A Day In The Life Of Anthony Quinn At Home & At Work At Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Friday 1/27/2017 Come & Taste Tonight/Sat

36 years is something special, a life of working together as a team, proud of it! Cheers Lynne!

Tasting tonight w/ @NarayanCampbell at @clevelandparkwines 5-8pm, @BergenvinLaneVineyards yes!

1/27 1/28 #TasteWines of @blvwine #alentejoredwine @SlentFarms &Ayamavineyard @karaswines @FincaLaMalma

Taste tonight @clevelandparkwines 5-8pm @blvwine #sauvblanc 2013 #WA #columbiavalley freetasting

Outstanding tonight, #taste @SlentFarms #Pinotage @Burgevinlanevineyards #Viognier @clevelandparkwines !

Really like this #spanishgarnacha dry red$13.49, will taste it Feb 10 5-8pm w/ Valerie @clevelandparkwines !

Lisa tastes these with me and @AndrewShapiro at @clevelandparkwines 1/27 all really fun!


Amazingly smooth Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 2010, $30 with Valerie at @clevelandparkwines 1/27/17 mmmm

Great image here at @clevelandparkwines just now 1/27, come by, get what you need!


See and taste the whole story 1/28 2-6pm if &FincaLaPapay & @karaswines

JOIN us tonight 1/27/ 2017 5-8PM with Narayan Campbell of Global Wines MD tasting Bergenvin Lane Vineyard WA State whites, Columbia Valley, also @AyamaVineyard @SlentFarms #Pinotage, and also some #Alentejo #Portuguese dry delicious red!

AND Tomorrow : Saturday, January 28th, 2017 2-6PM with Diana Richer of G&B Importers we will pour the wines of Karas in Armenia, and the wines of Finca La Papay and Bodega Malma in Pategonia #PinotNoir #CabernetSauvignon, YEAs to all, A BIG YES! Venga aqui nous joindre : Spanish, English and French all in one sentence!   TONY 1/27/2017

1st Big-Theme BEER-Tasting & Richard Of MOSHIN Winery, Russian River Valley BOTH Wed. 1/25/2017 5:30-8:30PM, Join Us, Free Tasti

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
I JUST CAME into work on a bably blue skies and puffy white clouds, brrrrr, brisk highway this Tuesday morning!
WE ARE STILL CELEBRATING here Female Appreciation month at Cleveland Park Wines and Spirits. Glad to do this : something positive that I think we can all unite over, no matter what political party we support.

WE HAVE TWO ' Big-Events ' This Week :

     TOMORROW, Wednesday,January 25th, 2017 : 5:30-8:30PM, Free-Tastings both -
     CANS & BOTTLES Of ...
     BEER Big-Theme Tasting
     Tomorrow! 1/25 5:30-8:30PM
     With John, Shane, Polly, Santos
     FREE - JOIN US :
     Santos has invited three groups to come pour their beer selections, that will mean as many as 20 beers for you all to try here and see how they compare with your tastebuds, side-by-side.
     John will pour the 4 from THREE NOTCHD Brewing company, all of them in cans, All $10.99 a 6-pack, 1) 40 Mile IPA ... 2) Hydrolian Red ...   3) Jesse's Girl American Ale, ...   and the ... 4) The Ghost APA American Amber  Ale , and last : ... 5) Ace's High American Pale Ale ... YES!!!
Try them all on for size, fit and feel!
You be the judges.
You will meet John, ...
Shane, too ... pouring the :
Devil's Backbone Brewery selections ..,
Shane works at the brewery, and will be  pouring the
Vienna lager,
the Eight-Point lager,
and the Striped Base Pale Ale, too )
AND Molly of NEW BELGIUM Brewery will be pouring four, they will all have some favorites as well as some ' new and exciting, seasonal ' beers, too. Molly will taste the ' new ' Tarttastic ', as well as the ' Bohemian style Pilsner '. 
     I am leaving most of this to be a real surprise for you all. You will come and taste and see what you all think, a serendipitous, spontaneous ale/ beer tasting, ...
the very FIRST BIG-THEME Beer-Tasting here!
JOIN US, let's start a new and exciting tradition here!
     ALSO : We have Richard, one of the two principles at MOSHIN VINEYARDS coming to pour a selection of five of their excellent Russian River Valley & Dry Creek Valley California wines :
     TWO under the WESTSIDE CROSSING label, both from the Russian River Valley, Sonoma County appelations :
       1) Chardonnay 2015. $27.49, with 14.1% alcohol is distinct, very vibrant and a lively taste to please many.
       2) Pinot Noir 2014, $27.49, with 14.1% alcohol is also a really well-balanced, focused taste to please and to satisfy many that like a more refined, elegant Pinot Noir taste.
     THREE From MOSHIN :
          ONE Dry White -
       1) 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from the ' Larrick Vineyard ' Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, On Special for $32.99 a bottle. Some extra mouth-feel, some more range from the high to the low registers of taste, extra hang-time and finish in the mid palate and the delightful final ahhhh swallow! Always have really liked the Sauv. Blanc!
          TWO Dry Reds -
       1) 2012 Vineyards 2012 Pinot Noir Estate ( Estate Grown & Bottled ), $49.49 a bottle , with the 20% off the price is $39.59 - get a bottle signed as a special gift ) - a very special Pinot Noir that is fruit-forward, treu to the soil, the weather, the vagaries of the 2012 vintage that was excellent, this is so lovely and satiny on the palate, and soaks seemlessly into one's palate, too!
       2) 2012 Zinfandel ' Carreras Vineyard ' Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, $39.99, with 14.9% alcohol. A fuller, more round and filling flurry and flash and flush, slush, mmmmmmm, great accents of spice and mineral that prick and poke and stoke our internals fires into a reverie of pleasures that give us the ride of our lives to a delightful finish to meal and good-tidings, conversations, love and more.
     WHAT I THINK about these MOSHIN Vineyard wines as a whole is that they are always distinct, filled with tremendous character, personality , charm, and where strengths and flaws work together to produce the purest, most true and tasty and original flavors that a vintage with weather and soil, water, or lack of it, hail, or lack of it, sunshine or lack of it all produce grapes that are barely touched by human hands, thus producing one of the purest wine liquid expressions possible. Bravo!
FEELING QUITE INSPIRED this morning, so much positive energy came to the Washington DC metropolitan region as well as to many other cities in the U.S., as well as in the world. It was great to be able to witness so much of this energy and feeling good because everyone came together this weekend to show their faces, use their voices, and show solidarity.
 ... AND an update on last week ...
ON WEDNESDAY we had our monthly Big-Theme Wine-Tasting with plenty of excitement still over Martin Luther King's birthday celebration and the upcoming Inaugural weekend events.
SOME PEOPLE WERE leaving town, others were arriving and cutomers of ours like Karen and Mary Kay were either picking them up or gettting ready for their visiting guests. Too much to keep track of, it was overwhelming!
WEDNESDAY EVENING here with six female wine pros and one female wine distiller, local form D.C.'s Ivy City Jos. A. MAGNUS, each pouring four of their favorites : 28 in all, we had 100 or more people join us and celebrate all the women in our lives and all that they have given us and added to the tapestries of our lives. So much positive cheer and lively spirits, joy, warmth, appreciation, thanks, feeling like a true community!
AND TO SEE ' WAKE UP LITTLE SUZIE'S window display of wrutten comments to President Barrack Obama was truly inspiring. So many of you stopped and looked and read many of these messages. I loved watching as I took pictuures to record this historic, meaningful moment of our history, city, neighborhood.
OF COURSE OUR DOORS were open here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits to welcome you and be like a second home to you all. We hope we were and that you felt we were, that was our objective.
PINK, the many shades of pink were the dominant colors of the weekend, here in Cleveland Park, and even later on Saturday evening when I went to a fantastic dinner on 14th street, N.W. at " Doi Moi " with wine owner, maker Christian Stahl of his owne STAHL Franken, German winery, and Chris Bartha.
PINK  here and there was all around, people, walking back and forth, some coming in to buy here at the store, some coming to have dinner. Inspiring all, and Chef Sasha came out many times to taste many of his dishes with us. He is an incredible chef that comes from the Ukraine, I highly recommend you try his various dishes. They, too like the women and men that came to Washington D.C. to be seen and heard and counted, alive,  ... both they and the food were bright, diverse, animated, different, unique and special!
WE STARTED HERE on Wednesday 100+ strong and grew wo more than a half a million, and that is only here in Washington D.C.! Wonderful.
SO HERE ARE SOME of the highlights of last week, and some of this week's to anticipate as we continue to celebrate women in January. I was thinking it would only be a month's celebration, but I feel more strongly than ever that we will now extend our women's appreciation month to a whole year's appreciation!
CAN YOU ALL LIVE with a whole year of rose wines, and more small bottles like the 187ml bottles, or the smaller cans. too that so many women find both cute and practical, and where there is little or no guilt that they feel when enjoying these smaller quantities?
I HAVE OFTEN HEARD WOMEN say to me : " My boyfriend ( husband ) does not like sparkling wine and so I do not feel as guilty when I open and enjoy this, now waste." I can appreciate that.
AS A RESULT HERE are some to mention now :
          CANS :
     1) Red Sangria gently sparkling premium wine product from PAMPELONNE, $2.79 for " Joie de Vivre - Joy To Live ", 250ml can.
     2) Pinot Noir French Pays D'Oc 2015 from MARIS, $5.49, fresh, bright, tasty, with an accent of raspberry?!? I think so, I like it, made with organic grapes.Also a 250ml can.
          BOTTLES :
       TWO Dry Rose 187ml bottles -
     1) Le Grand COURTAGE French Grande Cuvee Brut rose, On Spoecial for $7.49 , a soft. refreshing, touch of a zip and bit of a bite at first, then silk and a flourish of flesh-grape taste! Mmmm. Very popular.
     2) Secco Pinot Noir from HILLINGER with a delicate blush of color, a lovely lilting, lullaby taste and flavor that charms and pleases, too!
     ... stay-tuned for the last three next week! Running out of time. Have to post this soon.
ALSO On The Weekend we will be tasting :
Friday, January 27th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Narayan here pouring some wine selections, as well as JoAnn of the TWIN VALLEY Maryland distillery pouring up to five different spirits that will include Black Cup Of Joe liqueur that I tried and liked, the Rye that was sooo unique ( reminded me of Slivovitz, the Raven mostly rye blend, the ' new ' Grand Thoroughbread Single Cask Whiskey, Rockville, MD, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, ... and the 1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, ... what a treat, JOIN US for both tastings! FREE both.
Saturday, January 28th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Diana Richer of G&B Importers here to try the FABulous KARAS wines of Armenia , the 1) Red 2014, $17.99, ... 2) White dry, 2014, $15.49, ... and we will also include a line of wines from Argentina, too. More on that soon. Join us, taste, see what you all think!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING , you all are the best, we believe in you. " You got real potential ... " said Julia Roberts to her female co-worker in the movie PRETTY WOMAN. Everyone has potential, everyone deserves a chance to develop, show, share and be all that they can be, ... cheers, TONY 1/24/2017

Inaugural Weekend Here In Wash DC, Join Us, Many Of You Here, Your 2nd Home, Fri: Robert Kennedy 3-7:30PM, 1/21 Marching Ahead !

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

IT'S GREAT WITH SO SO MUCH TO FOCUS AROUND, GALVANIZE, BE COUNTED, SHOW & Share our voices, stand up, march, gather, show warmth & Compassion, smile, realized the sun comes each day no matter what, as we work to make whatever that ' what ' is better for our united states of america.

WE HAVE LOTS GOING ON. thought i would be able to take a break in January, but no chance of that! 
WE HAVE THIS INAUGURAL WEEKEND filled up with activity, both tomorrow and Saturday with the wonderful likes of...
Robert Kennedy ( Friday, Jan. 20th, 3-7PM pouring his wife Catia's favorite wines of Italy, Albana white, and Sangiovese red, also Primitivo dry deep-dark rose, and the velvet-kiss-touch of Lambrusco di Sorbara spumante-sparkling-spark-arc-silk!)...
AND  ...
we have on Saturday ( January 21st, 12-4:30 - Andrew Stover comes to pour the graet female winemaker wines of Allie - BOE BROOKLYN OENOLOGY - her opulent, layered, richly explosive, textured, expansive Pinot Gris 2014 North Folk of Long Island, limited release, very small production, mostly sold in the tasting room, aaahhhhh, yes, this is a jewel for us all. You will be pleased, charmed, thrilled, challenged, too. Enjoy ...
AND ...
from Allie we also have her fun collaboration with Andrew Stover calledShindig, 2014, a stimulating, energized. lean-mean-athletic-no-couch-potatoo-laze-here ... dry red blend of 55% Merlot, 5% Malbec, and ... INTRODUCING ... 40% Corot Noir! At Cornell University they developed the hybrid Corot Noir and it brings some really exciting attitude and pizzaz and punch to this fine red to enjoy with many a meal. I would chill it thirty-forty minutes and have it warm up to your perfect temperature! Nice.
AND ...
from  Sarah the winemaker of GALEN GLEN winery in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania we have Andrew Stover pouring Sarah's 2014 Stone Cellar dry red Zweigelt, an Austrian grape of personality, elasticity, alert and vibrant, quick-to-move and be active, a great marcher that will hold it's own, it's stride, not fall back or fall short. Medium-to-light-bodied, refreshing, and again will complement many a meal or just be nice to sip after a long day, beating a path, marching forward, hiking, walking fast - whatever! Enjoy.
AND ...
from the ARTESANA Winery in Canelones, Uruguay we have two wines being poured by Andrew Stover ny this talented California female winemaker making excellent wines in Uruguay.
Starting with the dry Tannat rose 2016, $19.49 made from the Tannat grape variety, this is a lovely rich, full-bloom, blossoming mouthful of wine that fills every nook, bathes every cranny like few others!
AND ...
Andrew will also pour the 2015 dry red blend  of Tannat, Merlot and Zinfandel, ... some grip, grit, girth and glorious joyous spice, earth, dried fruit flavors, some real character that is always fleshed-out with food. Cheers all.
AND THEN WITH Owner-Winemaker Christian Stahl of his own winery STAHL in Franken, Germany, Christian will pour a selection of his fine whites and rose called ' Drink Pink ' that is soopoooo nice just to sip and sip again, and , aaahhhhh, go again, you know you want to , sip again!
AND also from Christian, ...
enjoy the sparkling 2014 feder ' Spark! ", On Special for $17.99, what a pleasure, what a dream. what and incredible soak in bubble-bath for all your tastebuds!
AND ... also from Christian ...
enjoy the 2015 feder ' Summertime! ' crisp, lively, refreshing blend of 80% Bacchus, 10% Muller Thurgau, and 10% Silvaner, On Special for $13.99, usually $15.99, a lovely treat!
JOIN US, everyone always welcome, we have these wines thanks to Christian's wife, and Christian that maked them.
WE MAY ALSO TASTE from Christian the 2015 DA MAS ZE NER Scheurebe, $17.99, the .... DA MAS ZE NER Silvaner, $17.99, ... and more. We will see!
AND ... with Christian we are hosting a dinner on Sunday in McLean, Virginia. That will be fun, and you can call for more info, ir go to our Facebook page and scroll down and see all the info on it. Join us all weekend long!
Cheers, thanks for everything. Be safe, be warm, be stimulated, active and alive, and know that you always have a second home with us! Cheers,  TONY 1/19/2017
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and sent to you all many mmons ago, June 17th, 2011 ... check for current vintages, prices and availability!   TONY

7 Women Come Pour Their 25 Faves In Wines, One Spirit - Gin, Free Tasting 1/18 5:3-8:30PM, As We Celebrate Women & What They ADD

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
     GREAT TUMULTUOUS, TRYING, UNNERVING, ENERGIZING, POLARIZING TIMES! We need to put the nice, the calm, the good will, the kindness, the harmony, the will to talk face-to-face and come to whatever compromises we must to move forward in life as a nation.
    In THE SPIRIT of solidarity we continue to honor the contributions of 51% of our population : wonderful females that have always, and continue to add so indispensible to the tapestries of our lives. Being an artist and a painter I like that image as well as the canvas, the hall, the stage, the avenue, streets, the cities, the towns, the neighborhoods, the cul-de-sac , and so much more.
 THANK YOU LADIES, you inspire us. You inspire me, you are my real heroes right now. I appreciate both that you have the balls and the sense to use them wisely. Bravo!

WITH Friday's Inauguration and Saturday's Women's March we have a whole lot going on here in our nation's capitol. in Washington D.C. We are trying to be prepared and do what we can to mark, to honor, to celebrate what we can in this difficult, split-opinion-divided times. It is not easy. It is not so simple to not be involved now becasue we are sick and tired of the last two years of politics and the rest.

SO : WHAT CAN WE DO as a store that serves our community? We can be an important part of our community and provide what we can as services, friendship, advice and a space here that is welcoming and positive.

WE HAVE FOUR TASTINGS THIS WEEK to do just that. Here they are. This email will focus on these events this week that we hope you will enjoy .

AT THESE EVENTS we will also support charities and causes that are near-and-dear to the women ( sometimes me will be here to pour for their wome ), and you will be welcome to contribute to those when here.
WE HAVE WAIVED the traditional $15 that we have started to charge for our Big-Theme winetastings. We encourage you to donate that money to these causes and charities. We will have wine buckets available to do so. Ask us if you do not see them. Thanks in advance to anything you can do to support these invaluable charities.
WE ALSO OFFER on Wednesday our biggest savings of the week to you all :
     1) Buy any bottle of still or sparkling wine ( except MOET CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT - these two are not included in any of the three ways to save ) over $19.99 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     2) Buy any six bottles or more of still or sparkling wine and SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker prices.
     3) Buy twelve or more at any price of sparkling or still wines and SAVE 20% OFF on the marked sticker prices.
IF YOU CANNOT come call us and we will charge you tomorrow and you may save that way, and pick up your purchases later. Cheers.
WEDNESDAY, January 17th, 2017, 5:30-8:30PM, A free winetasting here, what we normally call our monthly Big-Theme winetasting. We have invited seven talented, knowledeable women in wine and spirits to come and pour four of their favorite wine selections, one spirit from local D.C. distiller Nicole of JOS. MAGNUS that will use her signature gin and make a cocktail for us all to enjoy.
TABLE # ONE : With Theresa Morrison of 34 South Distributing ( owner with her husband John Morrison ) we have four wines that she will pour.
     1) ' Expresion ' Extra Brut spumante sparkling wine from MI TERRUNO, made in Mendoza, Argentina, $19.99 , so bright, so light, so incredibly fresh and lively, whispers of the grapes on our tongues, so embracing all! A real special treat this is. Made by a female winemaker, we love it.
     2) Sauvignon Blanc from the Randle Hill Vineyard in the Yorkville Highlands of Mendocino County, CA. a 2015, $18.99 , by YORKVILLE CELLARS,  made with organic grapes, a British couple, this is so balanced, such vibrancy and character, I like this, too so much!
     3)  2014 VQA Niagara Escarpment Pinot NOir from CAVE SPRING Winery , $23.99 a bottle, from Canada's Jordan, Ontario , it has so much focused flavor, taste and personality. Medium-to-light-bodied, this is a delight, will complement many a meal, nice to sip , too!
     4) Uvas 2015 Malbec from MI TERRUNO, $13.49 a bottle, this is a fruit-forward, pleasing, very balanced taste to enjoy now and not wait. It would be nice along with the " Expresion ' extra brut sparkling wine that they also make.
     1) La Jaku dry Pinot Grigio Prosecco rose from Veneto, Italy, $13.49 a bottle, with a delirious sparkle of pink and a blush of a contented rose coloring, ahhhh, real, now we can relax, we have arrived at our destination, sit back, kick back, get ' wigged-out ' , smile, that first taste with soften your edges, the second will bring rouge to your cheeks, the third taste will flower from the tight balls it starts out like, a Pioneeys that blossoms with so many delicious ' feuilles - leaves ' of blossom, a feather bed and pillow ease ... lovely.
     2) Trincadeira 2015 D.O.C. Alentejo dry red from ESPORAO in Portugal, $16.49 a bottle, a flavorful, robust dry red using all Trincadeiro grapes, this is a great use of one's skill with balls, using your intellect to get that basket made, the jump and dunk through the many hoops of life. This is a fine food red to enjoy as the rewards to all that skillful, calculated hard work that makes the fabrics of our lives function well, not stagnate, not flouder, work well!
     3) Clairette De Die from France Rhone Valley, from the CAVES POULET, sparkling, $15.99, non-vintage ... 
this drier-styled yet fragrant flowery, aromatic, delectable dish of the Muscat grapes in full spark-arc-sparkle-splash-spring,spread, to be welcoming, your tongue and palate quickly acquiesce to the charms, the teases, the sure pleases here of these  sweeter bubbles of honey and delicate white nut flavors. A smile is right around the corner, ' just around the river bend ... ' goes the Disney song.
     4)  " Princess " red Syrah 500ml bottle from Greece, is another amazing treat for ladies and me alike, ladies love it, men quite like it, the tastes of dried grape leaves, some white tempered peppers to pep our tastebuds UP, some thickness, give, some bounce, lots of amazing fluid elasticity-electricity here, I was sunk the minute I tried it, the second third and forth tastes made me madly smile with youthful glee like the song by Joni : " A child got up to wonder, caught a dragonfly inside a jar ... " Ahhhh, that wondrous " Circle Game ' that mimmicks life so well.
TABLE # THREE : We have Slavaya Yaninska of the Downey Selections pouring ( with an assist from Brennan Downey ), her favorite four :
     1) Di Lenardo Friuli Pinot Grigio " Ramato dry white, 2015, what a bristling, crisp, nervousness of energy and action, power, personal independence, shout-out to life and being alive! Love it, really a marvelous treat to find joy and purpose.
     2) Chianti Classico 2013 from Savignola  Paolina, made by Ludovica, $25.49,  this has some real presence, some majesty, an independence and taste that won't be silenced or dumbed-down, love it, have for years now. Medium-to-light-bodied, lovely now with a meal, even some tasty finger foods like some prosciuto, cheese, bread, some of the famous great comfort soups from Florence and Tuscany that my daughter and I enjoyed in 2009 there! Yes.
     3) 204 Cannonau/ Grenache from Sardinia, made by NURAGICO, $13.49 a bottle, with deep moonlight night color and reflection, ahhhhh yes, a fine food wine for all it's darker, more gruff, less-polished flair, with some pasta or lazagna yes!
     4) FRACCHIA VOULET Malvasia Casorzo, $16.49, a dry sweet-style red from Piemonte, Italy, with earth, with dried fruits, dried tears overtones, that of a rose pressed between a special book or softback romance novel that you treasure. The deep red color, the richness, the texture, the tapestry of all your valiant, often appreciated, perhaps seldom mentioned, efforts to be a better person with a more fulfilling life, surrounded by those you love deeply - yeah, I can see why so many ladies march right on over here monthly in search of this FRACCHIA VOULET!
TABLE # FOUR  : Libby Edwatds of Diamond District Imports pours her four faves :
     1) Txakoli rose 2016, , Basque Getariako Txakolina dry rose from REZABAL, $19.99 a bottle, a really delicate whisper, a transparent shadow of color, a silky pigment of blush, ethereal, lovely, great acidity that whisks swiftly through our atoms and cells liberating our fears, calming our frayed being, flying our ' flags of freedom! ' Ohhhhh, so very ' yes. si si si oui, si! ' to this!!
     2) ' La Crix du Prieur ' Cotes de Provence, $13.49, 2013, from the Olivier Sumeire collection, fashion at it's best, you are the models who's palates will walk down the runway of your fantasies and dreams, smiling, acknowledging all the applause as you march along, your reward once again for ' being there ' ( like Clancey Gardener in the Peter Sellers' movie " Being There ' with Shirley MaClain ), take your bows, feel loved and appreciated as you all should! This is a real treat, the pinnacle of fine fluid fragrant fleshy fleeting dry rose, yo sey!
     3) Vinya d'Irto dry Spanish rose, 100% Garnacha, ( Cos i anima , cuerpo y alma, body and soul ) , made from 100% Garnacha/Grenache , this has some body and soul and character and pith and punch, too . Dry, come taste, see what you think?
     4) 2015 dry dark deep-colored-skinned-not-easily-bruised-bullied-tarnished-dumbeddown-not! From JELU Estate this Malbec rose from San Juan Argentina adds something new and bright and welcome to the tapestry of our lives, much like you women do. We thank you all for that. Come check this $13.99 a bottle dry food rose for Spanish tapas, red meats, grilled meats and vegetables, Portobello mushrooms anybody?!? Nice.
TABLE # FIVE : Christina Caswell of Kysela Imports with her four fave wines :
     1) Gruner Veltliner Reserve Kamptal, from Austria, $21.99 a bottle, from LEINDL, a seemingly daunting amount of power, muscle, authority, bluster-maybe-even?!? And yet, tasting slowly, surely, evenly, and the ' why ' and the ' where ' and the ' want ' and the ' wonder-wander ' surfaces as your smile begins to form so do all the amazing flavors of mineral and citrus and seduction that is paced and sure and surely wonderful!
     2) ' Les Villots ' dry rose 100% Pinot Noir Loire valley from Sancerre, France, $19.99, is a wonder to hold, to grasp in the cup of one's tongue, held warmly by the walls of our mouths, YES! Vraiment tres bien, venez amis nous joindre. Nous avons ensemble  une marche a fair bientot!
     3) ' La Catiende ' 2015 dry red from Faugeres in the southwest of France, from MAS Des CAPITELLES, $13.49, from Lauge Jean & Fils/son, made with organic grapes, an incredible dry red blend. I enjoyed a bottle in October I believe and wanted to buy more from Christina, but sadly it was all gone! I shared it one late weekend afternoon on our deck at home before grilling dinner. My wife, my daughter, perhaps our neighbors, too - we all thoroughly enjoyed this.
It spoke to me in vloumes, on so many levels, from the start of a bouquet to the drenching of my palate, the intense hold and keep on the tongue before the release and swallow - whoooshhhhh down my throat : I absolutely loved the long finish, the ' everything ' about this amazing dry red organic blend! Yes!!!
     4) " Venancio Costa Lima ' Reserva 2013 dry red made from the Portuguese Castelao is one that Christina holds near-and-dear, not as much as the Gruner from Austria, as she is Austrian, but she really waxes poetic over this indigenous dry and complex red! Come try it on for size, fit and feel!??
TABLE # SIX : Liz Kitterman of Jess Jackson Estate wines will pour her fave four, all made by female winemakers :
     1) Chardonnay 2013 from STONESTREET, $43.99. I have not tried this vintage but I can saw that my eyes were opened wide when I tried the STONESTREET Estate Vineyards 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, $39.99, it was quite amazingly rich, flavorful, balanced, and a treat to sip and anticipate the foods and frolicks to follow, before the mellows and the meows, and more! Same with the Chardonnay I am quite confident.
     2) Pinot Noir 2014  Clone 4 , $23.49 a bottle, there is both flavor and more warmth and charm here, a balance of the whole range of flavors, giving us and our palates all the benefit of the doubt, not dumbing us down, respecting us, and our abilities to appreciate more than simply that safe band of middle flavors in the whole spectrum of tastes that should be ours, yes!
     3) Anderson Valley Pinot Noir 2012, On Special for $28.99 , called CHAMP De REVES : Field of Dreams, where is Sting when we need him?!? Come sing for us as we sip this really distinct, flavorful expression of flavors with good grip, grit and steel and acids, all elements that charm and test us and our palates and call for the foods we need to help us all flesh out the flavors of this fine northern California Pinot Noir! Yes!
     4) ARROWOOD Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, $27.99. I still have to taste this. I remember the old ARROWOOD wines that were stern, with great girth and with columns of Ionic marbel flavors that were hard to penetrate with my tongue. I understand now they have so much more charm and grace and elegance. I look forward to trying it with all you fine ladies! Cheers!
TABLE # SEVEN : Nicole Hassoun the master distiller of the JOS. MAGNUS ' Vigilant ' gin that is made locally in Ivy City, Washington D.C. WE sell Nicole's gin, $29.99 On Special and her vodka ' Royal Seal ' On Special for $25.99. Nicole that managed with Umbi Singh the gin bar of New Heights restaurant makes this amazingly fresh lively bright and dancing gin as it barely touches your taste buds , teasing and pleasing them so!
Nicole will make a cocktail tomorrow :
     " Kinda like a Mule, we'll be making a ginger turmeric soda with a honey liqueur , fresh lime and our ' Vigilant ' gin.' Wonderful, can't wait to taste it tomorrow.
PLEASE BUY a bottle or more to show your support tomorrow. This is a historic moment. let us show our support and appreciation, love and respect and pay some of our debt to so many deserving women!
MEN : highly recommended that you get ' wigged out ' for this and these events, as we continue them on Friday and Saturday.
THAT EMAIL will follow through on Thursday to finish up our week here that still has to be written, still told, still experienced in full.
WE LOVE YOU ladies, females, girls, you all are the very best. You these days are my real heroes!   TONY  1/17/2017

President Obama Gives His Farewell Speech,We Celebrate Women's Appreciation Month,Celebrate Martin Luther Day,March-Inauguration

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

NEW START/NEW CHANGES /  For all of us ! the cold is lifting, the ice is cracking, holding hands moving together for all of us forward we must!

Looking tonight to Chicago, Illinois where President Obama will give his farewell speech to our nation having served as our president for eight years. Thanks you Barrack, Michelle, and family for your services to our country.

Looking to Monday, January 16th, 2017 when we celebrate Martin Luther King's Day, seeing his memorial-monument often as I drive home, so many there, even late at night, quite inspiring.
Looking at the weekend of the 20-21st, with our inauguration when we welcome President-Elect Donald Trump  on Friday, as he is sworn in as our next President of the United States of America ( wishing it were, in fact more united ) ...
, AND  the Women's March on Saturday, January 21st. What a weekend that will be!
Planning our Appreciate Women Big-Theme Wine-Tasting on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 from 5:30-8:30PM when we have six talented female wine professionals come from places as far away as Bulgaria and Austria, South Africa, and more. All passionate about their love of wine, food, people, place, community. All choosing four of their favorite wines to pour here on that Wednesday night before the big weekend.
Our hope is that everyone will have a rallying point-place to gather, reflect, discuss, prepare and celebrate the upcoming weekend, find sources of common ground, unite, not feel or be divided, lost, alone, confused and more. A meeting of the minds, of healing, respect, moving together forward.
We are a community, we want the best for everyone here. We work together united and not divided, and we want to have a place that supports and welcomes all those coming here that weekend, males and females. Everyone's voices should be heard and not be silenced.
With so many of you coming into town, many of you that we have never met, we want to welcome you both on that...
Wednesday the 18th with Emily Edwards, Slavaya Yaninska, Danielle Davidowitz, Theresa Morrison, Christina Caswell and Liz Kitterman, as well as on...
Friday the 20th with Robert Kennedy, and ...
Saturday the 21st with Andrew Stover.
COME JOIN US, be a part of our community here in Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington DC, 20008,


     IT SURE IS STILL FREEZING COLD for the moment! Yikes, brrrr, not easy, but it will get warmer this Thursday, in the mid-sixties they say!  .... Sounds great to us.
SO : What do we have for you this week? Here are some special  spirits that we are thrilled to offer you all,
ON BEER From Santos Rivera we have :
     1) ' Colonial ' Ale brewed with golden molasses & spruce tips, On Special for $4.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. From Patchoge, N.Y. ... with 3.8% alcohol by volume. " It proudly features two-row barley malted in N.Y. and colonial ingredients like corn, oats, wheat, molasses, and spruce tips which colonial brewers used to supplement hops. American history never tasted so good. "
     2) ' Pace Car Racer " hoppt session ale, Sonoma County alws, from BEAR REPUBLIC, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Cloverdale, CA> with 4% alcohol by volume,... " Hoppy aromas of pine and citrus, with a smooth malt flavor that empties your glass at a speedy pace. This Session India Pale Ale is the newest addition to the Racer family."
     3) Gold beer brewed with selected fine malts and hops from Brazil's XINGU ( new and exciting! ), On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack, with 4.7% alcohol by volume, this is something lighter and softer, not as thick, easier to sip, than their Black beer! Great to have two choices now! Cheers.
LIQUERS / LIQUORS From Jagir Singh :
     1) Double Expresso from VAN GOGH, On Special for $25.99, a 750ml bottle, , family-owned distillery since 1879, from Holland, a ' class-act ', must try it, distinct, flavorful, perfect imported vodka for this cold and damp weather now of ours! Warm-up!
     2) Extra Dry Vermouth Aperitif of VYA, in Madera, California, from @AndrewQuady, highly-recommended, such a treat to sip all by itself! $23.99 for a 750ml bottle, with 17% alcohol by volume. I like it a lot.
     3) BRoVo Project Amaro 14 , Liqueur Batch No. 14, Mike Ryan,, $39.99 a bottle, a ' lady and mac made liquor ', with 31% alcohol , " Serve people not just drinks. ' Bottle 097 , ' Brovo amaro 14 is a dark, delux chocolate with Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon and Thyme. ' From Washington State, highly recommended, quite special, quite unique, TRY SOME!
     4) HouHouShu Sparkling sake, $18.99 a 300ml bottle, with 6% alcohol by volume : from Japan, produced and bottled by MARUMOTO SHUZO Inc, Okayama-Ken, Japan : quite a livelt bright fresh ALIVE taste, recommended, you all must try it : so refreshing!
WINES From Chris and Tony : 3 Whites, 3 Reds :
          THREE Whites :
     1) Sauvignon Blanc Private Reserve 2013 Aconcagua Valley, of ALMA De Chile, $9.99, clean, bright, crisp, ...
     2) Rigole Bianco 2012, dry, opulent, luch, thick, dense, opaque dry white from Friuli, Italy, from Tenuta TOMASELLA, On Special for $12.99. PurrFect perfect dry white for this damp and cold,  , from Alto Livenza, a Pinot Blanc that blows me away, so creamy-dreamy-silky NICE. Recommended!
     3) 2012 Riesling Spatlese Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnen Trocken Rhengau, from SCHUMANN NAGLER, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, this is a dry, delicious, bright steel, shiny, perky, purrfect/perfect mineral and citrus dry Riesling, highly recommended.


          THREE Reds :
     1) Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, from DOS PASOS , all stainless-steel, a treat, nice to sip, amazing amount of flavor for only $8.99 a bottle, highly recommended.
     2) Albemarle County Virginia Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 from the GABRIELE RAUSSE Winery outside of Charlottesville, $19.99, no oak, or a very small amount, love it, clean - fresh, lively - bright - tasty - balabced - natural flesh - and - flair, like it a whole lot! Highly recommended!
     3) Syrah Private Reserve 2011 Private Reserve from Chile's Aconcagua Valley, $9.99, throws sediment, so silky lush creamy cradling rocking lulling smooth : LOVE IT! Highly recommended.
     SAVE THREE WAYS on Wednesdays, come get you fabncy bottles of wine on Wednesdays! Any bottle over $19.99 on still and sparkling wine tomorrow, except MOET Et CHANDON and VEUVE CLICQUOT apllies, come get some, for all bottles 750ml size. Cheers. Call, pay tomorrow if you cannot come, 202-363-4265. Cheers! Ask for Chris and Tony.
     Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Come taste four great wines from William Harrison Imports as we continue our Female Month Appreciation here with an incredible LBV port 2010, a fine Chinon Loire Valley Cabernet Franc rose 2015, a Chateau Tonnelle 2009 dry red Bordeaux, gold-medal winner, with plenty of kick and punch still left in it, and a Orca 90% Garnacha , 10% Syrah Spanish red that is so smooth, bright, lovely so easy to sip all on it's own, like it a whole lot!
     Friday, January 13th, 2017, 5-8PM  , We have Andrea Shank of Tradewinds Specialty Imports here coming to taste great Spanish and Argentina wines, her choice, still to be decided.
     Saturday, January 14th, 2017 , 2-6PM, We have Jane and Jim Reeves coming to pour June's selections, four, that will include the CLOTILDE Burgundy wines, all to be decided here tomorrow.
           AND FOR NEXT WEEK :
     Friday, January 20th, 2010 : ( 5-8PM ) :  We have Robert Kennedy here to pour some of his finest-ever Italian wine selections , picked by his Italian wife Katia, from the Emilia-Romagna region, so I know we will all enjoy the wines of TENUTA CASSALI and of TRE MONTI.
     Saturday, January 21st , 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover here to pour a selection of his fine wines, too. something for everybody. an assortment that will please, tease and impress, flatter your stimulated senses completely!
     JOIN US, you are all welcome!
     ALL the wines we pour this month are picked by females for females as we continue to celebrate Female-Appreciation month here - ALL January! We owe our females a debt that is impossible to pay, but we try and do some of that in January as we start the year! Cheers
     THANKS for everything, you all are the very very very best. We love you all. Cheers,  TONY 1/10/2017

Come Celebrate The Female Contribution To The Incredible Fabric Of All Our Lives, Taste 25 Wines Here Wed 1/18 5:30-8:30PM, YES!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

    MAKE MORE GREAT CHOICES @ CLEVELAND PARK as we move forward, proudly, purposefully, with love and compassion, commitment, hard work that yields to hard play, too!


     Proud to be here, to be together, with you , here in our nation's capitol as we navigate whatever comes our way, we are spirited, we are brave, we can make it work, we must, we have many liquid spirits to help where they may, as well as conversational spirits in dialogue and laughter, mirth, joy, ... community.

     SO : what we have this month is all about great value for you, spirits that we sell that do not break the bank anymore than it is already broken. We want everyone's personal bank to rally and grow , and we can help you with that be focusing on ways to stretch your dollar. 
     IN BEER we have from Santos Rivera :
     1) Irish Stout from O'HARA'S , a full-bodied luxuriously smooth stout with a discernable roast bite. On Special for $9.99 a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles, crafted in Ireland, with a lovely low 4.3% alcohol by volume. What a treat!
          TWO From WEHENSTEPHANER, Bavaria :
     1) Hefe Weissbier Bavarian Style, premium Bavaricum, The World's Oldest Brewery, On Special for $3.99 a One Pint, 9 Fluid Ounce bottle, , 500ml, with 5.4% alcohol by volume, ... AND ...
     2) Hefeweissbier Dunkel, On Special for $3.99 for a 500ml bottle, Premium Bavaricum, with 5.3% alcohol by volume :  BOTH are ' steals ', fine values that overdeliver for the money : and perfect for this cold weather, too!
          ONE From Brazil : A ' favorite ' of mine:
     1) Light & Dark / Smooth As Silk , from XINGU Black beer, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. What I love about this is the creamy smmoth taste, the richness, the fullness, but not the bite, perfect for me, so far I have had no one come back telling me anything negative about it, and I have recommended it for a very very long time. Come try it, perfect to mask and hide this cold and damp now.
     NOTE : Went with my wife and daughter to see the show WICKED last Thursday at the Kennedy Center and I have never seen a ' tour-de-force ' like this from lighting, staging, dancing, singing, choreography : like the piece in the movie ' White Christmas called CHOREOGRAPHY I think, with Danny Kaye dancing, modernised, of our times, and splendid, truely splendid indeed, bravo! It must have taken hundreds if not thousands of really imaginative, creative souls, and the same amount of hours, too! Well worth it!
     LIQUEURS / LIQUORS From Jagir :
       TWO Liqueurs From Us :
     1) Irish Cream Liqueur made with the finest single malt Irish whiskey, BRADY'S, On Special for $12.99 a bottle. I take it home for my wife and daughter, and they both tell me that instead of wine they are drinking Bailey's. To me that tells me that, them knowing both, having enjoyed both, that they do not taste or notice any difference, and BAILEY'S is $28.99 a bottle. I have recommended it so far and have only positive responses so far, love that! Thank you Eddie Ofori for introducing it to me years ago.
     2) " Drink me " announces the necker on this bottle of JACKSON MORGAN, a southern cream Salted-Caramel liqueur ( made with Tennessee Whiskey ), On Special for $23.99 a bottle, and tasted here last week by Andrius Miliunas our local fine rep from CRAFT Wine & Spirits LLC. With 15% alcohol by volume, this is quite smooth, quite warming and tasty, and perfect for this colder, damper weather, Try some.
Thanks Andrius. Go to : for more info. Here is a ' shout out! ' for the fine work of Andrius, and the company that employs him : reward your fine salespeople for their hard efforts, that makes all the difference to us in our retail environment, it helps us do our jobs better. Thanks Andrius, happy New Year!

     FIVE Liquors To Consider :

     1) Tequila Reposado, made/ hecho in Mexico, Hand-harvested, 100% Blue Agave, from El JIMADOR, On Special for $19.99 a bottle. This is smooth and tasty, and a ridiculous price, too! This has sold very well here, everyone has really liked it.
     2) Spirit Whisky , ROYAL CHALLENGE : a blend of rare scotch, select grain and matured indian malts, On Special for $19.99 abottle, made in India, : ' new and very exciting ', great value, too!
     3) Irish Whiskey ' Classic Blend ' triple-distilled, from CLONTARF 1014, On Special for $24.99 a bottle, ... gently aged in Bourbon barrels, a flavorful, bright, intense fire and flame and roast and roar that reminds me of an Armagnac over a Cognac, I like the persistent cajoling burn here! One of my favorite ' values ' here in the store. Thanks again to Eddie Ofori for introducing me to this years ago.
     4) ' Blue Ice ' Handcrafted American Potato vodka ( Gluten Free ), $19,99 a bottle, with 40% alcohol by volume, a cool-kool blue bottle with a rippled back, too. It is so smooth, so silky, so easy to sip, lovely. When we first tasted it out the tasting went less than an hour becasue literally everyone that tasted it bought a bottle, and we immediately had to order more. A success then that follows through even now with the great success of TITO'S which is made from corn, not potato. Try this potato spirit on for size, fit and feel on your palate!
     5) ' Alaska Outlaw ' Whiskey, produced and bottled by ALASKA Distillery, from Wasilla, Alaska, $42.99, with 40% alcohol, this has aged so brilliantly, so much time and care taken, and this extra time in the bottle has delightfully mellowed and matured this whiskey from the wilds of Alaska, the purety, the pristine waters, the ice and the snow, the imprint of so many wonderful creatures that roam wild and free and brave and fresh and soooo alive! Try some now, perfect for this winter's cold, wet and dampness now.
WINE From Chris & Tony : 3 Sets Of 3 :
          Three ' Value ' Dry Wines :
     1) SLENT Chenin Blanc/ Sauvignon Blanc from Ayama, South Africa , $11.99 a bottle, 77% Chenin, 33% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine has body, character, freshness, brightness, zip and is ' a steal ' for this price, try some with and without food, lovely. Screw cap , easy to open and to seal.
     2) Zweigelt fruit-forward, unoaked dry red indigenous grape variety from Austria, made and bottled by HUGL Weine, $13.49 a bottle, , for a full liter, chill it slightly for thirty-forty minutes and enjoy the youthful brimming gustatory quality here within, Also a screw cap, so easy to open, serve and seal later.
     3) " All In " Claret from Alexander Valley, from MURPHY-GOODE in Sonoma, On Special for $14.99 a bottle, a blend of the Bordeaux French grapes : 42% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Petit Verdot, and 1% Cabernet Franc. From Santa Rosa, it is ALL about the Cabernet Franc, it takes very little added to taste it!
     What a great value, too, from Alexander Valley to get this quality?!? And it comes from a very challenging year, too. Some of the best California reds I have had recently, that are ready to drink and enjoy now, with character, grip, grit, flavor and honest taste have come from the 2011 vintage.
     Come get some of this ' All In " and see what your tastebuds taste?!? Tasty indeed.
     THREE Fruity / Off-Dry Wines Of Value :
     1) Weinkeller Erbach 2014 liters of floral, off-dry, bright, no bite, just pure delight to sip on it's own, or combine with food, too. Great value at $11.99 for a full liter of wine, from Germany's Rheingau region, with 10.5% alcohol by volume.
     2) ' New Age ' off-dry red from VALENTIN-BIANCHI in Argentina, San Rafael, Mendoza, ... with onlt 6% alcohol by volume, this at $10.99 is wonderfully off-dry, a real treat to those that want all-fruit, no tannins, no bite, no astringency in the taste.
     3) Brauneberger Juffer Riesling- Kabinett, 2013, from Germany's Mosel region, On Special for $16.99 a bottle, this a sumptuous, delightful, rich and bright, ebulent, right, cascading, lulling, rocking, rauchous trip to please the palate, all six senses, yes, prost!
     THREE ' Splurge- Value ' Wines -
     1) 2012 Pinot Noir ' Champ de Reves ' from California's Anderson Valley, On Special for $28.99 a bottle, regularly $32.99, a more earthy, rustic, gutsy, raw and radiant ruby-clear-clairvoyant-too Pinot?!? The sixties, hippies, flower children, dreams and living free and easy, making dreams come tru, a tasty Pinot Noir to enjoy now with a meal! Come see what your taste buds taste?!?
     2) 2011 Barolo 100% Nebbiolo from Italy's Piemonte region, from the CASA E. di MIRAFIORI, $45.99 a bottle. Wow, I tasted this awhile back with our local rep Ronnie Miller and I loved it, A DOCG wine, imported by @DSWE @DomaineSelectWineEstates ... check them out. I remember doing a bang-up job with the 2005 vintage, what a wine, what a steal, just like this 2011! A special treat, old-world style.
     3) ' Clos Apalta ' Estate-Bottled 2009 , a limited release, too from LAPOSTOLLE in Chile's Colchagua Valley, from the Apalta vineyard, with vines 60 years of age, non-irrigated vineyard,, Rappel Valley, Michel Rolland is the oenologue from Bordeaux, France, a wine to age slowly, gracefully, with finesse, breed.
On Special for $94.99, regularly $110.99, we have worked well now with this fine splurge of a Bordeaux-style red since the 2006 vintage, following with the 2008, and now well into the 2009 that is aging gracefully, slowly as it should.
No need to rush this, buy some, save it for a really special moment - NOW !!!!!! D+Serve with food, have the two, the wine and the food ' flesh one another ' fully out of their skins and onto your tongues and palate!
I WANT TO THANK all our reps that came in and supported us in these last holiday times. Your help and time and efforts spent here with us and our customers was greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed. Thank you very much.
WEEK'S TASTINGS : Looks like so far Santos, Chris and I will have to conduct any tastings this week. So stay-tuned for more updates as we pull ourselves together.
AM THINKING about doing an all-pink/ all-female tasting soon to celebrate all females for their invaluable contributions to the fabric , soul, heart, guts, intelligence, beauty that we all live, that we all come together to make work, that will probably be our Big-Theme Wine-Tasting this month, looking at either Wednesday January 11th or 18th to do this : sparkling wines, still wines, dry and off-dry and sweet, all sizes, including the samll 187ml bottle size!
Will start work on this tomorrow, so stay-tuned for more as we make this our focus of January, community, that invaluable female contribution, the will and desire and need to move forward, to prosper, to create, to nurture, to not be bullied, to be respected for who they, for who we all are!

Been working on this and have made some great calls to get this set : asking our female reps for their suggestions, of what they would like to pour? They all love the idea, are thrilled to be a part of this tasting, and so we will work something out that will be grand for the 11th of this month, a Wednesday from 5:30-8:30PM.

Hope you can all join us, celebrate the incredible contribution of our females to the special, wonderful, exciting, warm and special fabric of our lives : YES!
THANK YOU ALL for your great support, it has been grand so far, and we will continue to grow and evolve and unify and work together for all of our greater good! We all work hard, we deserve to see and enjoy the fruits of all our efforst. We can , we will, we must! Cheers,   TONY
HAPPY NEW YEAR. I do not want to be as cynical as our good family friend MJ that said : Wishing you a Happy New Year, at least for the first nineteen days. "
WE / I wish you happy New Year for all of our days and nights, all of our lives, for however long they may be, happy new year, may it be what you all deserve and have worked hard for for all your years!   1/3/2017
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted on January 9th, 2009, read and enjoy it, and check it out for current availability and vintages and pricing? Cheers. Thanks again.

A Day In The Life Of Anthony Quinn, Estebe Salgado And Diana Richer/Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Wash. DC,NW,20008,12/30/16

Wow, the family of @EstebeSalgado of his own @TradewindsSpecialtyImports at @clevelandparkwines 13/30/16 si!

Tasting today at @Clevelandarkwineandspirits

Tasting today the wines of Armenia and Bulgaria with Diana Richer 12/30/2016

Happy customers of "Clevelandparkwines in WashingtonDC 12/30/216 snowing!



Always feeling alive and ready to help at @clevelandparkwines 12/30/2016, come on by to celebrate!

W/ @DianaRicher tasting Armenian Bubbly today at @clevelandparkwines 12/30/16!

Snowing in Cleveland Park Northwest WasingtonDC 12/30/16

W/ @Alex @Eli @Joseba @Casandra @Aspen @Naiah @Estebe of @tradewindssi 12/30/16!

Dominique '. Hands ' me! In full snow!!!!

Dominique wows me !

Going @ArmenianNero all the way here at @clevelandparkwines , from Bulgaria!

Marrano Armenian vodka, will add here soon at @clevelandparkliquors ! 12/30

@DianaRicher tastes @bulgarianawine, @karaswines till 4pm, wonderful wines! Join us!

Riding the DC highway I am on my bike Friday noon!


Living the daylight sunlight Friday morning dream I am!

Enjoying the Zoo Lights in day Friday 12/30/16 in DC#ClevelandParjNirthwest

Riding the Cleveland Park 20008 highway, ready to sell fir New Year's Eve! Join me!

New and exciting at @clevelandparkwines @BurgozoneWine #CollectionPhilippe 12-4pm

Taste #Bulgarian #wine @bulgarianawine 12-4pm @clevelandparkwines 12/30

Come taste e/ @DianaRicher today till 4pm @clevelandparkwines DC #Armenia

Cheers all, open tomorrow all day on New Year's Eve, come join us, thanks from us all, we love you all, cheers, Happu 2017!    TONY 12/30/2016

BUBBLY Sparkling Wine-Tasting Tomorrow, 12/28 5:30-8:30PM, $15 Pat At @Eventbrite, The $15 Goes Towards Any Bubbly PurchaseUmake

  Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

AMAZING TIMES For CHANGE And greater call for unity than ever before! If so many small, tiny bubbles in champagne can live together in peace in the small confines of a bottle for at least eighteen months at a time maybe we can find a way to use their example to benefit us as we move forward in this moder age of constant information and change?!?


AND JUST LIKE ALL THESE Tiny bubbles we must also learn to rise up and escape into the open and rise and pop and smile and laugh and smirk, grin, and even burp with good cheer, with great spirits as we move upwards as is our due, all of us, all of the bubbles, : Rise and shine and burst and pop and satisfy our many collective thirsts!


TRYING TIMES, celebrating many holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and with the change of the guards from 16 to 17 we have so much work cut out for us now individually, many ' new Year's Eve resolutions ' ... , maybe this is the year to actually work on them, keep them, stay purposed, stay the course, and ' Make it Work! " as Tim Gunn is so famous for saying on the popular show ' Project runway '.





SO MANY Beers/wines/liquors: high recommendations ... BE PRO-ACTIVE, BEAT THE CROWDS! Come taste here tomorrow :


25-30 different sparkling wines, $15 a person, pat at @Eventbrite, the $15 goes to whatever purchase you make on bubly here tomorrow night.


TIME : 5:30-8:30PM.


PLACE : Here

DATE : Wednesday, Decemeber 28th, 2016 ( RK's birthday!

This is your chance, it's quiet, come and save here on this gary but warm - in the mid forties day when everything is joyous and festive, smiles all around,  and you can think and get your thoughts together and be fully-ready for new year's eve celebrations with bubbly-galore on-hand!


ALL IS WELL and the store is full of sparkling wines and everything else. You can plan your activities here today in peace and calm. It's also today, Tuesday, December 27th, 2016, and tomorrow the 28th,  is the day we run our weekly  3-Part sparkling-still wine SALE :
     1) Buy Any Bottle Of Still Wine/ Non-Sparkling Wine Over $20 & SAVE 20% OFF the sticker price.( Except on Moet and on Veuve Clicquot )
     2) BUY ANY 6 Bottles Of Sparkling-Still Wine & SAVE 15% OFF the sticker price.
     3) BUY ANY 12 Or More Bottles Of Sparkling-Still Wine and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices. Except on MOET and on VEUVE CLICQUOT.
NOTE : Today is my birthday and I will have open at least one or two wines to celebrate here between 5:3o-7:30PM : Join me, cheers!

SAVE BIG TOMORROW TODAY  when many of you are  off and you can thoroughly enjoy this BIG HURRAH of ours here with 25-30 different bottles of fine sparkling wine.
YOU CAN ALSO CALL US at : 202-363-4265 and we will be happy to come and see you and deliver to you whatever you want.
WE HOPE YOU ALL HAVE BEEN ENJOYING YOUR HOLIDAYS, that Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa , and any other holidays  were and still are good for you ...
HERE IS OUR LINEUP TOMORROW for our Part-TWO ' Big-Theme ' BUBBLY-Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Sparkling, Espumantes, Spumantes, Vin Mousseuses, Sekts, from the sizes of 187ml, 375ml, 750ml, and even 1.5ml : something for everyone!
     TABLE # ONE : Robert Kennedy, President of RWK Imports specializing in Italian small-family wines , will pour 4 spumantes of Sorbara, Lambrusco, Italy from Alberto PALTRINIERI :
     1) Bianco 2015 , a soft dry blend of 50% Trebbiano, 50% Lambrusco from Sorbara,, Lambrusco, $14.49 a bottle - I love it, rarer, more fun, another alternative to share besides Prosecco.
     2) Piria 2015 delicate dry ethereal red, : 70% Lambrusco di Sorbara, 30% Lambrusco Salamino, a refined, subtle, elegant mix of dried cherries, strawberries, sprinkled with dimples and oysters of cranberries in this delectable taste!
     3) ' Leclisse ' Lambrusco di Sorbara is the more lulling lullaby style here, more subtle and polished, more like a whisper or a pleasant brush of feathers on your skin, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, a lovely treat to sip, close your eyes, be in between a daydream and one at night!
     4) ' Radici ' 2014 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara, fermented in the bottle , On Special for $19.99 a bottle , this is the extra flavor, extra complexity, more layers, more grist, grip, grit, grrrr and gruff, howl and huff, and ' watch-out! ", may blow the house down seriosly-delicious food sparkling wine to linger over, not rush, close your eyes, take a deep breath, fly! Unshackled ... free. Si si si si si!

     TABLE # TWO : Andrew Stover of Siema Imports pouring six bubblies -

     1) McPherson NV ( non-vintage ) Brut, Lubbock, Texas, dry Chenin Blanc sparkling, grapes grown in Texas, the bubbly is made in California by Kim McPherson's brother in the area where Calaway is made, ... and this style is soft, lilting, lulling, cheerful and nice sipping style!
     2) HILLINGER Secco Pinot Noir dry rose, $6.49 a  187ml bottle, so mellow, so delicately bright and a subtle salmon-rose taste that excites the palate ever so softly. A treat, nice to sip at midnight as we start 2017! From Burgenland, Austria,
     3) STEININGER Langenbois, Kamptal, Austrian Gruner Veltliner, ,  On Special for $30.99, regularly $32.99 a bottle, a tasty, flavorful, sparkling Gruner flavor that ripples, that cuts-on-through, refreshes, stimulates, pleases on the third sip as your tongue, palate and Gruner get acquainted with one another! A winner, all of them are, they specialize in sparkling Sekt wines, and make four or five others, all of which we have featured here over the years, enjoy!
     URGENT UPDATE : Princess Laia - Carrie Fisher in Star Wars has just passed away, a talented, heartfelt-honest writer and actress. " She was just real, never put on any pretense ... " a lady commentator says now ... " The onlt girl in the all-boy fantasy, ... " says the male commentator : " She also did rewrites, includes notes, she was not shy about putting things in that was not better "... the lady commentator Anna Kornaday ( ? ) Washington Post critic ... 12/27/2016.
     4) 4478 NOBLEEFFERVESCENCE methode traditionelle, Vino Spumante di Qualita , a 100% Pinot Noir , grapes from a single vineyard, in Saint Dennis , bottled by La Crotta Di Vegneron Coop ...multi-layered, some angularity, some zip and POP and resistance to our palates moving too quickly : hey! it announces, slow down! What's your rush anyway?!? Enjoy this, take your time, $27.49
     5) STEININGER Austrian vintage-dated Pinot Noir from Kamptal, Austria, On Special for $30.99 a bottle, regularly $32.99. More pith, more pack and punch, more rustic, forrest-floor strawberries flavor, more deep toasted berry and cherry flavors, a bit more savage, a fine forward food Pinot Noir that will delight and hold it's own against many heartier food flavors, slicing, dicing, parcelling, purring, perfecting those solid food flavors as they mellow their liquid tastes, too!
     6) Metodo Traditional Semiseco, off-dry vino espumante de calidad, CANTOSAN,  , from Rueda, Spain, not from Penedes, not Cava, from Spain, more hearty, edgy, rustic, less--polished, but great to enjoy with food, perfect to marry well with many a meal. It is made from 100% Verdejo indigenous grapes.
     TABLE # THREE :  Andrea Shank will pour four fine Spanish bubblies -
     1) ROSINYOL De MORGAS NV Brut, $13.99 a bottle, from Penedes, Spain, this Cava is bright, lively, engaging, cheerful, a joy to hold in one's mouth and to balance on one's tongue. A treat each and every time.
     2) " Classico " Brut Reserva, from BALMA, Penedes, Spain, $22.49 a bottle, I liked the linear, stately, posture and perk, BING of this bottling, it has rather got something special going on here, must taste it slowly, let it grow and travel down the full length of your tongue!
     3) Brut ' Nature - no added sweetness in the final dosage - addotion when you fill in the frozen liquid that captured the sediment ' , bone-dry, also more hearty, more beefy and thick, yet polished and refined, just a much more solid base from which to operate from! Like it, best with finger foods, $22.49 a bottle.
     4) BOHIGAS Rosato Penedes dry rose ( Trepat grapes? ) spumante Cava, The ' Top-Level ', the best, more body, more burst, more body, more dried fruits that will enlarge, expand, make a path and provide one hell of a lotta pleasure with so mush yieldlingly firm girth, yes!

     TABLE # FOUR : Craig Mauro pours six fine sparkling wines -

     THREE From Franken, Germany - From XAUX -

     1) SCHLOSS VAUX Riesling Sekt-Manufaktur, Brut, On Special for $25.99, quite the treat, lively, bright, refreshing, with a nice edge, a good cut, mouth-feel, and lasting, a treat that will enliven any moment!

     2) Rose Klassische Flaschengarung Brut Pinot Noir Lot No. 5410/13/01 : a crowd-pleaser of the most discerning types! Lovely On Special for $27.99 ...

     3) ' Cuvee Vaux ' Brut dry and silky and hammock-Swing-Just-Right-Rocking , dry blend of 25% Riesling, 50% Pinot Blanc, and 25% Pinot Noir, with more body, more mouth-grip, tugs and pulls your palate strings a tad more, lingers a skotch longer, ahhhhh yeah, yes, prost! On Special for $22.99, lovely with some apetizers!

           TWO From England - HATTINGLEY Valley , ...

     1) ' Classic Cuvee ' Traditional method, $52.99 a bottle,  using both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, I adore the subtle qualities here in the delicate, nuanced flavors that tease and lease and gently poke themselves into our lives and consciousness!

     2)  ' Blanc de Blancs ' Traditional Method, $57.99 a bottle, a bit more pith and depth and grip, yet gentle as a pelican feather's touch as it glides across the skin of your bare cheeks and arms - disarmingly wonderful.

          ONE Prosecco , Too :

     1) Pro Prosecco Spumante from TOMASELLA, On Special for $16.49 a bottle, a real treat. We know them at Tenuta TOMASELLA, Lizotte has visited and tasted here, and this Prosecco has graet definition, depth, personality, character, just just another pretty facem this is an honest, flavorful Prosecco taste of character, really nice with some finger foods, si si si si si!



     TABLE # FIVE : Matt Daniels Taste Three fine bubblies -
     1) Le Grande Courtage , Grand Cuvee Blanc de Blancs, On Special for $19.99, regularly $22.99 a bottle, smooth, delicately bright sunny smooth flavors! Lovely, made by a lovely lady in California, and made for females, although men like me like it, too!
     2) Le Grande Courtage Grand Cuvee Brut Rose, French, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, a bit more mouth-feel, hang-time on your tastebuds that linger and flash and flesh and flirt more in a lovely kangorous smooching way, hard to resist, a treat.
     3) Le Grande Courtage Grand Cuvee Brut rose is also available in the 187ml bottle size, a treat , the ladies love the convenience as well as the cuteness of packaging, On Special for $7.49 : the perfect/ purr-fect size to enjoy at midnight on New Year's eve, treat yourselves!
     4) Luminescence Brut Methode Traditionnelle, Loire valley dry French blend of 40% Melon de Bourgogne, 30% Chardonnay, and 30% Grolleau Gris, this is greatly serious sparkling wine from France at a very reasonable price of $19.99 On Special!
     TABLE Number SIX , Valerie Wrightson will pour three bubblies -
      1) Cremant de Limoux, Southwest France, from JOSEPH SALASAR, NV ( non-vintage ) : with a bit of a bite, not sharp, but there, medium-body, fresh and lively, almost robust, a treat, what Thomas Jefferson drank while he was alive, he had six or so cases of the Blanquette De Limoux in his cellars in Monticello, Virginia when he passed away. It was the sparkling wine to drink while he was alive!
     2) BILLECART SALMON Non-Vintage Brut French Champagne, in half-bottles ( 375ml a bottle ), $36.49 a bottle, the perfect way to drink some great French champagne and not have to worry about finishing a whole bottle, especially if you are only two people.
     3) Flare Moscatel from Spain's Valencia region, $13.49, here you have a real subtle, silky off-dry bottle that flatters and pleases thoroughly the mouth, palate and all six senses. Low alcohol of under 10%, a perfect pleaser, easy to sip and enjoy anytime. An Agostini Franck's selection here.
     TABLE # SEVEN : Stephane Defot Pour 3 fine bubblies-
     1) CM Canals & Munne ' Insuperable ' Brut Reserva vintage-dated Cava,  2013, $13.49 a bottle, an insane value for a tasty, characterful full-flavored, distinct, fine Spanish Cavam yes, si si si si si!
     2) 100% Pinot Noir ' Lola ' dry 2013 Spanish Penedes Cava, from CM Canals & Munne , this is a ; keeper ', charged, loaded with brimming bursting, cascading rose flavors of cherry, berry, and strawberry, too!
     3) 100% Pinot Noir Charles Clement Champagne a Colombe le Sec ', On Special for $38.49, this is quite the flavorful taste that lingers and lasts and makes a tremendous impression, especially when paired with food! Yes!
     TABLE # EIGHT : Jean Gagliolo pours five really fine ' grower French Champagnes ' : what high quality! AND " Top-Flight Valdobbiadene Prosecco, too -

          ONE Fine Prosecco -

     1) Extra Dry Conegliano Valdobbiadene , since 1868, Prosecco from Italy's Veneto region, made by CARPENE MALVOLTI, ( selling the small 187ml bottles tonight, On Special for $6.49 a 187ml bottle, ) : the best, most complex and rich and deep, brooding, blessed blossoming flavors that seduce and flatter one's palate completely, love it!
          FIVE REally Fine Grower Champagnes -
     1) Champagne J. LASSALLE Proprietaire de Vignobles, RM , Premier Cru, $41.99 ... ' Preference '
     2) Champagne FORGET-BRIMONT Brut Premier Cru , $45.99
     3) Champagne Jean Laurent Blanc de Blanc Reserve, RM - Recoltant Manipulant, $56.99, Celles Sur Ource,
     4) Champagne Deutz Brut Classic , $49.99 ...
     5) Champagne Drappier Brut Rose, Reims, NM, ...
Descriptions to follow later, more email to follow on Thursday,
     CHEERS, thanks for everything!   TONY
DOS EQUIS Mexican beers, TASTING going on now, join us! Till 9PM tonight!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, too : Come Let Us Help You Here with any needs to celebrate them well 12/20-27, 20

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
WE'VE BEEN BUSY getting ready here for ( in alpgabetical order ) :
May all your holidays be grand, festive, joyful, cheerful, and more!
WE APPRECIATE ALL that you have done for us over the years, you all are the very very very best, and we appreciate your patronage and work to keep it.
THIS EMAIL will be more relaxed than usual, as it is our holiday time together and we need to make it fun and special, warm, cozy, less-stressful, and totally en(JOY)able!

I HAVE WALKED the length of the store as is my custom and pulled many fine selections to recommend to you aall. Check them out, come see us, see what you think, hold them in your hands, turn them around, examine them personally and decide. Up close-and-personal, you and whatever you are interested in, that is the way!

IAN just came in a few minutes ago and asked me : " Do you have any local ONE EIGHT brewery products? " I said immediately : " Brewery?!? You mean distillery! ", and I continued : " And ' yes ' we have the ONE EIGHT Distillery products here! " smiling as I said all this.  What fun.
AND I want to make a ' Shout Out ! " to  Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and the rest of the Flavor Unit Family as their names came up earlier as Robert took an order and I helped a lady with her fine holiday bourbon needs! Love it, small world, we all need one another, we all help one another!
TO ALL OF YOU WE SAY :  Danke, Grazie, Kop Kun Klop ( Thai ), Dank U ( Dutch ), Smukria ( Aap Sab Ka , India ), Gracias, Merci, thanks, thank you, ... abd THANKS in all the other languages of the world : THANK YOU all very much!
SO : What's  ' New & Exciting ?!? ' :
     BEER - in the world of Santos :
    1) Samichlaus ' Classic ' - The world's most extraordinary beverage ' they claim : Malt liquor , bottled in 2015, from SCHLOSS EGGENBERG Brewery, brewed once a year in December 5th, ... something really special here to warm your heart and soul, ... On Special for $22.99, a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles, ... perfect now.
     2)Tangerine Quad Belgian style quadruple ale with Tangerine Peel added, aged in Bourbon barrels, from AVERY Brewing Co. , On Special for $14.99 for a 10.1 alcohol by volume, 1 Pt. 6 flouid ouce bottle - refreshing, nice, a palate cleanser!
     I just spoke to Kate and thought it was Sandy her mother as they both sound similar on the phone, ... and at the end of our conversation after expressing again our condolences at the loss of Bill her father and Sandy's husband I said : " And is Kate back yet? " And Kate responds immediately : " But I am kate! " Opps. Gulp. " I am soooo sorry Kate, I thought I was speaking to Sandy. " Oh well, she told me that everyone mistakes the two of them on the phone. Welcome home Kate and Sandy!
     3)  Delirium Noel from the Belgian Family Brewers, a cute 4-pack of holiday bottles for Christmas, On Special for $21.99 a bottle, what a treat11.2Fl Oz bottles, Belgian ale from Huyghe, ...10% alcohol by volume...
IN SPIRITS From Jagir we have :
     1) Borough Bourbon Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey finished in French oak barrels, from REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES , District Of Columbia, On Special for $49.99 a bottle, so flavorful and alive with fire, warmth and charm, love it! Medium weight...
     2) KINSEY Whiskey Aged 7 Years, A Pennsylvania Classic resurrected after years of neglect and freshened and brightened, so lively and smooth, silky-bright, satiny - loved it. Carolyn Moffa our local rep poured it here this past Saturday, a lovely treat from Pennsylvania, On Special for $35.99, really recommended.
     3) Pisco ' La Diablada ' , Amelia's Centennial Blend, $38.99, silky, bright, satiny, sooooo delightfully refreshing and smooth, I like it a whole lot. Melanie Asher that makes this with her sister Elizabeth was just here last week in the store saying : " Feliz Navidad. " Feliz Navidad Melanie!
     4) " Los Parra;es ' Anniversarion SINGANI, On Special for $25.99, regularl price is $35.99, I love this, again so svelte and silky and toned, tanned, sublime, highly recommended, too like the Pisco from Melanie. GREAT SALE here, buy some now while the prices are so ridiculously low!
     WINE From Chris & Tony : 3 Splurges :
     1) Brut 2002 dry rose French Champagne from the GREAT 2002 vintage and the GREAT PRODUCER JOSEPH PERRIER, this great gift is On Special now for $142.99, less than a case available, come get some now while you still can!
     2) Champagne PIERRE MONCUIT 2005 Brut Millesime, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs, RM : means recolant-manipulant, the highest guage of quality, wow, stunning, from Le Mesnil sur Oger, Champagne, France, $92.99 a bottle.
   3) Grand Cuvee Des Lys, Champagne CANARD-DUCHENE, ' Charles VII ' Blanc de Blancs Brut, $72.99 : blew me away, wow, each sip was and is magical! Love it,
     AND : A Fourth :
     1) Champagne PHILIPPE GONET Brut rose, from Le Mesnil Sur Oger, $89.99, just tasted here by Chantal Gonet the owner, signed. too as gifts for the holidays : lyrical, a vurtuosity of amazing flavors that spread the range of highs and lows and entertain and please so thoroughly!
     COME TASTE with : 1) Sotiris Bafitis his indigenous dry white Greek Magagouzia from ANTONOUPOLOS, $19..99, maybe his prosecco as well?!
     ALSO : Come taste with Aleks our Balkans Project owner, he will pour three :
     1) Rhatsiteli 2015 dry white from Macedonia, from STOBI, Thives, wonderful, love it, $19.99 a bottle, great with this cold weather now.
     2) KALMETT Albanian dry red, too, wonderful, love it, earthy, pithy, perky, punchy, packed with flavors that evolve best when paired with flavorful hearty meals!, $19.99 ...
     3) TRAPA Teran dry red from Croatia, $36.49, when you are seated and want to be uplifted and flown to touch both stars and moon literally or only with your eyes if you prefer?!? Wonderful.
     CHEERS, JOIN us, have to post this store email now, out of time, the Calendar of Events is in last week's store email, check it or our WEB PAGE or our FACEBOOK page, thanks again, happy holidays ALL, TONY        12/20/2016

Anthony Quinn's Store Email Tuesday, Dec 13th- ... Chantal Gonet Owner Of PHILIPPE GONET, Here Tomorro, Dec 14th, 2016 5-8PM, Fr

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirit



make your decisions now,

plan to attend tastings, too ,

to decide what works the very best for you,

fulfills more of your needs and desires.


DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE WEATHER TURNS NASTY, too many nasty and difficult things already being shoved constantly in our faces by outside sources, some fake, some true, some self-serving, some reather bully-ish, many distasteful,... 
GOOD THING THAT THERE STILL REMAIN many spirits that are tasteful, tasty, refreshing, pleasing, treats and welcome shelters from so much we do not even court ourselves!
SHOP NOW .... get the balls rolling, get your marbles in order!
TONIGHT is the finale for the singing show ' The Voice ' : a two-hour special with the likes of Stevie Wonder performing. I love that, am a big fan, look forward to watching it with my wife. Will sip some fine wine with her, too while we watch and are entertained thoroughly tonight.
     1) Tomorrow : Owner Chantal Gonet of her family's own PHILIPPE GONET French champagne made in Le Mesnil Sur Oger will be here pouring three of her fabulous non-vintage champagnes! WOW : this is big, the Grande Reserve Brut,  $75.99 , and the ...
     2) Blanc de Blancs Brut ' Signature ', On Special $55.99, ...
     3) Rose Brut non-vintage, too ...
    I LOVE THESE, all of them, met Chantal with our local fine rep Ronnie Miller four or so months ago, clicked immediately, set this up, and tomorrow it will turn into reality! Tomorrow we will put the glass slippers on Chantal and we will wax-poetic and rock-and-roll, wlatz, and cheer and smile and fill ourselves with so many tiny splendid bubbles that we will likely float away together in rapture and bliss, YES, SI, OUI, venez nous joindre, come and join us, all of you, .... AND ...
     SAVE BIG TOMORROW here and get 20% OFF any bottle you want, get your bottles signed by Chantal, and feel like so many spolied, pampered, bright POPPING shiny silky, satiny, special bubbles of joy, mirth, splendor, and spree!
     JOIN US, no charge tomorrow, everyone welcome, cheers, see you tomorrow!
     ALSO : Do Not Forget, Sign Up for PART TWO of our TWO-PART ' Big-Theme ' BUBBLY- Sparkling Wine- Champagne- Cava-Prosecco-Lambrusco-SektWeine-Spumante-VinMousseux-Espumante-Tasting, 5:30-8:30PM, COST : $15 a person, go to : Eventbrite online and sign-up, it is already posted there. Pay now, be ready for this great tasting just before New Years' Eve on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 ... That $15 will go towards anything you purchase that you taste that evening. We just want to be sure that everyone gets to taste something that we offer, that we have not already poured all of it before the end of this 3-hour extravaganza! We will pour up to thirty different bubblies and sparkling wines for you all, what a treat, something special and wonderful for you all! SIGN UP sooner than later!
     LIFE IS GRAND, LIFE IS GOOD : here is an idea of what we have planned for you all through the rest of this year :
     Wednesday, DEcember 14th, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : With owner Chantal Gonet we have her coming to pour her family's PHILIPPE GONET French Champagne from Le Mesnil Sur Oger, three non-vintage brut champagnes, buy and save 20% OFF each bottle, get them signed for gifts, too!
NANCY just came by and is treating her friends to two bottles of Chantal's Blanc de Blancs " Signature ' non-vintage brut, love it! Merci Nancy!
     Friday, December 16th, 2016, 9 5-8PM ) : We have two tastings this evening :
     1) WINE : We have Matt Daniels coming to pour great Italian wines - three, 1) TWO from ILLUMINATI, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Colline Teramane Riserva Zanna ( a 2010, chunky, edgy, earthy, great steel and girth, grip, dirt, grind and solid rustic flavors that are still really young and need food to flesh out these flavors more ), and the regular, too, ... and 2) ' Vulka Blanco ' 2015, from Sicily, from NICOLA, this is an amazing and dry blend of the Carricante and Cataratto grapes _ broad, full, rich, dry and lingering good finish.


     2) We have our local rep coming to pour three types of KINSEY whiskies, a Rye and two whiskies, ... 1) Bourbon Whisky, On Special for $43.99, and ... 2) Rye Whiskey, On Special for $35.99, ... and 3) a surprise, come and see and taste : ALL Pennsylvania classics in their own youthful ways! ' new and exciting ', I really liked all three when I tasted them. I am sure I will feel the same when I taste them once again.
     Saturday, December 17th, 2016 ( 2-6PM for the wine, 4-7PM for the spirits ) : We have again two tastings scheduled for you :
     1) Robert Kennedy of his own RWK Wines will come and pour outstanding wines of Italy for you all : ...
1) ' Un Grillo per la testa ' BLUES Grillo Terre Siciliane from PAOLO CALI ( $18.99, 2015, 13.5% alcohol by volume ) , this is a tasty, flavorful dry white that will hold it's own against the cold outside and delight our tongues and palates, too!
     2) Sudtirol Eisackler Veltliner dry white from KUEN HOF, 2013, On Special for $32.99, regularly $38.99 a bottle, this has some real body, some real backbone, some girth, grit, grip and body : a graet cold-weather food wine, love it, really impressive, yes!
     3) Dry Rose spumante sparkling wine VILLA ZAPPI, $18.99 a bottle, from Silvia's TENUTA CASALI, what a treat, what a pleasure, so pleasing, so pleasurable, such a gorgeous color, you all love it soooo, come and love it here again with Robert as he pours, yes, si, love it some more!
     4) " Petrignone ' Sangiovese Riserva 2011 from our good friend, owner and winemaker Vittorio, TRE MONTI, On Special for $19.99, 100% Sangiovese, the flavor, the complexity, the richness, the thickness, the taste of this red are constantly growing and expanding and revealing more of their true ' inner  grape ' selves/orbs, yes! Love it more each time. Can't wait to see how it has evolved since I tasted it last.
     ALSO :
     1) We have a JOSEPH MAGNUS Ivy City local Washington DC spirits' tasting! We love having Kayla come, Nicole and Danny come, too, always a great tasting of the Gin, the Vodka, and the Whisky, too! Highly recommended, no charge, join us here from 4-7PM!
 JUST IN : Exciting news : a great kosher wine-tasting on Capitol Hill tonight with Mayer and his wife pouring the fine wines like the BOUTIQUE Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, a single-vineayrd dry red, On Special for $32.99, regularly $39.99 : we just have some bottles available here, come get them if you want a hearty, rich, bold, dry robust red to get you through this cold and possible snow, too?!? Good luck Mayer tonight! Tell everyone we have your selections here, including the non-kosher wines you sell us as well!
     Wednesday, December 21st, 2016, 5-8PM ( With Oenos Wine group ) , we have either Iason, Nassos, or Sotiris here to pour some FABulous Greek wines, some Spanish Priorat, some biodynamic dry red from the southwest of France, and more, join us, great wines, great tasting. All the wines over $19.99 a bottle are 20% off that night. Get a bottle , a special bottle, enjoy!
     WINTER BEGINS officially this day!
     Friday, December 23rd, 2016 ( 5-8PM ) : We have three tastings going on Friday ( 5-8PM )  :
     1) Narayan will be here from GLOBALWINE Maryland pouring an assortment of his fine wines from around the world, New Zealand, France, South Africa, California and more, still to be decided tomorrow.
     2) Andrius Miliunas of Craft Wine & Spirits will be here tasting a wide array of his excellent spirits, and he sure has a wonderful selection of them, ... and the TEAVINE Green Tea , white wine and honey infusion, $13.99, what a wonderful sipping bubbly to enjoy almost anytime, so bright, so pleasing, so cheerful! Love it, perfect anytime.

     3) Local spirits of REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES from Ivy City, Washington D.C., we will have Whit coming to pour a second time his fabulous Gin, Vodka and Bourbon, all really quite special, quite deliciously flavorful, wonderful!

     Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 ( Part Two of Our ' Big-Theme ' BUBBLY Sparkling Wine-Tasting, Up To 30 types, ones to try , $15 a person, go online to pay at : Eventbrite , that $15 will go to pay for anything that you buy at that you try at the tasting!  AND : ALL the bubbly will be On Special, SAVE UP TO 20% OFF on any bottles that are $19.99 or more!
     Friday, December 30th, 2016 ( 4-7PM ) : We have another great round tasting the great local DC Spirits made in Ivy City by JOSEPH MAGNUS, join us, : great gin, vodka and bourbon, too!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Happy holidays, thanks for everything, you all are the very best, we could not do any of this without you, none of it, you are the one and only reason we are here : to help and assist you. Thank you for all your support.  TONY 12/13/2016

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