurelie ( Lily ) Baetche ( our special guest from Champagne, France, pouring from the region Ludes, Champagne ),...
     - Craig Mauro pouring Itlian and Argentinian,
     - Ron Miller the owner of his own DLC Ciderworks in Jefferson, Marylan, using only his own apples grown on his property ),
     - Caitlin Cross from South Africa introducing her new South African wines from Paarl, including the still wines used to make the sparkling ones, try them side-by-side ),     - Lucinda Smith pouring the Virginia sparkling wines of Charlottesville/Alton and of Champagne, France, Reims ...
     - Christina Caswell pouring Spanish cava, French champagne, and Loire, France cremant...
     - James Kellaris pouring French champagne, Alsace, French cremants and Italian Veneto Prosecco, and ...
     - Erin Weaver pouring Spanish cavas ( a dry vintage-dated rose and brut, and a fine Loire Valley cremant and FRench champagne Blanc de Blancs from Avize ...
     4) Pouring of dry roses, dry whites and reds, bruts, extra brut,  Blanc de Blancs, Blanc De Noirs, Nature with no additional sweet dosage, Premier Cru, Grand Cru, Recoltant-Manipulant, from Ludes, Avise, Reims, Ay and Cramant regions of champagne, ... Spanish Cavas, Italian Proseccos, Italian Lambrusco, Italian Emilia sparkling wines, Piemontese off-dry roses, too, from Patagonia, Argentina, too, California as well with the dry brut and brut rose of Ca' ROSA, from Burgenland and also Langenlois, Austria,
     5) Using grapes like Lambrusco Sorbara DOC, Sangiovese, Trebbiano Di Lugana, Chardonnay, Trepat , Macabeo, Paralada, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Pineapple, Maryland apples -  ask Don Miller  their names?, Cabernet Franc, Vidal Blanc ... and maybe more, these are the ones I can think of now, ask our poureres for more info?
     6) Most everything being poured is dry with one exception, the OSE Italian rose...
     7) From $10 a bottle on up
     8) mostly from the 750ml bottle though four will be here available in magnums for you to purchase for bigger parties and celebrations
     9) And with Caitlin Cross you will try both the dry, non-sparkling wines, as well as those that are made into sparkling wines as well, so taste dry Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier with and without sparkle!
    10) Expect the unexpected, learn, share, listen, taste and luxuriate all your senses in the full powers and glow and presence of these fine sparkling wines made mostly from grapes, with three exceptions of two apple sparkling wines and one dry pineapple sparkling wine, too!
JOIN US, No Charge!
ALSO THIS WEEK in tastings here:
     Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2015 : Come meet and taste with Andrea Fossi his excellent Italian wines of Tuscany and Puglia, his Sangiovese, Primitivo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends, his Negroamaro wines, too, in 750ml bottles as well as his delicious 2010 Primitivo magnum/double-bottle size, $16.99 that is wonderful, 5-8PM, free, join us, never any charge!
     Friday, December 4th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) , we have Robert coming to pour some fine Rioja Spanish wines! Free, no charge, join us.
     Saturday, December 5th, 2015 ( 2-6PM ) : With Michael Cavanagh we will pour some great South African whites, a dry Riesling and a dry Chenin Blanc from Elgin region, made by SPIOENKOP, I love both, and BOTH are on DEEP discount, too! WE will also pour two fabulous dry reds, a Tannat and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Serra Gaucha, made by SALTON : wonderful, all four!
     Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 ( 5:30-7:30PM ) We have owner and winemaker Willy Freja here from Oregon pouring his two great Pinot Noirs, the regular 2012 as well as the reserve 2009 : wow, amazing wines, join us, taste, fall in love, get bottles signed for gifts. It will be Willy's second visit here to the store and his first wine-tasting here with customers. Come and welcome him and taste, too.
     Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 ( 5-8PM ) : John will pour some more sparkling wine for us, from Alsace, France, the delectable sparkling cremants, dry, a regular and a brut from GUSTAVE LORENTZ!

SAVE TOMORROW, SAVE on wine here every Wednesday. Pay tomorrow, call if you cannot come ! 202-363-4265

THANKS for everything, we appreciate your business and support, we count on it, too : without it we could not be here! We know that, we really do.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW  is an old store email I wrote on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 and send to you all, remember?!? Read and enjoy it if you have time, enjoy. Cheers, and check for current pricing and availability on items listed below?
I'M BEING EDITED HERE for the very first time! The i-contact thinks that I will go into the Spam folders because of my poetic license to be descriptive and floral and evocative! So be it! I've just read what I wrote and it sounds fine to me but I may have to alter it to get this email to you all. It may have to wait until Tuesday for me to send it because of this. or I may have to send it twice, we will see. Cheers, TONY
IT DOES NOT EXIST - SORRY! However, there are many beer, liquor and wine bottles that in moderation will really bring the joy and some relaxation, less stress and less hate out to soften and round-out the edges so that you can enjoy the moment.
THAT'S WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU ALL : Help you to enjoy more fully the moment. One of my all-time favorite movies addresses this in such an incredible way that I have to mention it here. I spoke about it with passion and conviction, too last Saturday here when I conducted my weekly Saturday wine-class. I told those gathered here to do themselves a big favor and rent a copy of the foreign film : " Babette's Feast " and enjoy it. It does have sub-titles but it is brilliant and well-worth working through them. My favorite scene is when the two men in the small village that are die-hard enemies finally drink some of the red French burgundy wine ( Clos Vougeot was it? ) and are finally able to relax and not hate each other so much. smiling and laughing and perhaps for a brief second even finding some common ground?!? WONDERFUL.
     BIG NEWS : BIG-THEME BUBBLY Wine-Tasting is this Saturday, December 4th, 2010 from 2-6PM.  There is never any charge and everyone is always welcome.There will be thirty or more bubblies poured that include all the price ranges and styles and plenty of real French champagnes, too from the regular brut non-vintage to vintage, premier and grand cru, too. It will be a little bit of everything for you to enjoy.

     SO MANY BEERS/ LIQUORS / WINES : Make More Time!

       BEERS From Santos:
     1) Super Bock Sabor Autentico ( On Special $8.99 6-pack , ) is " new and exciting " and I can't wait to try it. Cheers.
     2) Bard's The Original Sarghum Malt Beer - Gold ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack, Utica, New York  ) is interesting as the back label is filled with info :   0% fat, sodium 3%, sugars 3g, Protein 0g, , gluten-free and more ; what does it taste like? You'll have to try it yourselves and see what you think, Cheers.
     3) Saison Rue Belgina-Style Ale unfiltered bottle-conditioned from THE BREWERY ( On Special for $13.99, a 750ml bottle, from Placenta, Orange County, California , ) is another fun and exciting addition to Cleveland Park.
       LIQUOR From Ravi :
     1) Aqua Vit Distilled From Grain/ Caraway & Anise Spirit from KROGSTAD ( On Special for $24.99, 750ml bottle, 40% alc. by volume ) is distilled and bottled by HOUSE SPIRITS LLC>, Portland, Oregon.
     2) CARDAMARO Vino Aramomatizzato Amaro al Cardo Carciofo, ( $19.99, Giovanni Bosca, Canelle, Italy) is new and exciting as well and imported by Haus Alpenz in Edina, MN. This is for all you Amaro fans.
     3) LIMONCINO dell'Lsola Liqueur of Calabrian Lemons ( On Special $16.99 . 30% alc. by volume, 750ml bottle ) from CAFFO represents such a great deal for this limoncino. Cheers.

       WINES From Chris & Tony :

       WHITES -
     1) Pinot Grigio 2008  California Paso Robles Estate-Grown dry white from RABBIT RIDGE ( $8.99 ) is " new " and very exciting. Deep color, rich flavors... warming in this cold ...    
     2) Chardonnay 2009 Southeaster Australia ( $7.99 ) is an old favorite here with nice balance and some nice butter-smooth bright flavors.
     3) Dani indigenous grape variety from Crete,, made by LYRARAKIS 2007 ( On Special for $15.99, reg: $19.99  a bottle ) is mature and showing beautifully - creamy and dry and has a lovely fresh eucalyptus accent in the bouquet but not in the taste. It's smooth and full and very elegant. Nice with or without food : discover the Dafni grape variety, I used it last Saturday in my wine-class and it was very well received.    
     4) Falanghina dry Italian indigenous white " Campi Flegrei " from from FARRO ( $16.99 ) is drinking like a dream and so velvety and polished and smooth - I love it! Owner Michele Farro was here last week with Alberto and David of Grappoli Imports and so I got to try it along with his red Piedirosso this past Friday morning the 26th.
     5) Vignoles French hybrid dry white grape variety 2009 from New York's Finger Lakes " Gentle Dry " ( $16.99 ) and made by KEUKA LAKE VINEYARDS is drinking beautifully. It showed well this weekend when our rep Danielle poured it.
     6) Dry Riesling 2008 from New York's Finger lakes , the " Falling Man Vineyard " from KEUKA LAKE VINEYARDS ( $21.99 ) is also drinking beautifully and was also poured this weekend. Owner Melvin Goldman came to present it to us with Danielle not too long ago. We are almost out of it and have to order more.
      7) Chardonnay from New Zealand's Nelson region from NEUDORF ( $26.99 ) is back by popular demand!
     REDS :
       1) Shiraz 2008 from Australia's Southeastern Australia ( $9.99 ) is again back after so many requests as people grew so accustomed to these tasty Aussie flavors.
       2)  Beaujolais Nouveau from MANOIR DU CARRA 2010 ( $9.99 ) is a hearty , tasty dry mouthful!
       3)  Zinfandel 2007 from STEVEN VINCENT ( $12.99 ) showed well this past weekend when Danielle opened it on Saturday, Starts off closed and tight and it gradually blossoms beautifully. Don't rush it, let it linger on the palate.
       4) " Crimson " 2008 from STEPHEN VINCENT ( CA. ) is a mostly Cabernet Sauvignon dry red blend ( $12.99 ) - hearty, gutsy, in your face fresh and lively and toasty and best with food.      
       5) " Pink Awareness " 2009 Shiraz from HOPE Vineyard ( $13.49 ) gives back for breast cancer research and it sure is tasty - just sold another bottle a few minutes ago.
       6) Piedirosso 2009 from Campi Flegrei and made by FARRO is an Italian smooth, creamy - bright fresh red toasty berry delight. Lovely ...
       7) Cabernet Franc 2009 New York Finger Lakes ( $19.99 ) is drinking like a soft, delicate, ethereal dre__m and just like a red burgundy is so nice to sip with or without food. It could have been great with turkey, goose, chicken and veal - or salmon to name a few ...
       8) Zinfandel Old Vine from The Immortal Zin In CA. ( $15.99 ) is another dre_m come true - wow, what's not to saturate oneself in here - just drown me please in this Zinfandel!
       9) La Provencal dry Red Wine from JADE MOUNTAIN ( $19.99 ) is also a whole set of dreams ... amazing wine, I've had to edit myself here just to send this, sorry!      
     Friday, December 3rd, 2010 ( 5-98PM ) : We have Lauren Jones here from Washington Wholesalers to taste : SANTA EMA from Chile ( go  33 miners! ), GRAYSTONE California wine : with maybe some SONOMA CUTRER and some RODNEY STRONG, too : BOTH from California as well.

     Saturday : Our BIG THEME BUBBLY-CHAMPAGNE Wine-Tasting mentioned above. December 4th, 2010 from 2-6 PM : No charge, bring a friend : read the description I already mentioned above. OUR MOST POPULAR YEARLY EVENT - Don't miss this one! Cheers!!!

     I AM SURE I HAVE MISSED SOMETHING like the ( 202)422-6250 " 2 Day Nutcracker Workshop " Sat-Sunday, Dec. 11-12th, 2010 2-5PM for ages 4-16, Ballet and Tap Basics to create a mini Nutcracker performance with group choreography & solo opportunities. Ask for Ann & Victor. I almost did, too! Phew!!
     CHECK US OUT on :, and also now on Facebook : clevelandparkwine&spirits, too : on all these sites you will find many more stories, pictures and information
     HAPPY HOLIDAYS and THANKS for all your support and business and faith in us over the years.
     COME TOUR OUR BIG-THEME BUBBLY-CHAMPAGNE Wine-Tasting this Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2010 from 12-6 PM : No charge, bring friends. Show your support for this event by buying at least one bottle while here. Cheers,  TONY


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