Furmint Hungarian Winemaker Whites, Aussie Reds, Wine Dinner W/ Owner Vittorio At Ristorante Piccolo 3/28/17 7PM, $69 + Tax & Gr

2nd Official Day Of Spring Springs Gladly Upon Us Now!


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Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 4:41 PM
Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

Beautiful day/Opaque cloudy gray  skies/TOMORROW IS THE THIRD  OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING

We clebrate w/ Furmint whites of grof degenfeld & somloi vandor, too, nicky stacy's right reverend v aussie reds!

already thinking to april for a HAPPY EASTER / PASSOVER / GOOD FRIDAY ...

WE HAVE another busy week here as usual, no room to slide, to glide, to rest on our past laurels, just not an option at all!
And the weather is warming and I hope we have got the rain we needed for the region now. I planted two bags of grass seed in our front yard yesterday and that made me smile as I dug or made many small holes for the seed to take root! Then I watered, then we went off to a nice Thai dinner in Old Towne Alexandria before heading to the Metro Stage for a reading of the play : " The Men My Mother Loved " that was fascinating and had all four of us talking! I mentioned that it had us going like politics today with the simple difference that we knew it was a play and not reality.
WE HAVE A GREAT DINNER scheduled for Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at Ristorante Piccolo , Six Courses, Five Wines with owner/ winemaker Vittorio of his own TRE MONTI in Romagna, Italy  :
Primi / First
Imported fresh creamy burrata cheese w/ sundried tomatoes, bell pepper & extra virgin olive oil ...
W/ Bianco dell'Emilio IGT " Bianco ' PALTRINIERI Emilia Romagna spumante Lambrusco di Sorbara - lilting, lovely, made bt Alberto ... a refreshing delight! $14/49 a bottle
Secondi / Second
Ravioli Ai Quattro Formaggio ( fresh housemade ravioli stuffed with four Italian cheeses, drizzled with a special shitake mushroom cream sauce
W/ Romagna Albana indigenous dry white grape variety DOCG , " Vigna Rocca " TRE MONTI , Emilia Romagna, fuller, richer, riper and longer lingering on palate, more body color, tones of apricot, honey migle with alive wildflowers, a lovely almond finish and texture, too that captivates ...
TERSO / Third
Merlozza Gremolata ( black cod pan-seared w/ lemon zest, Italian parsley, young garlic and capers
W/ Rubicone Bianco IGT . " Thea Monti ", Emilio-Romagna, UNIQUE, one-of-a-kind in Italy the Petit Manseng from southern France ( that is often blended with the Gros Manseng to make Pacherenc-de-Vic-Bihl whites , and more, sweet wines, too ) - made from 100% Petit Manseng, this wine is truely magical, special, bright, rich, showing like the perfect dream and fantasy now, note the jasmine, the pit fruit, honey great forward minerality that circles round your palate and embraces it till you all but surrender! Yes, si si si si si!
Quattro / Fourth
Salsiccia Ai Paisano ( roasted housemade Italian pork saussage w/ sauteed bell pepper and polenta )
W/ Sangiovese DOC Superiore , " Petrignone ' TRE MONTI , Emilio Romagna, Robert gave me a bottle to share at home with my family and we did the night Ella visited us from Paris, France, and we all loved it, and that was without a meal, imagine here now with this Italian pork saussage, my mouth is already watering in blissful anticipation! Medium-to-light-bodied, fruit-forward, showing really well already 2012, the 6 months in small barrels was just enough to give it pop, zing, and appropriate sass!
QUINTO / Fifth
Bistecca Ai Porcini ( NY strip steak rubbed w/ dried porcinin, grilled and served with grilled asparagus )
W/ Sangiovese Superiore DOC Riserva, " Thea Rosso " TRE MONTI, Emilia-Romagna : the 9 months of bottle-age for this 2011 releases all that extra aging and the various thicker, more viscous, more ' attaching - saturating ' layers of flavor of taste permeate, linger, w/ longing and persistence, insistence, purpose, pleasure and assured victory in it's quest to conquer and make us all but whimper with grazies and gratitude to have been allowed entrance to such a splendid Sangiovese Superiore trasure as this is and will continue to be as it ages and grows exponentially now!
Il Dolce / Sweet Everythings
Torta Di Mandorle ( a layered light almond sponge and mascarpone cream torte )
save some of your wine - do not let the waiters and waitresses take them all away, try some of these wines already sampled and see how, together, they assist one another in releasing hidden, undiscovered flavors in both that you did not know were there!
Cheers, Join Us, what a great evening
SO : we are excited about this dinner as well as things this week :
TOMORROW : Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 ( 5-8pm ) : We have a small Big-Theme tomorrow with a tasting of Aussie wines ( reds -
1) a 2014 Mount Barker  Cabernet Sauvignon, $24.49, 14.5% alcohol by volume,  ...
2) a Syrah 2014 Mount Barker, $24.49, 14,5% alcohol by volume,  and
3) a Chardonnay  2015 Margaret River, 12.5% alcohol by volume,  too, $24.49 ....       ALSO : ...
4) " Voodoo Moon " 2014 Margaret River Malbec, $18.99 a bottle, 14% alcohol by volume, 
AND : With Noel Brockett of the Georgian House of Greater Washington LLC, and Mamuka Tsereteli ..., as well as Laszlo Ballint , President od FurmintUSA ... we present to you two fine Hungarian winemakers tomorrow evening :
1) Tamas of SOMLOI VANDOR, and he will pour his dry mineral-laden, volcanic-soil expression with Basalt dry white Furmint ... you will taste and buy what you want and have delivery of the wines in a week or so once they arrive from their voyage on the water,   and  ...
2) Tamas Kovacs the winemaker of ST. DONAT will pour his dry Furmint wines made 40 miles away in the same volcanic soil, the 2015 Marga, $23.99 a bottle  ... and his
3)2014 Birtok blend of Furmint, On Special for $20.99

3) Furmint 2013 Tokaj from GROF DEGENFELD, $19.99, with 12.5% alcohol by vloume, will be poured by Laszlo Ballint.

THURSDAY, March 23rd, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Wes come and pour both his Lebanese spirits as well as the excellent CHATEAU ST. THOMAS ' Les Emirs ' , $15.49 a bottle, , with 14% alcohol by volume, a dry red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Grenache aged in oak. Cheers, join us, you will love Wes!
FRIDAY,  March 24th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have working on a Balkan Project wine-tasting here with Thomas Siegel. More tofollow soon, maybe some dry rose and dry Zilavka white from Serbia, maybe a dry Vranac, too? All from STOBI Wines ...
SATURDAY, March 25tt, 2017, Narayan Campbell will be back and he will continue to taste the fine Aussie wines of 3SISTERS&ABROTHER, $20.99, and we will see what else.
JOIN US, .... you all are always welcome here, anytime.
ALWAYS SAVE BIG on wine here at CPWineSPIRITS - 3 ways, Up to 20% OFF on the marked bottle prices.
1) Porkslap Pale Ale, ale brewed with ginger, from BUTTERNUTS Beer Brewing, On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans! Yes! New York State ...
2) All Day IPA Session Ale from FOUNDERS Brewing, , On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans!
AND Cider :
1) ' Pineapple Cider ' from Austin EASTCIDERS, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, from Texas!
1) ' new ' Almande Almondmilk liqueur from BAILEYS, On Special for $28.99 a 750ml bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume,
2) Cristal from DON Q Rum  from Puerto Rico, On Special for $12.99 a bottle. In Puerto Rico it costs more than Bacardi rum, here it costs less. In Puerto Rico it is considered the better rum, and I agree from what I have sampled so far. Cheers!
3) LOT No. 40 Single Copper Pot Still Rye Whiskey, $48.99, using D. Michael Booth's simple recipe developed by his forefather, Joshua Booth, seven generations ago, Come check this out!
More to Follow, out of time, have more to recommend, may be in another email tomorrow. Cheers!   TONY
Ristorante Piccolo is located at :
1068 31st Street NW / Wash. DC 20007 / 202-342-7414 ( call to reserve a seat as we are limited to 50 max I believe? Go to : for more info.
WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email I wrote and posted on March 21st, 2013, read and enjoy it and check to see what you think and check for current vintages, availability and pricing? Cheers, thanks!
Andrew Stover of his own company VINO50 SELECTIONS here to taste and to talk about Jancis Robinson, famous British wine-writer known the whole world over by us in the wine business. She will be at the Baird Auditorium on Thursday night, March 21st, 2013 at 7PM talking about her books and the exciting wines of America. The book devoted eight pages to the wines of Virginia I believe?!? That's a good start and you should all google Paul Jameson and read his excellent review of this book in the New York Times. Many good points and comparisons to past efforts to address the ever-expanding and impressive efforts of those making wines here in America that also includes Canada. All good : still room to improve and grow but some excellent references for us all wishing to spread the word about how fine the wines being made here in America are!
I WILL SUGGEST that more be written next time on the individual states here in the U.S. that should include a minimum of four paragraphs and should include a list of at least 5-10 wineries in each state. Let us all make our own decisions whether the wines are good or not : but in the meantime include some for us to look into or visit with corresponding addresses and emails and web page info, too. That would be wonderful. All in one book : so many possibilities to hold in our hands and to look at, think about, reach out to, buy a wine of, visit a vineyard.
THIS MORNING I got a call from someone wishing to send a bottle to Potomac , Maryland by/ from  Marlo Thomas. I gave her some numbers to call as she had already tried fifteen places in Maryland and they all told her that they could not deliver. Marlo wants to send a " Thank You " to someone and I hope that her assistant is successful. Wish we could have done it ourselves, but it is not legal to deliver for us into Maryland. Cheers.
I HAVE BEEN HEARING lots about the LITTLE WASHINGTON Winery in Virginia and so went to their Facebook page and left them a message to contact us here and " shared " two of their pictures with you on our Facebook page. I am excited to try their wines. They had " green wine " for Saint Patty's Day and my question to them was : " Was the wine good enough to go and ask for a second glass ?  ... and  What does it taste like ? ". I have not heard back, but I trust the wine was good and that a second glass was in order as well. Stay-Tuned for more info on this as you know we actively support the Virginia and local wines here.
I AM ALSO MOST-interested in trying the new wines from the " newly-planted vines " by horticulturalist Lucie Morton in Rob's vineyard. Jean Gagliolo is our local rep and I will call him now to remind us. to bring us samples ASAP! All this is food-for-thought and will be interesting to share with Jancis on Thursday evening if given the chance. Cheers. Just got off the phone with Jean and he will check the current status of the BOORDY , Maryland wines.
BEER NEWS From Santos : Something for Spring perhaps :
     1) " Swing " from Session Saison from VICTORY , Ale Brewed with Apices ( On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles,4.5% alcohol by volume, Downingtown, PA. , ) : sound like Spring, let's all get into the swing ... : " It's a lively jazz rhythm , a vigorous sway, a change of view or even a roll in the proverbial hay. Now, it also means the welcome jolt of joy ... ". Try it.
     2) " The Shed " Brewery Mountain Ale , a Rugged Brown Ale ( On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, unfiltered brewed in Stowe, Vermont, since 1995,  7.4% alcohol by volume, ) : " Smooth , malty overtones with a pronounced hop finish ". Looks so warming, the red label alone speaks of comfort and rugged taste to me ...
     3) " Pere Jacques " Belgian-style Abbey Ale From GOOSE ISLAND( On Special for $9.99 a 1 Pt. 9.87Fl. Oz bottle, Chicago, Illinois , , 8.7% alcohol by volume ) is " new and exciting " and a perfect treat for this almost-spring weather of ours today as the sun peaks though the clouds.
     4) " Birthday Sun " Sour Brown Ale 20th CROOKED LINE from UNITA Brewing  ( $14.99  1 Pt. 9.78 Fl. Oz bottle, 7.4% alcohol by volume. for more info, Salt Lake City, Utah ) : " Earth, Wind & Beer  ... brewed in celebration of Unita's 20th birthday, this American Sour Brown Ale flaunts significantly acidity balanced by flavorful Abbey and Chocolate malts and a modest amount of hops ".
UPDATE : News Flash : Just met winemaker Michele le D'Aronix that came with 4 excellent dry red Bordeaux wines from the right bank of Merlot, that are mostly Merlot blends, with one being made without any wood aging ( the 
     1) Chateau Le Ringue , Bordeaux 2011, $16.99, fruit-forward, lovely color and balance and soft mouth-feel ;  
     2) Chateau Beausejour Montagne Saint-Emilion " Pentimento " made by Michele and using only barrels already one year old, a bit richer, more extraction and mouth-grip that I liked as I got accustomed to it's distinct personality of balance and flesh and finesse ;
     3) Chateau La Croix Lartigue Cotes Du Castillon " L'Expression 2010, bolder, needing more time and some food to help take a bit of the edge and heartier mouth-grip - also really well-balanced and fruit-forward ), and ; 
    4) Chateau La Bienfaisance Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, 2010 made by one of the few female winemakers in Bordeaux, according to Michele. I liked the charm and the expression of elegance and silky brightness to this wine.
     Here we have 4 people involved in the making of these wines and I liked the balance and the definition here, and that none of the wines ever lost sight of the fruit in the grapes with which they started which was principally Merlot. Bravo.
     Michele told me that she Rachel Martin of the BOXWOOD WINERY, Middleburg, VA. each year in Bordeaux, France as they have the same French self-taught enologist that she described I believe as like the " Yoda " of wine-making. I like that. I like that a lot.
     Everything that Michele said spoke to me in volumes and since she is from New York I hope to get her here to taste these wines soon and explain their hands-on, respect the land from which the wines come, make the best expressions that they can and not be tied-up in too much tradition that can inhibit them from achieving their goals. 
     To my palate they have succeeded in their mission and it will be great to sell them. Lucinda Williams may bring them by tomorrow for Michel Dumas to try. I hope so. These wines and their makers reflect very much the philosophy of our store here.
    COME check out the BOXWOOD ESTATE 2009 " Topiary " Saint-Emilion style red Bordeaux, $29.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume,, Middleburg, Virginia ) that represents what Michele and the three others are doing there and that Rachel is doing here.
     Bravo to all of these fine efforts! It will be great to have Rachel taste them here again soon. Maybe we can get her and Michele to do an in-store wine-tasting here soon together? That would be great. We hope to have some of Michele's wines here by April.
     I kept some of Michele's own Pentimento 2009 in my glass : love the deep bright purple-garnet color, the nose pulls me from my seated position and into the glass, and the taste on my lips, mouth and tongue makes me glad I just enjoyed my pork chop for lunch and makes me think that I would have been better served by the l'onglet cut of red beef that I love to order from our very own Lavandou restaurant at the end of the block : l'onglet et frites avec le sauce magique brune ... vers le paradis, vraiment.

LIQUOR / LIQUEURS From Ravinder :
          TWO RUMS :
     1) Cuban Formula Rum Cask No. 21 : VIZCAYA VXOP ( $42.99 , 40% alcohol by volume , from the Dominican Republic, ) looks beautiful : like a fine bottle of French Cognac, a great deep reflective and brilliant amber color that just draws the eye to it over and over again and makes you want to hold the bottle, to cradle it in one hand and with the other turn the golden cork top around to release some of this Dominican Republic rum magic into a glass or two or even three or four. How many will be joining us for this splendid treat?!? Better hurry, but be gone before we know it.
     2) The Original KOLOA Kauai , Hawaiian Kaua'I White Rum ( $36.99, 40% alcohol by volume, ) , distilled and blended on the garden island of Kaua'i. Come try some : live largely for awhile. Cheers.
          TWO BOURBONS :
     1) LEXINGTON Finest Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey ( $28.99, 43% alcohol by volume, Three Springs Bottling Company, Bowling Green, Kentucky ) : Ravi just got this in stock this morning along with the VISCAYA Rum and was pleased as punch to announce both to me. All good news Ravi. Exciting times, exciting " new " products for us to taste, sell and promote. Cheers.
     2) Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from FOUR ROSES ( $42.99, 50% alcohol by volume, Barrel # 69-3T , ) : made my Jim Rutledge, Master Distiller : " Four Roses uses two grain recipes and 5 exclusive yeast strains to distill 10 uniquely different Bourbon recipes. ... smooth and mellow distinctive fruity aromas with delicate notes of honey and maple syrup, as well as spicy hints of cinnamon and nutmeg ... ". Quality through and through.
WINES From Michel & Tony :
          KOSHER WINES For Passover :
     1) TERRA VEGA , Valle Central, Chile comes in Three Reds :  1) Cabernet Sauvignon,  2) Merlot,  3) Carmenere and TWO Whites :  1) Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc : ALL selling for $8.99 a bottle, ALL dry, all good food wines.
     2) O'DWYERS Creek 2011 Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, $16.99 a bottle, 12.5% alcohol by volume,  and : Refreshing, dry, bright.
     3) CHATEAU DE BONFILS 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Entre-Deux-Mers dry white Bordeaux, $11.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, Mevushal as well as kosher for Passover. Also comes in a red Bordeaux that we carry.
     4) CHATEAU BOIS-CARDON 2010 ( great vintage ) dry red Medoc, Bordeaux ($27.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, ) that is new to us like the red CHATEAU DE BONFILS.
     5) SENORIO ALDAZ  1) 2009  50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Tempranillo ; and  the 2) Tempranillo, BOTH $12.99 a bottle, BOTH from Spain's Navarra region : both dry and excellent food wines, medium-to-light-bodied, BOTH kosher for Passover and Mevushal.
     6) Sangiovese Dry Italian Red from CANTINA GABRIELE, $11.99, 2011, 12.5% alcohol by volume, kosher for Passover and Mevushal, easy, medium-to-light-bodied soft dry red. Easy-drinking with or without food.
     7)   A) Pinot Grigio 2011 from CATINA GABRIELE Dry Italian white On Special for $11.99,  ; and the   B ) Chardonnay, On Special for $9.99 a bottle. Both Mevushal as well as kosher for Passover.
     8) VINO Sweet Lazio  Red and VINO  Lazio Sweet White, BOTH Italian wines at $9.99, also both Mevushal and kosher for Passover, 6% alcohol by volume.
     WE HAVE MANY other kosher fpr Passover wines on our shelves as well : including half bottles ( 375ml ) of the TERRA VEGA Chilean wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon dry red and the dry white Sauvignon Blanc for $5.99 : for convenience or variety. They are in our half-bottle selection. Cheers.
     CALL : Michel or Tony for more info or help : 202-363-4265.
       OWNER James Henry from Cleveland Park and the inventor of his own TEAVINE sparkling American Green Tea, White Sparkling Wines and Honey Infusion, $13.99 , 6.5% alcohol by volume sold a lot and the general comment was one of liking the TEAVINE and thinking it will be even greater as it warms into spring and summer here! We agree. Come and get some signed bottles for gifts. Cheers, Thanks James for tasting here this past Friday evening. Go to : for more info.
       FREDERICK CORRIHER of his own ROUTE DES VINS Import of French wines did really well with all his wines, and I think his TROIS Amis Chardonnay 2011 Vin de Pays d'Oc , $11.99, 13% alcohol by volume is a perfect dry white with body, weight and character to enjoy now as the weather teases us and thinks it may soon change to warm?!? Thanks Frederick and Chris Bartha for your tasting here this past Saturday.
       ALEX of the BALKAN Estate Wines of Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia tasted a whole series of his wines this past Friday here. He had many people come to taste here with us as well as our regular crowd and it worked really well. I want to mention both the TRIADA ( means my land, my family , my wine  2007 , $21.99, 12.8% alcohol by volume, 100% Prokupa that makes for an excellent medium-bodied dry, spicy, white peppery red :  and the " Ines in White " of ROXANICH 2008 Orange-colored white that is unique  and unfiltered, unfined, a lovely cloudiness,  ... WONDERFUL!  $44.99 a bottle, one of the most unique wine experiences ever! Cheers.
     WEDNESDAY Still Wine SALE TOMORROW, March 20th, 2013 - our First Official Day of Spring. 3-Part SALE of still, non-sparkling wines. SAVE BIG here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.


       Friday, March 22nd, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) :  We have Andrew Stover here to taste some excellent wines from Virginia from PARADISE SPRINGS, BOXWOOD and BREAUX Vineyards : two whites , one rose and one red Norton. FUN.
       Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Eric Platt of SEIFRIED, FORREST New Zealand wines here tasting from Sauvignon Blanc to dry Riesling, to Pinot Noir and perhaps another " goodie " or two? Agnes Seifried was just here so we will toast her , of course. Cheers.
     I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it's time to post this store's weekly email NOW. Sorry if I forgot to mention any of you as you are all important to us. Cheers and thanks for everything.   TONY

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

WE HAVE IT ALL : FOR ST. Patrick's Day with many ' new ' Irish whiskies for you all to try! I count 31 selections just now, that should mean something for everyone, 14 different producers! In all sizes, too : 750ml, liter and 1.75ml bottles, ...


WE ARE READY FOR YOU ALL : The store is stocked well with enough liquor and beer for tomorrow as those faithful and true celebrate all day long FRiday March 17th here and down at Nanny Obrien's. too. We will be very busy so come get your selections today/ tonight if you have the time.
I JUST SPOKE to our local Irish beer rep Sean McDevitt and more is of HARP, GUINNESS and SMITHWICK'S is coming tomorrow to be sure we are covered, so come by and get what you need so you can start your celebrations at home tomorrow night at midnight! Great idea, like celebrating with Beaujolais Nouveau at midnight on Wednesday as we go into Thursday! I may be the firts person to ever have thought of doing this? Is that even remotely possible?!? It does make me smile.
SO : Let's Get Started with the rest of this week with ice, and snow and crunch, biting cold today, and things warming into the fifties this weekend, with still no global warning in sight if you listen and believe certain individuals. Sorry for this political editorial, just slipped out, was promted by what I saw on television yesterday.
WE have HARP, SMITHWICK'S  and GUINNESS all here tomorrow in time for St. Patty's Day : Yes, being Irish myself I enjoy these beers, especially the HARP and will buy some and enjoy it with my corned beef and potatoes, carrots, mmmmmmm yeah!
     1) Irish Red from O'HARA's , crafted in Ireland, : " A full-bodied Irish red with a traditional hop flavour to balance a sweet malt finish. "On Special for $10.99, for a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles,with 4.3% alcohol by volume.With 4.3% alcohol by volume.
     2) Hydrulion Red Leave Your Mark, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottle from Charlottesville, VA. When I asked Jon Brandt our local rep what else I could recommend besides the Irish beers he immediately mentioned this as being made in the same style. Love that.
     1) Irish Cider ' Original ' from MAGNERS, imported from Ireland, On Special for $12.99 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.5% alcohol by volume, great as a palate-cleanser to the Irish beers, take a break, enjoy the taste of fine Irish apples, too!
LIQUOR : 4 Irish Whiskeys - A Bit More Special 4 U ALL :
     1) Black Barrel Irish Whiskey from JAMESON, $42.99 : I like the softer, fuller, richer, creamier-dreamier taste on both mouth tongue and palate - a treat!
     2) Irish Whiskey Matured in Oak in Ireland by PADDY, triple-distilled and On Special for $24.99 : I like the tug, the bit of a burn, the charr and the tumble over my tastebuds as I sip this, I also love the price!
     3) Black Bush Irish Whiskey from BUSHMILL'S , On Special for $27.99, also some charr and silk and smooth flavors that are a bit lighter than the JAMESON Black Barrel, a nice contrast with noth, and a great deal from BUSHMILLS!
     5) Double Barrel Irish Whiskey that is hand-crafted in small small batches,  from GLENDALOUGH, On Special $40.99 a bottle. I like the extra volume of bright Irish intensity with the power, the bang, the POP and the snap, and yet the clarity and lovely refined concentration, a winner! Try some!!!
REMEMBER TODAY On Wine You Can Save On Wine : Two ways to save up to 20% OFF, one way to save up to 15% OFF! Call : 202-363-4265 and pay today if you cannot join us, or...
COME BY TONIGHT,  Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 from 5-8PM ,  and taste fine French, Aussie and Spanish wines with  Brayden Campbell, and Aussie wines of 3Sisters&Brother from Australia's Barossa Valley, by Schild Estate, with Casey Mohr CEO, and Eric Platt that brings them to Narayan Campbell of Global Wine MD, ... a whole family of people involved working to get all these fine products here and then to you. Join us, taste after the snow yesterday, enjoy these wines in the frigid cold weather! Cheers, #FreeWineTasting #SupportWomenInTheirOwnChoices ...

FRIDAY, March 17th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : Come join Sotoris Bafitis and taste some of his ' new fine ' Italian wines! Will taste current ' new ' vintages here tomorrow to decide what to buy and taste with you all.

SATURDAY, March 18th, 2017 : noon-8PM, we have Will Dawson here BOAR CREEK of APPALACHIAN WHISKEY, here to taste his fine and amazing and unique, special, Virginia whiskey! You will be amazed, really you will! I was, will be again. Will is a really hard-working individual, I appreciate that about him, really I do.
HAVE TO SET-UP a wine-tasting for Saturday, cheers!
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you all are the very very very best and it is both an honor and a privige to sell to you all! Cheers,  TONY
MARK YOUR CALENDARS : Wednesday March 22nd we have both David Faulkner here, tasting Aussie wines, and Noel Brocket with his Hungarian winemakers tasting their fine dry whites made with the Furmint indigenous grape! Yes!!!
WHAT FOLLOWS below is an old store email that I wrote and sent out Yes, we are featuring the " new and exciting " JOHN L. SULLIVAN Irish Whiskey ( On Special for $22.99, ) which  is  " a smooth, small batch blend aged in single use bourbon barrels ". We introduced this about a year ago and were one of the very first and I blogged about it way back when at : Check it out when you can.
WE ALSO HAVE A GREAT SPECIAL with JAMESON'S IRISH WHISKEY and both Heineken and Heineken Light beers( both in the mini kegs 5 liters at $21.99 and the case of twenty-four bottles. But either a case of the beer or a mini keg and also a bottle of Jameson's and send in the rebate and receive a $15 dollar rebate/check back in the mail. That's quite a savings as long as you like both Heineken and Jameson's. We have the rebates here for you all now and we will include a receipt from us and the $15 will come back to you in the mail.
MIX YOUR BEERS UP HERE AS YOU DO YOUR WINES and SAVE! There are four six-packs of beer in a case so come here with the idea for Saint Patty's Day of mixing up the three Irish beers that we have. Buy some of the Guinness, the Harp and the Smithwicks and get 10% off on your purchase mixed or matched. This way there is something for everyone. You can also include some bottles of wine and get a discount on the wine as well.
WE ARE HAPPY TO DELIVER whatever you order. Just give us all a call here at : 202-363-4265 and we will be happy to send you order, chilled and all if necessary. Call us so that we can discuss and particular details to help you to enjoy your Saint Patty's Day celebration this Thursday, March 17th, 2011.
THE WEATHER IS GETTING WARMER AND IT'S REALLY QUITE BEAUTIFUL and it's time to talk about the rest of the week here besides Saint Patty's Day. I'm looking at some CASA DE CAMPO Argentinian Malbec that just arrived along with some Mommy's Time Out dry white Italian blend of Garganega and Pinot Grigio for our shelves. A few minutes earlier some YELLOW & BLUE liter boxes of 2009 dry white Argentina Cafayate and the 2009 Malbec San Juan Argentina, too ( BOTH at $10.99 a box). The wines are made with the idea of organic where they can be ( the Malbec for example is organic ) and the Torrontes white  leaves a smaller carbon imprint on our environment because of the packaging.
     1) PHIN & MATT'S Extraordinary Ale from the SOUTHERN TIER  BREWING COMPANY ( On Special for $8.99, 12 oz. bottles,, Lakewood, New York ) has got great colors and packaging. It is made with American hops and barley.
     2) Pollenator Long Trail Spring Ale from Bridgewater Corners, Vermont ( On Special for $9.49 a 6-pack of 12 oz bottles, ) ... " as days grow longer & warmer, we celebrate the seasonal transition with our spring offering " Pollenator " ".
     3) Hoppen Weisse Hefe-Weizen ale of SCNEIDER & BROOKLYNER ( $4.99, 8.2% alc by vol., 500ml bottle ) is a welcome new product of Kelheim, Bavaria/Germany. Come look at the label and translate it for me - there's so much on it I am having trouble cutting through it all.
     4) Organic Wisen Edel-Weisse from Georg Schneider's ( USDA Organic, $4.49, 500ml, 6.2% alc. by volume , original bottle fermentation ) is also " new and exciting here at Cleveland Park.
PRICHARD'S Key Lime Flavored Rum ( $29.99, 70 proof, 750ml bottle ) offers a taste of the tropics. Take the virtual distillery tour at : to get a better idea of this exciting " new " rum. Cheers!
     1) Cava De Moragas Brut ROSSIGNOL ( $17.49 ) is really bright and fresh and creamy-dreamy-silky nice. I think that you will all love it as much as we did. it's a bit more expensive and yet it gives back more - much more than you would expect for this price.
     2) " Perle Rose " French dry rose sparkling wine demi-Sec ( so in fact it's a mellow and full. lush soft dry ), $16.99 from the Pyrenees Mountains is a true delight to sip all by itself.
     3) Annalisa Moscato Dolce-Sweet ( $10.99 ), Italian and tasting like fresh apricots, nectarines and peaches with a dash of honey and a splash of nuts - wow, it's a winner.
     4) Prosecco in Split-Size bottles ( 1.87ml bottles, three in a pack, $11.99 for all three ) from VILLA YOLANDA is a great treat and the bottles are in a cut-glass form that is also beautiful to look at as you sip this refreshing and forward and pleasing Italian sparkling wine from the Veneto region. Tasty.
          WHITES -
     1) B.V. Coastal Estates Sauvignon Blanc 2009 ( $16.99 ) : it's always great to have a BEAULIEU Vineyard product here in the store. They are on a roll these days and were founded back in 1900! Cheers!
     2) LONGBOARD Vineyards 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc is back again by popular demand. Wine-maker Oded Shakked just did the great dinner and wine-tasting before hand here and afterward at Ardeo restaurant. I was fortunate enough to attend and the Sauvignon sure is showing beautifully with the food. Flavorful and tasty and makes a great statement all on it's own. Try some.
     3) CLIFF LEDE 2009 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc ( $25.99 ) from California is quite crisp and dry and what I like about it is that it also has some real body and weight and presence. It's a better food wine than drinking it all by itself.
     4) Chardonnay from Mexico's Valle De Guadalupe Baja California 2009, $21.99 has both power and body and is a really solid wine to pit against many a food flavor. I think everyone should try it at some point with a tasty meal, vegetarian like some falafel with chick peas and a good sauce ...
          ROSE -
     1) Shiraz rose 2009 from the JERUSALEM Winery - this Jerusalem Hills Israeli rose  is made in a French style and is best with salads, grilled poultry, fish and all pizzas.
          REDS -
     1) Barbera from TERRE D'ALERAMO ( $8.99 ) is a real treat , so soft and bright and velvety- so pleasing with or without a meal.
     2) XYZIN Zinfandel ( 10 Year Old Vines ), $15.99 from Ondine, the wine-maker has so much body and pizzaz and flavor and a youthful exuberance that is contagious. I really liked it a whole lot. They say on the label : " The last word in Zinfandel ".
     3) Zinfandel from the Treborce Vineyard in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley , $29.99 from DARK HORSE is about as good as Zinfandel gets. It reminds me of the old-style of Zinfandels - lovely, toasty, spicy, earthy, pithy with layers of tar, leather and smoky accents, too.
     4) " Foxy " a blend of grapes from the KIT FOX Vineyards , $14.99, is so pleasing and forward and appealing - everyone loved it at our tasting last week with the owner here last Thursday night.
       THURSDAY, Saint Patty's Day, March 17th, 2011 : 5-8 PM - We have a tasting of both the JOHN L. SULLIVAN Irish Whiskey ( On Special for $22.99 ) and CROLAN'S Irish Cream ( On Special for $12.99). Join us, never any charge.
     Greg and I will open at least one wine or more to taste as well.
       FRIDAY, March 18th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ): We will have an XYZZIN wine-tasting here with the ASCETIC with Tom of Southern Slopes pouring and maybe Ken Myers, too.
       SATURDAY, March 19th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : We will have Regis here of Roanoke Imports here tasting the LEROY red and white burgundies that I mentioned last week as well as some great wines of Sicily and southern Italy including the grapes Malvasia, Frappato , Nero D'Avola and Insolia. This will be very special indeed. The LEROY wines sell for $60 for the white and $50 for the red. Amazing and old and simply divine and wonderful and unbelievable!
     I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it's time to send this email to you all now. Cheers and come by and see us when you can. Let us help you to enjoy yourselves and your company in any way that we possibly can. Cheers,   TONY

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Join Us, Celebrate!

Tonight Taste W/ Owner FINCA RIO NEGRA, 3 Great Spanish Reds 5-8PM, Tomorrow Wed. 5-8PM W/ Marie Of Bordeaux Taste 6 Great Borde


Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

WOW, MARDI GRAS Fat TUESDAY has passed already & we get ready here for marie of bordeaux, france to taste her fabulous red bordeaux selections, with you all as we celebrate international women's day wed. march 8th, 2017 ...

5-8pm, free wine-tasting, ...

join us, everyone always welcome!

let's make some great noise ..

music, sounds theater, ...

plays, spectacles, cultural displays, ...

family and home appreciation ...

for all you incredibly essential, invaluable, inteligent, skilled, mothers, vounteers, business women !

we love you all, thanks for everything that you do to enrich the fabrics of our intense, complicated, fast-paced lives today!

TODAY IS BEAUTIFUL and we are all so fortunate to have this warmer, more comfortable weather to celebrate today and tomorrow, what good fortune for us all, as it is in the sixties now.
THE BORDEAUX WINES you taste with Marie will be some special Bordeaux wines from Saint-Emilion, Pauillac, Haut Medoc, Fronsac, and Margaux, yes! Some great wines to taste now and you can enjoy them all with food now and then again on the weekend when temperatures drop and we may have either more rain or even some snow?!?
TO CELEBRATE we will taste :
1) Chateau Grand Le Queyrons 2011, Bordeaux, a Cabernet and Merlot blend that is remarkable in flavor and brightness, a lovely treat to enjoy everyday at $12.99 a bottle, hard not to fall right in love with this balanced expression from a more angular, spicy and earthy year that is bestter-suited for a meal, though this wine is showing beautifully now, and may be enjoyed thoroughly with or without food!
2) Chateau Beausejour, Fronsac, 2013 : fleshier, brighter, more weight and mouth-feel, really enjoyed the wine earlier with Marie and Narayan! A Treat, $18.49 a bottle! Great deal, classic food Bordeaux with balance and a touch of fire and flame, too.
3) Chateau Rocher Lideyre, Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux,, 2008 , an amzing wine to thoroughly enjoy now. Plenty of bottle-age, some extra flesh and layers of flavor to buffer, soothe and please our senses, an insane deal at $19.99 a bottle, only $16.00 with the twenty percent we take off the bottle on Wednesday's wine discounts here!
4) Chateau Abelyce, Saint-Emilion 2010 , $44.49 a bottle, another winner that is from a great year and made from 100% Merlot. This is really rare to find in Bordeaux that almost always mixes their grapes to make their wines, It had more brawn, a higher level of acidity, is refreshing and alive and a wonderful wine to enjoy with a meal as this medium-bodied, vibrant, elegant Bordeaux will cut through many seasonings, sauces, and more! With the 20% OFF tomorrow it will cost you $35.59 for great food wine from a great vintage and more.
5) Chateau de Malleret, Haut Medoc, Cru Bourgeois, $38.49 ( with tomorrow's 20% OFF this wine will cost you $30.79, and this is amazing from the very start as the bouquet is pungent : brilliantly dirty I call it, sublimely earthy, and yet the taste when you sip it is redolent with so many amazing layers of flavor and taste that inspire, fire, flame, cajole, please, pleasure and accent our sense. It blows me away for all the brightness and fruit-developed-forward calming and entertaining accents it holds! WOW, wow, wow, wow! Love it!
6) Chateau Lynch-Moussas , 2010 , Pauillac 5eme Grand Cru Classee, $97.99 a bottle, an amazing treat this, hard to get much better for so much intensity, brightness, nervously wonderful Bordeaux-grape excitement and taste to be enjoyed with a meal, many a meal! It makes a great gift!
TOMORROW Marie can sign any of these bottles as gifts for you to enjoy now with a meal , great friends, on vacations, whatever !
OUR WEATHER IS LIKE A YO-YO NOW, so it is hard to plan, and yet it is fun, too and gives us some really special challenges to anticipate and work our ways through them.and we have so much going on on Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday - 2 Dinners Tonight, 2 Wine-Tastings and all is well and cheery and bright, breezy and clear on this drop-dead gorgeous day here in Cleveland Park. We have lots to do now to get ready for all these evening activities that originate here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.
IT'S ALSO THE INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY TODAY! WOW! Let's hear it for all women - they are lovely and inspire and fire and intrigue all us mean and we are thrilled to recognize them and their multiple talents and charms and efforts!

HEY : We Have Other Goodies for you, too :

From Santos Rivera we have : In Beer & Cider :
1) Citra Mantra India-Style Pills Lager, from OTTER CREEK Brewing Company, Vermont, " brewed with Citra hops and 100% positive vibrations. ... Citra Mantra brewed with 100% positive vibrations, the aura of the citra hops is elevated by clean-fermenting lager strain." On Special now for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. They must be Beach Boys' fans, that's the vibration I get!
2) ' Nugget Nectar " ale from the TROEGS Independent Brewing Co. is On Special for $14.99 a bottle, a tasty blend of hops here : Nugget, Warrior, Tomahawk, Simcoe, and Palisade. ... with 7.5% alcohol by volume, an an IBU of 93ish! Yes on all counts, come try some, be ignited in speaking artful soulful hops! From Hersey, PA : how about some dark chocolate on a side plate by HERSEY'S?!? Migh be glorious combo.
3) IPA from the MANOR HILL Brewing Co., On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, from Ellicott City, MD, keep cold, drink freshwith 6.8% alcohol by volume, check this IPA out for size, fit, feel, expression, smile, grin, groan, moan, magic, mystery, myriads of tastes, too! Family-owned, farm-brewed.
AND HEY Once Again, We Also Have :
From Jagir we have some amazing SPIRITS to share with you :
1) Civic Charcoal-Polished Vodka from Ivy City, Wash. DC, from REPUBLIC RESTORATIVES Distilling,  On Special for $27.99 a bottle, owned by females, FABulous products made here locally, what a treat. Support female ownership and fine-quality products and business, too! Tasty, clean, fresh, great ' cut ' on the palate and tongue, yes!
2) ' Vigilant ' D.C. District Dry Gin, On Special for $29.99 a bottle, a fresher, livelier, less-heavy, more tropical, refreshing citrus-accented gin that lilts and layers and loves and lessens our loads, made by Nicole and she knows how to make great gins having run the Gin Joint of the New Heights restaurant for the first eight years!
3) ' Borough Bourbon ' Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey , French oak finished, $51.99, Batch No. 001, this is owned by the same two women that make the Civic Vodka, and it is as impressive as the vodka, if not more impressive. Everyone loves it, great price, too! A warmer, rounder, more loving, caring embracing taste that makes all our worries and stresses melt quite literally quickly ahhhhhh away!
4) Mezcal ' Alipus ' Pink-Label Joven 100% Agave ' from Mexico, On Special for $44.99 a 750ml bottle. I recommend this for the purity, frankness and concentration of taste and flavors, for the label, too as the icing on the cake with the glorious saturation of deep pink and the word joven and SnANDRES deep blue on on the tiny upper sticker-label. I like the designs, too on both! Top-flight products!
ALSO : We Have :
1) Appalachian Whiskey from BOAR CREEK, made by E. Wright & C. Wallace Didtilleries, in Hillsvale, VA. $30.99 a 750ml bottle, cloudy, tasty, flavorful, unique-distinct tastes that add to the pool of flavors already out there, but do not duplicate them, ... a real treat : " Aged for three weeks in a little holler down in Appalachia! Mmmmmm, so goo, YES!
2) DR. STONER'S Smoky Herb flavored whiskey , $29.99, is thick, redolent and dripping oozing lush ripeness, unctuousness like honey and like pots filled to overflowing with psychadelic memories, old-and-new-and-growing-mellowing-magical-spells that may be enjoyed straight or blended and cut to make them blossom on our tongues and take flight in our bellies! Mmmmm.
3) ' Phoenix ' Limited Edition Irish Whiskey from TULAMORE DEW, with 55% high strength non-chill-filtered, $68.99, a treat with , 55% alcohol by volume, what a treat with St. Patty's Day on Friday, March 17th! We have many fine Irish whiskies here.
NOW : On This ....
TONIGHT , Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have the owner of FINCA RIO NEGRO os Spain here to pour his one dry Gewurztraminer, 2015, $18.99, dry, ... 992 estate-bottled, 55% Tempranillo , , 20% Syrah, 15% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, ...and the 2011 , $21.99, a blend Tempranillo, 20% Syrah, 10% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, .... si si si si si! Venga ici esta noche , degusta con nosotros!
WEDNESDAY, March 8th, 2017 5-8PM, taste six great Bordeaux red wines with Marie and Narayan, let;s all celebrate International Women's Day ... 
THURSDAY, March 9th, 2017 , 5-8PM : We have international rep Ajai Bhoja of his own PAUL JOHN Single Malts from India : 1) non-peeted " Brilliant " non-cask, ... 2) Classic-cask-strength , ... 3) Peeted Non-Cask, and the ... 4) Special Classic Peeted Cask-Strength , ... all tasted a week ago at the bihWhisky Fest at the Marriot/ Marquis Hotel, costing $250 and 350$ to attend, and these were appreciated by all, everything is sold-out in the country except the small amount reserved for our tasting here. Join us, have an experience here of a lifetime! Free to taste these four!
FRIDAY, Come taste with Valerie of Elite Imports as we try the great wines of Bordeaux, red and white from Joel and Sandrine Duffau of Chateau Les Arromans and La MOtte Du Barry! 5-8PM. Dry white and reds, too.
SATURDAY, March11th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We will taste Vittorio's incredible range of the TRE MONTI reds and whites from Romagna, Italy, Albana whites and also Sangiovese, ... Vittorio will be in town and we are hosting a wine-dinner with him at Piccolo's in Geirgetown on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017. Call there for the menu and to pay, will post it here tomorrow as soon as I get it!

THANKS For Everything, you all are the very very very BEST! Cheers, TONY

WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW is an old store email that I wrote and posted on March 15th, 2011, way back when. Read and enjoy it if you have the time, check for availability and also current pricing and vintages. Cheers,  TONY
I'M STARTING THE DAY OFF BEAUTIFULLY having just met again and tasted with owner Jerome R. Quoit of Chateauneuf-Du-Pape ( tasted the 2005 DOMAINE DUCLAUX $54.99 , and the  and the DOMAINE VIEUX LAZARET 2007 , $41.99 ), and some DOMAINE HOUCHART Cotes Du Provence 2006 and 2007( both $16.99 a bottle ). I liked all the wines and could see adding both the 2006 Cotes Du Provence and the 2005 Chateau Duclaux because they drink so well now. We will have some added here shortly as we need some Provence wines here desperately. It was a pleasure to meet and to taste with Jerome. I used my Flip camera and I think that I will post them on U-Tube. He says that he has complete confidence in me. We looked at what I shot and he really liked it so it will be podted soon. What fun, here on Mardi Gras with a delightful Frenchman drinking really good French wines of Provence and Chateauneuf-Du-Pape and talking about life and love and all impulses strong, healthy, good and filled with promise and cheer. What else could be better? Perhaps a cigar with beautiful people around us sipping his excellent Domaine Duclaux 2005 Chateauneuf-Du-Pape ( $54.99 ) which has layers ans layers and " niveaux " of tar, leather and tobacco and spice and dust and warmth-of-the-sun and pith and spit and sparkle and splash -panache of course ... stay-tuned for more info on these wines of Jerome Quiot.
       1) Jean Marc Espinasse , owner & wine-maker at ROUGE-BLEU of the " Dentelles "  Vin De Pays De Mediterranee )2008 ( 55% Carignan, 45% Grenache )  & the " Mistral " Cotes Du Rhone  2008 ( 75% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 3% Mourvedre, 2% Roussanne ) dry red wines. 5-7PM.
       2) Oded Shakked, wine-maker of LONGBOARD Vineyards in California tasting the Sauvignon Blanc 2009, the Pinot Noir 2008, the " Point Break Red " North Coast 2008, the Syrah Russian River Valley 2005 and the " Rochioloi Vineyard " Russian River Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007.
     TWO WINE-DINNERS -       
       1) LONGBOARD Vineyards Dinner at Ardeo with Oded Shakked, CA. $65 plus tax and gratuity. Go to : to see the full menu. Call Timothy Galvin at : 202-244-6750 for reservations.
       2) ROUGE-BLEU Vineyards Dinner at Dino restaurant-ristorante at 7:30PM. May be sold-out, call Dean and Kay to check on any available seats. The menu is on their web page and looks delicious, too.
     ASK JEAN-MARC about his American wife's delightful blog that she writes in France called : OneFrenchWordADay? LOts of people already know about it and follow it. Many will be here tonight in the store before this great meal at Dino.
     ALL WINES ARE ON SPECIAL TODAY at the wine-tasting and later at the two dinners. This is a great time to taste and to save.

BEERS From Santos Rivera :

     1) ABITA " Strawberry " , $8.99 a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles.
     2) GREAT LAKES Brewing Company " The Dopplerock " ( On Special for $9.99 a 4-pack, 12 oz bottles, Cleveland , Ohio, 7.8% alc. by volume, ) is " Round and Malty ... dopplebock lager that is German for double bock ...
LIQUORS From Ravinder Sharma ( back from India! ) :
     1) CAP ROCK Organic Gin ( $32.99, 41% alc. by volume, from Hotschkiss, Colorado, ) is getting a lot of really good press these days.
     2) KNOB CREEK Aged 9 Years Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ( On Special for $39.99, 60% alc. by volume, 120 proof ) is brand new and really exciting!
     3) DAMRAK, Imported Amsterdam Original Gin ( $20.99 , 750ml bottle ) is also brand new and really exciting. ( the old Grolsch bottle - reusable cap seal - fun ).
     4) ERISTOFF Premium Vodka - triple distilled ( 100% pure grain vodka, ) is a " new " imported vodka from France. What a great price for a 1.75ml bottle of vodka!
     VERY SPECIAL Wine-Tasting Event Opportunity Here At Cleveland Park : 
     ON Saturday, March 19th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : Come try with Regis of Roanoak Imports the great red and white burgundies of DOMAINE LEROY :
         1) 1998 Bourgogne Blanc, $59.99
         2) 2007 Bourgogne Rouge, $49.99
         3) 2000 Savigny-Les-Beaune Blanc ( White ), $127.99.
     Regis will taste other wines as well along with the LEROY Burgundy wines and we will have a great tasting.
WINES For Mardi Gras & The Week From Greg & Tony :
          WHITES :
       1) PUERTA VIEJA Blanco white 2009 Spanish Rioja from Bodegas Riojanas ( $11.99 ) is showing nicely now with food.
       2) Malvasia Di Puglia 2009 " Montevento " from Puglia, Italy ( $8.99 ) is dry and crsip and firm and a treat with a meal now.
       3) MACON-LOCHE dry white Burgundy 100% Chardonnay was tasted here last Friday and I was really very pleased as it displayed unique features and flavors that distinguished it from some of the others and yet the price is reasonable at $19.99. The owners have been here before and they also make really fine sparkling cremant from Burgundy from 100% Chardonnay grapes.       
       4) The SUPERNATURAL 2009 100% Estate-Grown Hawke's Bay Organic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Great packaging, a bottle top like a Coke bottle : BLOWS ME AWAY, Stunning on all levels. I love it! Great wine at $24.99 a bottle - great gift, perfect for tonight for Mardi Gras.
          SPARKLING -
       1) OMMARIVA Onegliano Valdobiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. Italian Veneto Brut, $19.99 is brand-spanking new and really thrilling and exciting and a new plateau, too.
       2) FRV 100 De Jean-Paul " Terres Dorees " from 69380 Charnay, France and imported by Joe Dressner ( ) is another fun, new sparkling French wine.
          REDS - 
       1) MALBEC 2009 from Mendoza, Argentina, the TAMARI Reserva ( $15.99 ) is back by popular demand and makes for a nice liquid foil to many foods. Warm you up now with these cold, breezy days and nights ...
       2) Tempranillo 2009 from Spain's Rioja region, this EL PRIMAVERA ( $14.99 ) is elegant and fine and smooth and bright, red-cherried-berried and a medium-to-light-bodied delight to enjoy as we harbor thoughts of spring these days and nights. Laurent Givry tasted it here this past Friday evening. Really nice, I liked it a whole lot.
       3)  Tempranillo 100% 2009.EL ARTE DE VIVIR 2008 Spanish Ribera Del Duero dry red ( $14.99 ) is thicker and beefier with more pillars of rock-solid flavors that was also very popular this past Friday evening when Laurent Givry tasted it. It needs a meal for me to fill it in and round it out but that did not bother many of our customers.
       4) Pinot Noir/ Gamay dry red French Burgundy blend called PASSETOUTGRAIN, 2007 from Francois Mikulski ( $19..99 ) is lovely to enjoy now with a meal as the acidity levels are still pointed and the toasty berry flavors still a touch tart and in need of some hors d'ouevres to flesh it out and make it sigh and cry with joy and murmur with pleasure and almost complete abandon and contentment ...
       5) Gamay and Cabernet Franc is it?!? DOMAINE DE LA BERGERIE " La Cerisaie " from the Loire Valley in France and from Yves Guegniard ( $14.99 ), this Anjou 2008 is a great Spring-anticipating French dry red wine delight! Best again with food - try it with whatever you grill now outside...
       6) Pinot Noir Reserva from Argentina's Patagonia region, this 2010 Pinot Noir ( $16.99 ) is only going to get better and more defined and more complex, too... it's at the very beginning of it's promising life - already very smooth and bright and freshh - now let the complexities develop ...
       7) Pinot Noir from Oregon's Willamette Valley, this " Spruce Goose " 2006 ( On Special for $17.99 ) from the EVERGREEN VINEYARD is really flavorful and with extra body and flesh and stuffing and age, too. It's got it all with the focus and the character and the great everyday price of $17.99 a bottle!
       8) 33% Cabernet Sauvignon/ 31% Merlot/ 25% Syrah/ 11% Cabernet Franc from Washington State's Columbia Valley; this 2006 " Pomatia " HELIX by Reininger ( $19.99 ) is showing beautifully, We had it open here last week and it's smooth as can be - classy and svelte and silky, too ... nice mouth-feel ...
       9) Merlot 2008 from Napa Valley in California and made by DUCKHORN, this " Decoy " dry red ( On Special for $21.99 ) is a treat to enjoy now with this cooler weather and breeze and blue skies ... and while hunting and enjoying the spoils of one's hunt ...
       THURSDAY, March 10th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have the wine-maker of DARK HORSE here to taste two of his wines. This will be the first time we have the wine-maker from DARK HORSE here. Join us, this will be another treat. Join us, never any charge.
       FRIDAY, March 11th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Matt from Washburn Imports here to taste a cross of Spanish, Italian and perhaps Chilean wines, too. Join us, never any charge.
       Saturday, March 12th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : We have Alexis here to taste some of the excellent L.A. CETTO Mexican wines - Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay and more. We were just featured at the Mexican Embassy with the Mexican Ambassador at a meal there a week and a half ago. Really nice wines at $11 and the Reserves at under $25 a bottle!
     COME SEE US NOW - HAPPY MARDI GRAS!  Jean-Marc just walked into the store and Oded is landing at Dulles or National now I believe ... we are starting to hop now!  Cheers,  TONY

Tonight Celebrate Fat Tuesday, Tomorrow Celebrate Saint Davis The Patron Saint Of Wales : Join Us At Our Big-Theme Wine-Tasting


Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

IT'S STILL WINE & Spirits' Time here , always , in all ways here - aqui - ici , and 


SALE TIME AGAIN , each and everywednesday it is wine-sale madness excitement drop-deas emotionally thrilling time to taste, invest , celebrate, be relaxed, a bit crazy and happy and smiling-full-fully-time here!


Join us here with family and friends as we taste and celebrate the wonderful contributions of women to the fabric of our lives, incredible and enriching and so appreciated.


WE are taking this whole year to celebrate the life-giving, sustaining, hope-giving, selfish-giving of women that enriches our lives so!


TOMmorow we continue this pursuit with nicole, danielle, christina pouring the wines of three aussi winemakers, one portuguese port winemaker named sophia , and more!


HERE is the lineup tomorrow : 22 wines to taste - four tables, six people poring :


TABLE # ONE : Christina M. Thornton 7 graham isaac pouring eight choices of australia 7 Portugal :

wines of hope estate : hunter valley, margaret river valley, too;

1) " Mountain Wash " Chardonnay, 2014, $16.49, hunter valley, a fuller, more mouth-filling, lulling, pleasing, rich taste.

2) " Basalt block ' shiraz 2013 , $16.49 a bottle, hunter valley : a full yet more round and mouth-satisfying taste to sip and enjoy with your meal.

3) " The Ripper " shiraz from western australia, $20.99 a bottle, more angular, sharper, more highs and lows in the flavors here, more of a fine food wine!

ALL BY Owner michael hope, a fine man, has been here many times, some really delicious wines from michael that makes fine wines, hosts great concerts at his vineyard winery, too in the hunter valley, south australia.


two from vinaceous, our dear friend nick stacy of perth, australia ;


1) tempranillo 2015 dry rose on special for $11.99, regularly $18.99 a bottle, a lovely treat, showing really well, perfect gentle madness here, a lovely flow of energies ...

2) " Voodoo moon " 2014 malbec, from the margaret river, $18.99, with 14% alcohol - i like the fruit-forward balance and charrm, warmth and generosity i feel when i taste this lovely buxom bikini-two-piece woman's wine, holding a glass of red in one hand, a skull in another. Wish nick were here to explain this label, like the wine. perhaps a woman of substance with attitude and full confidence? I think so.


two from the portuguese port house of sophia bergqvist of the quinta de la rosa :


1) ruby reserve lot no. 601 porto, $19.99, with 19.5% alcohol by volume : there is simply more taste, more flavor, more layers, more highs and lows and not just safe middles! Nice!

2) tawny reserve porto, $19.99, : same extra richness here, just a little lighter and more streamlined, love it, too, a treat!

TABLE # TWO : We have John ( Amo ) Amoroso here of Negociants Imports here pouring six selections from Australia, three ( 3 ) wineries, made by three female winemakers :
THREE From YALUMBA Winery : Louisa Rose
1) YALUMBA Y Series Viognier $13.49, a softer, riper, more flowery and free-flowing Viognier, easier to sip by itself, certainly good with a meal.
2) YALUMBA Eden Valley Viognier, $20.99, more extraction, more firmess and slower to open and shine, you have to wait a bit longer, let all the elements reveal themselves as the wine warms slowly in your glass, do not rush this!
3) YALUMBA ' Patchwork Shiraz ' , $20.99 a bottle, a dark density, a structure here that takes a bit longer to come into full focus, that crystalizes on the palate on the fourth or fifth sip!
ONE By PEWSEY VALE, a Dry Riesling :
1) A really dry , lean, mineral and great dry Riesling, $18.99,  to enjoy with a meal, not so much a sipping wine, will sing with many a dish, I can see it shining with much of the food here at NAM VIET PHO where I just had a great lunch with both pork and shrimp skewers grilled and singed and resting on a bed of shallots and baked onions, and peanuts over fresh lettuce and cucumbers and vermicelli noodles : yum! This dry Riesling would have been grand indeed with this meal!

TWO From VASSE FELIX, : Chard & Cabernet, by Virginia Wilcox :

1) VASSE FELIX ' Filius ' Chardonnay, On Special for $27.49 a bottle, ... I have not tasted this vintage so we will all see what it holds?
2) VASSE FELIX " Filius ' Cabernet Sauvignon, $$3.99, again I have not tasted this vintage, so am trusting in Amo and that I have enjoyed greatly these wines in the past!
TABLE # THREE : Charles Willis of SCHILD ESTATE Wines of the Barossa Valley, and Danielle Davidowitz pouring 2 Aussi wines, one BORGES Porto white, too :
1) 2013 Barossa GSM ( Grenache , Mourvedre, Shiraz ) , $19.99 a bottle, just tasted these awhile ago with Danielle and Charles, it is silky, soft, lulling, lilting, lovely, so pleasing, medium-to-light-bodied, fruit-forward, an elegant charmer, so easy to sip with or without a meal. Needs to be chilled slightly to get it a bit more lively, then it rocks!
2) 2013 Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, $21.49 a bottle, a really enticing bouquet, some earthier, more Bordeaux wine styles scents and tastes, I immediately gravitated into it's orbit and was happy to stay and circle round it niocely!
3) 2013 Barossa Valley Shiraz, $21.49, softer, rounder, silkier, fleshier, a lovely roundness and suppleness that hovers over your palate, that teases and tempts it, that wins the battle soon-enough and charms you utterly.
4) 2010 Ben Schild Reserve Shiraz, $50.99, made from 100+ year-old vines, this is amazing, bush vines I believe Charles said, low and intensely rich and aromatic, animal, earthy-heavenly scents and flavors that mingle, twirl, wrap themseleves permanently around your tongue, infusing their charms in a definite way that does not even have you wondering ' how? '. you are simply content and smiling that you feel this good. Trust me, wou will taste and feel much like I did. And the authority of these old Shiraz vines so close to the ground cannot be exagerated!
ONE From BORGES Porto house in Portugal :
1) BORGES White Blanco Porto, $11.99, a great warm-weather quaffer, serve chilled or add soda or tonnic water to it , also really amazingly refreshing this way as it starts to get really warm soon enough!
TABLE # FOUR : Nicole Ricard pours four from J. LOHR Vineyards, CA. Basketball madness here!
1) Fume Blanc ' Crossing ' 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, $15.49, I liked the extra weight without being heavy or cloying, it sure did appeal and please and entice me, I remember liking it very much!
2) Valdiguie ' Wildflower ' light, fruity, 2014, fruit-sun-intense-ripened-flowery-flowing mmmm, very easy, chill thirty minutes, enjoy all by itself with or without a meal, a treat, especially when it gets hot like it was here last Friday!
3) Merlot ' Osos ' 2014 Merlot, $19.99 a bottle : loved the extra sheath of grapes, their skins buffered and bulked without bulking too much, adding an eleasticity that with a chill of 3o minutes makes this wine hoot, howl and see mice in the deepest darks of night and clouds, eyes of owls and prowls, prances , preen, ohhhh, so serene!
4) Cabernet Sauvignon ' Hilltop ' , 2014, $32.99, an iconic California Cabernet! I remember years ago enjoying it with Jerry Humpreys over at a special luncheon/wine-tasting at the Prime Rib restaurant so many great years ago, and the wine never ceases to please, deliver, and fill that void that only a California Cabernet can for so many of you! Class-act, try some, dabble a little dab, a little dab will dew/ do you behind the years, and be ready for the night! HOWL! MEOW - PURR.
JOIN US tomorrow!
SAVE THREE WAYS on the wines tomorrow : two ways to save up to 20% OFF on the wines, one way to save up to 15% OFF on them!
NO CHARGE to taste tomorrow, donate here if you want to Planned Parenthood. We have a shiny bucket ready to receive the $15 for our Big-Theme Wine-Tastings we normally charge now , right by the compuer and our tasting table.

BUT HEY, WAIT : We also Have for You :

BEER From Santos :
1) ' The Abyss ' 2016 Reserve from DESCHUTES, $17.99 , 1 Pt 6 Fl. Oz bottles! " Imperial stout brewed with black strap molasses and licorice, dry spices with cherry bark and vanilla bean, 21% aged in oak bourbon barrels, 21% aged in oak white wine barrels, and 8% aged in New Oregon oak barrels.
2) Wizard of Koz , by FOUNDERS, Imperial stout brewed with blueberries, chocolate and vanilla aged in Bourbon barrels... $20.99, 10.5% alc. 1 Pt, 6 Fl oz!3) Coffee Porter from Kansas City's BOULEVARD Brewery, the ' Early Riser ', On Special for $13.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles!
1) Orchard Pear Fruit liqueur from ROTHMAN & WINTER, $28.99, from Austria, I hear that Bardeo bar might have a grand mixed drink with this?!? Our customers seem to be happy having sampled this there and at their homes!
Lightning Raven , a single cask Maryland Bourbon Whiskey , distilled in Rockville, On Special for $35.99 that was poured here recently by Ebony that has a higher percentage of Rye in it, really warming, soothing, fiery mellowing, meow!
3) ' Bourough ' Bourbon Batch No. 001 from our own D.C. distillery, the only one owned by two women, a soothing lullaby and smooth silk taste that is turning many heads each and every time that we taste it here. People - you all love it, we have sold-out many times already. Back on our shelves again, $51.99 a bottle, a real simmering lovely concoction to mellow and mild your frayed nerves!
4) KOLOA Kaua 'i Coconut natural coconut flavored Hawaiian rum, $39.99, distinct, tasty, fun, and bright, a delight now as things start to think about warming up for awhile again!
THANKS For Everything :
CELEBRATE Tomorrow , Wed. March 1st, 2017, Marty tells me that it is Saint Davis Day, the patron saint of Wales! Marty and we all will be celebrating Saint Davis!
THANKS For eveything, come and see us!
THIS IS YOUR LAST TIME TO SAVE WITH CHRIS BARKER ( Wednesday and Thursday, March 2nd and 3rd, 2011 ) before he moves to another city with his fiancee. Come and get him to help you assort a case of still wines that we have here in the store now and SAVE 20% OFF on the twelve bottles, even if they are already ON SALE. The weather is so beautiful today and you may ponder all day long what " goodies " that you may wish to purchase.
YOU CAN ALSO GET GREG'S HELP assorting a case of twelve still wines to receive your twenty percent case discount on twelve or more bottles. Coming from New York Greg may recommend one from there as he knows them pretty well. We will as you can imagine start to stock more New York state wines as a result of this to make Greg feel even more comfortable and welcome here in our nation's capitol. What do you all think of that : would you like to see us stock more New York State wines? Let us know.
THE STILL WINE SALE with 20% OFF TWELVE OR MORE BOTTLES( no bubbly or sparkling or champagne included - if you add those to your case they will get 10% OFF ) also includes :  Sake, Port, Marsala, Madeira, Sherry, all size bottles of wines and boxes of wines, too. Mix up a whole variety so that your wine cellar is fuller and more complete as ports and sherries, marsalas, madeiras and sakes are all really nice at this time of the year.
ALSO : FOR OUR TWENTY PERCENT STILL WINE SALE : ANY BOTTLES OVER $20 are On SALE by the bottle, in all sizes and this also includes all the categories mentioned above.  SO : IF YOU ONLY WANT ONE BOTTLE WITH 20% OFF make it something more special and costing over $20 a bottle.
THINGS ARE REALLY WORKING OUT SPLENDIDLY HERE as we make a smooth transition with Chris leaving us and Greg joining us. All last week we three worked on cleaning the store up, arranging it even better, working on the magnums and on the American wine sections as well as with the French and the Italian wines. We have also made more labels to put up in the store to show you where certain wines are supposed to be on a more permanent basis.
YESTERDAY GREG, SANTOS, NELSON & CHRIS all worked together to clean and paint or wine cold box and it sure does look great. Great job guys, you really made it shine and now over the week we will label and organize it better than it has ever been for easier shopping

EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE DOING IS FOR EASIER SHOPPING. That's the idea to make things more tidy and better-organized. You will see some of all of this when you come today or tomorrow when we start our TWO-DAY/ TWO-PART  STILL WINE SALE on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

     1) BUY 12 0r More Still Wines - SAVE 20%    
     2) BUY ANY STILL WINE OVER $20 - SAVE 20%
IT'S GREAT TO BE HERE AT WORK ON THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY as there is so much to tell you all and write about. I have been receiving wines for all these last two hours or so and have both a shipment of " New and Exciting " Kosher Wines as well as a " New and Exciting " batch of Georgian wines including two " new " dry red wines made from the Saperavi grape (  1) the Nata Vachnadze named after the famous Georgian female movie star of the 1030's , $14.99,  -  and the  2) 2008 Black Wine  Saperavi, both wines from Kakheti , Georgia , Unfiltered $18.49 ) ;  as well as a " new " sweeter-style red Kindzmarauli 2007 ( $14.99 ).
I WENT TO LUNCH AT Levante's just off of Dupont Circle a block down to the right. Mamuka of the Georgina House Imports invited me to this luncheon with just the two of us to try these two " new " dry Saperavi wines which I really liked and they both need a meal. They are not sipping wines as both the fruit, the acids and the tannins are healthy and out-front and the food softens them up considerably. They worked well with the lamb and the hummus and the Georgian bread that we had with our meal. I asked Mamuka to order for me as he knows both the food and the wines really well. Thanks Mamuka. We will do a tasting of all these wines on Saturday April 2nd, 2011. Join us from 3-7PM, never any charge.


     1) CHATEAU DE CAMPLAY Bordeaux Superieure 2008, $14.99
     2) Gedeon Israeli Petit Sirah 2009, $10.99
     3) Le CHALET VDP Des Cotes Catalanes 2008, $14.99
     4) Jerusalem Hills Shiraz rose 2009, $15.99
     5) Senorio Aldaz Cab. Sauv / Tempranillo, Navarra, Spain, $12.99
     6) Jerusalem Hills Cabernet-Shiraz 2009, $15.99
     These are some really exciting " new " developments and some just rolled through the door. Here they are :
     1) FOXES ISLAND Marlborough Pinot Noir, New Zealand 2004 : On Special for $19.99 a bottle, regularly $35-$40 a bottle.
     2) PIEROPAN Soave 2007, Veneto , Italy On Special for $14.99, reg: $19.99 a bottle.
     3) PODERI COLLA Dolcetto D'Alba " Pian Balbo " 2006, On Special for $14.99, regularly $22.99 a bottle.
     4) TERRABIANCA " Ceppate " , 90% Cabernet, 10% Merlot, a Bordeaux - Pauillac-style red Tuscan blend ,  2003, On Special for $24.99, ( much more, don't have the prices in front of me - great deal!
     GREAT DEALS ALL OF THESE : they are in very limited quantities so come by and check them out ASAP or call or respond to this email and we will go from there.
     NEW Dry White Indigenous Italian White 2009 :     1) CANTINA Del TABURNO 2009, $17.99 a bottle.
     1) LA POSTA Malbec " Pizella " 2008, $19.99 a bottle.
     1) Shiraz-Grenache 2008, $8.99
     2) Chardonnay-Semillon 2008, $8.99
     MADE BY the people that bring us GOTHAM, owners Kate and Bruce.
     1) MORESON'S " Pine Crest " : The Very Last Of It : Franschoek,
         a) Pine Crest Chardonnay 2007, On Special for $13.99
         b) Pine Crest Chenin Blanc, On Special for $13.99 - Reg: $16.99 a bottle.
     2) BLAUUWKLIPPEN Zinfandel 2005, Stellenbosch, On Special for $21.99, Reg : $29.99
       3)MORESON 2002 Pinotage, Franschoek, On Special for $19.99
       4) MORESON Cabernet Sauvignon, Franschoek, On Special for $19.99
LET'S NOT FORGET FRANCE : Two ( 2 ) PICPOULS - Dry Whites:Both Back By Popular Demand -
     1)  OINOS Les Perles 2009 Picpoul, Vin De Pays De L'Heurault, $8.99 a bottle.
     WOW : IT NEVER ENDS! There is always something happening here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and this is just the wine.
FOR THURSDAY DELIVERY - More Wine : SAVE 20% in a case of twelve or more bottles :
     1) WARWICK First Lady Cabernet ,  $14.99. South Africa
     2) VILAFONTE Series M, South Africa, $34.99
     3) Chateau MUSAR Lebanese  Jeune- young red/rouge, $18.99
     4) Chateau MUSAR  " Hochar " rouge, $29.99
     From Louis Foppiano, owner of FOPPIANO, CA. Wines :
     1) FOPPIANO Lot 96 Red Blend, $10.99
     2) FOPPIANO Petit Sirah, $21.99
     3) FOPPIANO Reserve Petit Sirah 2003, $46.99
 Louis Foppiano was here himself presenting these to me last week, He's done tastings here for you all in the past and he has a female wine-maker making some excellent wines.
WINEMAKER OF VOUVRAY VISITS US AGAIN last week. The last time he came it was in 2002 I believe. Here's his excellent wine to take advantage of already in the store today:
     1) 2009 " Clos Le Vigneau " dry Loire Valley Vouvray made from 100% Chenin Blanc, from A. MONMOUSSEAU, $15.99. It's superb, really a gem.
     HERE'S THE BEER From Santos Rivera :
     1) Sabor Autentico SUPER BOCK, UNICER S.A. LECA DO BALIO, Portuguese beer, 26 consecutive GOLD MEDALS, On Special for $8.99 a 6-pack, 12 ounce bottles 5.2% alc by volume.
     2) PERE JACQUES 2010 Belgian Style Ale from GOOSE ISLAND , On Special for $7.99, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz, Chicago, Illinois - inspired by visits to Belgium.
     3) Organic IPA from NAPA SMITH Brewery ( On Special for $5.99,7.1% Alc. by Vol. 1 Pt 6 Fl. Oz ) is new and exciting - at the southern gateway of the Napa Valley -

     HERE'S THE LIQOUR From Ravi Sharma :

     1) Admiral Nelson's  Premium Spiced Rum ( On Special for $9.99 a bottle, 35% Alc. By Volume ).
     2) Vincent VAN GOGH Double Expresso Naturally-Infused Coffee-Flavored vodka from Holland, $27.99 a bottle.
     3) NUDE Vodka - simply Seductive, from Oregon, $34.99, distilled from grain, tasted here now twice, ) - quite refined with some character, too : great packaging, too for a really nice gift. As it says right on the bottle : " Gorgeous in the nude ".
     4) Lisa Jewel's own Houlton, Maine USA Twenty 2 Micro-Distilled Superior Vodka. Blend-master/distiller Lisa Jewel has been here twice tasting it and selling it out each time. $32.99 a bottle with lots of fans already.


WEEK'S TASTINGS :  Wednesday,Friday & Saturday, March 2nd, 4th, and 5th :
     WEDNESDAY, March 2nd, 2011 : If we have any of the wines that Dave McIntyre writes up in the post then we will taste them out here in the store if we have time and can arrange to do so. Call to check it out and see with either Chris, Greg or me.
     Andrew Stover will be stopping by tomorrow to taste. Join us for the SAWTOOTH wines or Idaho, USA.
     FRIDAY, March 4th, 2011 : 5-8PM : We have owner of Elite Imports Laurent Givry he just called, leaving it up to us - wants to be surprised ! ) ... coming here to taste a selection of his company's excellent wines still to be determined tomorrow here in the store. Inquire with us during the sale, we will know more then.
     SATURDAY, March 5th, 2011 ( 3-7PM ) : We have Mark Congdon of JW SEIG Imports here to taste his Picpoul and more still to be decided tomorrow. Call us for more info. he promises to have some really special things for us to taste here tomorrow to help us decide which wines to taste.
     I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS. We had some great wines opne last week and I should be mentioning those from DECERO, Argentina ( Cab, $19.99 : and Malbec, $13.99 ); and the Italian wines : CASE IBIDINI Nero D'Avola Sicilian red 2008, $10.99, VALLE DELL'ACATE " Il Frappato " indigenous red grape variety from Sicily, $19.99for the 2009 vintage : and the Malvasia Di Puglia 2009 dry white " Montevento " , $8.99. These were all excellent over the weekend and we sold lots but still have some of all of these in stock today.
     THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! JOIN US for our 20% Off still wine sale ( no sparkling wines ) on 12 or more bottles on this Wednesday and this Thursday. Call Greg, Chris and me at : 202-363-4265 if you cannot come by in person and we will take your order and send it to you.
     COME WISH CHRIS " Bye Bye " and get his assistance for this last week : and come say " hello " to Greg. Cheers,  TONY

Anthony Quinn's Weekly Store Tuesday Emails Of 2/21/2017 and 2/25/2011 : Read & Enjoy Both!

Tuning-In, Tuning-Off,Tooning-Along, Actively Moving Forward!


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Cleveland Park Wines


Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 4:26 PM

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE NO MATTER WHAT! we need to work this through together. we can, we must, we certainly will!


BIG pland ahead with so many new spirits like the spanking brand ' new ' DR.STONER'S Flavored spirits that I just sampled with David Baxter and Billy Reilly : i tried three, two are available now, the third is still in the lab being perfected.


just tried a delightly modern-style valpolicella with Braydon campbell our new rep from lanterna, a 2015, $19.99 that is a bit more muscular and firm, less acidic or earthy and weedy, a cleaner taste that will hold up to many foods and please many a modern palate. thanks braydon for the taste. go to our facebook page to see the pictures i just took.

SO : let's see what lays ahead for us all now. My new approach is to stay active, focused, helpful , concerned, listening and acting when appropriate. I like that, it suits me, it means I do not fall apart, get too angry, mean or ugly. I have stopped looking much at my Facebook page and that has been helpful. I have also started to use Instagram more as there is so much visually stimulating there to look at to from foods, wines, places, cities, countries, the arts, fashion , theater, music, you name it : so inspiring to me and that feeds my soul, mind, guts, heart in ways that uplift me and make me feel more positive energy.
WE WANT TO SPREAD here as much positive energy as we can, and that is our gola, spread the wealth, share what we have, make it give us on every level more ' bang for the buck! '
SO : Let's get started, ..
in BEER and CIDER from Santos Rivera we have :
1) Irish Stout from O'HARA'S , craft brewed in Ireland, a full-bodied luxuriously smooth stout with a discernable roast bite, $9.99 for a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.3% alcohol by volume, from Carlow, Ireland : come try some!
2) ' Denali ' Imperial IPA , from the Single Hop series, from FLYING DOG ( Ranjot tells me that Denali means gun ) , On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 8% alcohol by volume, serious business, tasty, what else?!? Cheers, come try some.
3) ' Mirror Pond ' Pale Ale from DESCHUTES Brewery, On Special for $11.99 for a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles, from Bend, Oregon, family and employee-owned since 1988 : " Floral, citrus, and caramel notes, ... balanced with the beautiful simplicity of the Cascade hop. "
4) Honey Barrel Brown Ale from KENTUCKY ALE, an ' ale brewed with Kentucky honey and ginger, aged in oak bourbon barrels. " One of their seasonal series, from Lexington, On Special for $15.99 for a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles.

1) Southern Cream ' Salted Caramel ' liqueur, made with Tennessee whiskey, from JACKSON MORGAN, we have On Special at $22.99 a bottle this tasty, flavorful, balanced and good crea, that has a bit of rumble and tumble, some real attitude, an aptitude, too to please many a palate! Perfect now with cooler, wetter weather of ours. Try some. It did well when we tasted it here the other night with our local rep Andrius Miliunas of CRAFT Wine & Spirits, many of you liked and bought a bottle! YES. With 15% alcohol by volume.
     TWO Local Vermouth-style D.C. from CAPITOLINE:
1) WHITE , $28.99 with 17% alcohol by volume, : " Caroline is made by hand in small batches in an attempt to make a drink both delicious on its own and in cocktails. Use as you would your favorite vermouth. Distilled, infused, and bottled in the Capitol City. Washington DC, Peter Pasten is involved in this project. Tasty!
2) ROSE with 16% alcohol by volume, $28.99, same story as the white, a really deep rose that is like a light red vermouth in color. Try some when you need a red vermouth. Both are quite captivating!
THREE MORE : a Whiskey, Rye and Irish Whiskey :
1) Local D.C. Whiskey from ONE EIGHT , their Rock Creek Rye, $49.99 a bottle, has been quite successful in the past , now more than a year in business and we are proud to have been one of the first to sell and recommend this fine whiskey, now the Rye : a gorgeous color, a depth and purity, a clarity, an intensity that delivers character and poise, too, makes your tongue pause, yes it does! Gladly!!

2) Whiskey distilled from a Rye Mash, American oak aged, from WIDOW JANE, $52.99 a bottle, bottled by Cacao Prieto distillery, Brooklyn New York, a bit cloudy, less filtered, with 45.5% alcohol by volume, love the deep golden-ness color " I imagine so much extra just looking at it!
" It is non-chill filtered for the finest flavor.New, progressive aging techniques may cause some cloudiness of the whiskey's esters, improving the flavor, mouthfeel, and aromatics. " We agree. Cheers, come try some. Been popular with a number of our customers already.
3) Limited Release Irish whiskey from WEST CORK Distillers, hand-crafted in Ireland, ' Barrel Proof ' , made with the finest HAND SELECTED INGREDIENTS matured in Bourbon casks. $57.99 a bottle, With 62% alcohol by volume, this is for those accustomed to these stronger tastes that have more impact, pack more of a punch, that are best enjoyed once someone builds up to them, learning how the flavors and the proof can pack a definite punch that may take some easing-into, go slow, sip small sips and let the flavors linger and saturate : no need to rush anything, enjoy this special ride.
FROM Chris & Tony : FIVE Great Values : Italy, Greece :
     From Greece , a dry rose :
1) A 70-year-old Greek dry rose made with the indigenous grape there, Xinomavro, from the DIOFILI Winery in Siatista, Greece, NOW On Special for $7.99 a bottle, you have paid in the past over the three-four years $12.49 a bottle, as well as $9.99 a bottle, but not $7.99! This is the current vintage of 2015, it is fresh, lively, developing all it's flavors and tastes, a real steal for this price!Get it tomorrow, Wednesday when you mix a case of 12 bottles, and have the price drop to $6.39 a bottle!
     1) Buy any bottle ( except Veuve Clicquot or Moet & Chandon sparkling ), on any still or sparkling wine otherwise over $19.99 a bottle, and SAVE 20% OFF on the marked sticker price, whether On Sale already or not.
     2) Buy any six bottles ( Not VEUVE or MOET ), still or non-sparkling at any price and SAVE 15% OFF on the marked sticker prices.
    3) Buy any twelve ( 12 ) bottles, still or sparkling, and save 20% OFF on the marked sticker prices , except on VEUVE and MOET.
IF YOU CANNOT COME call and place your orders with Chris or Tony : 202-363-4265.
Pay on Wednesdays,
SAVE BIG on Wednesdays,
every Wednesday
here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits!

     FOUR From Italy :
1) Pinot Bianco  2015 from Italy's Sudtirol- Alto Adige region, from ERSTE-NEUE, regularly $17.99 a bottle, NOW $12.99 a bottle, ( in a case of 12 tomorrow the price goes to $10.39 a bottle! ). It is delightful, clean, crisp, alive, lively, fresh and playful, too.
2) Pinot Grigio 2015 Sudtirol - Alto Adige, from ERSTE-NEUE, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, was $15.99 a bottle, it is softer, rounder, more flowery, rounder, easier to sip all on it's own : lovely, perfect now, both this Pinot Grigio and the Pinot Bianco, it gets down on 12 or more bottles tomorrow to $9.59 a bottle, another steal at that price. Great either to sip or with food as well.
3) Chianti , Panzano in Chianti, from PANZANETTO, On Special for $12.99 a bottle, 2015, elegance, finesse, classic traditional Chianti taste with a slight edge of acidity, some attitude, som grist and grind, a perfect wine, medium-to-light-bodied, a delight to taste with some food, and to enjoy a glass or two while preparing your meal! Tomorrow in a case of 12 or more bottles the price goes down to $10.39 - another steal, run the bases, copp a steal! A home-run baby!!!!!
4) Cabernet 2014 Sudtirol - Alto Adige, from ERSTE+NEUE, fine Italian Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, or so it tastes like both blended, dry, traditional drier, more pithy, perky, less fat and guts, more finesse, less glamour, the real thing, a great food wine. Medium-bodied, the food fleshes this tasty red out, On Special for $13.99, regularly $19.99. Tomorrow in a mixed case of twelve or more the price drops to $11.19 a bottle, what a steal once again!
TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 ( 5-8pm ) : With Thomas Siegel of the Winebow Group we taste these  three fine wines of LIBRANDI in Calabria :
1) LIBRANDI  ' Critone ' Val di Neto Bianco, $17.99 a bottle, 2014 dry complex, rich, textured, layered white, with 12.5% alcohol by volume ...
2) LIBRANDI  ' Ciro ' Rosso Classico, 2014, a Gagliopo red blend from Calabria, $11.99, with 13% alcohol by volume, ...
3) LIBRANDI " Gravello " Val di Neto rosso, $33.99, 2011, the ultimate rich and complex expression of the Gaglioppo grape variety!
ALSO : From Tuscany, Tenuta Valdipiatta :
1) TENUTA VALDIPIATTA 2014 Chianti from the Colli Senesi region, $16.49, just got this back in, on Friday last week with Dan's help we tasted the 2014 Rosso di Montepulciano, $18.99, it was perfection now, drinking like the smoothest dream whetted by both the weather and our ardor, too ... the nicest balance, silk, softness, graceful, a treat now! AND : tonight we try the Colli Senesi and introduce this vintage back to you all!
AND : From Julie Johnson of TRE SABORES ..., Napa, CA:
1) " ? Por Que No ? Napa Valley red blend , $27.49 a bottle,  with 56% Zinfandel, 31% Petit Sirah  12% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Petit Verdot... what a great treat Tel : 707-967-8027 Julie is the very best, the real lady, a spectacular woman that makes very small batches of top-quality wines, some of California's very very very best!
WEDNESDAY, February 22nd, from Eric Solomon Selections we taste some great French and Spanish wines that will , guaranteed blow your minds! Amazing balance, integrety, finesse, concentration, expression!
FRIDAY, February 24th, 2017, with Wes we try a great selection of top-flight wines of Lebanon! Join us, some smashing selections.
WE ALSO HAVE KAYLA coming to pour some of the great local D.C. gin Vigilant On Special for $29.99, made by master distiller Nicole of JOS. A. MAGNUS right here in Ivy City! Cheers!
SATURDAY, February 25th, 2017 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Narayan coming to pour some amazing CA., South African, French, Italian wines to be decided tomorrow, stay-tuned!
CALL : 202-363-4265 for more info, ask for Chris or Tony.
THANKS A MILLION for everything, see you ' in a few ' as Michael Downey used to like to say, when Thomas Siegel comes with David Bonin of the Winebow Group to pour tonight.
YOU ALL are the very best, the cream of the crop, the top of the tippy-top-top-toppest! Cheers, TONY 2/ 21/ 2017



 IT'S EXCITED , REALLY IT IS : I should pinch myself I'm so excited now by the freshness of this Tuesday morning as I drove into work and the minute I got here I was already thrust into the atmosphere and life of this wine store here in our wonderful Cleveland Park neighborhood with so many fascinating people and so many things on the verge of happening like a new TACKLE BOX restaurant in the old MacDonald's location, a new venture of a steak house in the old Yanni's restaurant space at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Ordway, N.W. between Michel Richard of Central and Citronelle restaurants and the owner of Ray's Steaks ( scheduled now to open in February )! What more could we all wish for with the " new " and exciting expansion of Palena into the old Magruder grocery store and the expansion of the Ripple restaurant into the specialty shoe store?!? Exciting things are happening here in our neighborhood and I, for one would like to see Starbucks come back into the Cereal Bowl location - the original location - before it decided to leave. Bring back Starbucks! I think that many of our customers would like to see it return.

     OUR 2-DAY STILL WINE SALE is this Wednesday January 26th and Thursday January 27th, 2011. A TWO-DAY SALE : TWO PARTS :
       1) BUY ANY BOTTLE over $20 a bottle ( still wine, any size, port, sherry, marsala, madeira or sake ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked price - even if the bottle is already On Sale.
       2) BUY 12 Or More Bottle of still wines, ports, marsalas, sherries, ,madeiras or sakes ( you may assort them ) and get your savings of 20% OFF even if they are already On Sale.
     IF YOU CANNOT COME - CALL me here at : 202-363-4265 and I will help you put the order together. THE SALE is for existing merchandise already in the store.
     OTHER NEWS: I was just on the phone with Antoine Pin who's family makes wines in France's famous Chateauneuf-Du-Pape region of the southern Rhone and he's now living in Washington State and about to make his own. He called to tell me about his new wines and to ask me some questions about the Washington State market here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region. He has just started to blog about the Washington State wine business and Shawn Sullivan saw it and encouraged him to do a Part Two. Antoine and I have known each other for years and so he has seen my blog and web page at : www.cleveland and wanted to get my opinion for his next blog for the WINE INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF WASHINGTON STATE WINES. It was extensive the conversation and he recorded it and when it is out I will alert you all to it. Sounds exciting to me. Thanks Antoine, I appreciate the chance to talk about Washington State wines here in Washington D.C.
     AS YOU KNOW : We have both the SAGELANDS " Freddie's Blend " dry red of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Malbec On Special for $9.99 ; as well as the Riesling at $9.99 : and the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon both for $14.99 a bottle. They are made by a female wine-maker named Frederique. Thanks Frederique, the wines are excellent - les vins sontent tres bons, vraiment! Mercie ...
     SO MANY SALE WINES THESE DAYS as well as wines at great values here in Cleveland Park Wines, Beers and Spirits:
     GREAT WINES for the SNOW TONIGHT and to Watch The
          WHITES :
       1) CK MONDAVI " Willow Springs " Moscato California fruity, off-dry white ( $8.99 ). Brand new!
       2) Pinot Grigio from Vigneti Delle Dolomiti Mountains Italian from PRAVIS and Dr. Erika ( $13.99 ) is back in stock and it's a pure delight to enjoy with or without a meal - fresh and lively and original and true to it's roots and origin.
       3) Lugana " San Benedetto " 2009 ( $15.49 ) from ZENATO in the Veneto region of Italy, right on the southern exposure to the west of Lake Garda is a marvel and was just mentioned last week by Dave McIntyre. It's a delight to sip all by itself but will also complement many a meal. A treat - pure sunshine.
       4) Sauvignon Blanc from the organic California BONTERRA Vineyards , this 2009 blend of 60% grapes from Lake County and 40% grapes from Mendocino County in northern California On Special for $12.99 is a real steal. it's another refreshing and dry and cheerful white to be enjoyed with or without a meal. Cheers!
       5) Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Western Australia ( On Special for $13.99, regularly $19.99 ) is fuller and richer and more flavorful with a wider-broader palate than the BONTERRA and so it's a great contrast - buy some of both with the snow coming tonight and that way if you get snowed-in you all will be prepared.       
       6) Vinho Verde From GATAO ( $8.49 , 9% alc. by volume ) is back in stock by popular demand! Clean, crisp, really light and airy. It's a treat      
       7) Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere dry white Chilean from the Maule Valley , this 2009 ( $9.99 ) is estate-bottled and a treat because it has extra body and weight and will stand up nicely to this colder chill and be nice while we all watch the State Of The Union Address tonight.
          REDS :
       1) Dry Red Portuguese red blend of indigenous grapes from DON RAMON ( $7.99 ) from the CAMPO DE BORJA is back in stock and it's really very flavorful and rich and thick and it will warm you up beautifully with this cold weather. It's also a nice bottle presentation and will make a nice gift to someone wanting a good wine for this cold weather.
       2) " Field Blend " of Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot/ Petit Verdot and Syrah 2008 from C.K. MONDAVI in California has always been a fun and nice treat for our customers here. It's got flavor and character and personality and it will hold it's own against many a tasty meal.
       3) VINA HONDA Monastrell 2007 from Julilla Spain ( $14.99 ) is flavorful and robust and made with France's Mourvedre grape that is called the Monastrell grape in Spain. It's a tasty Rhone-style treat and one that we have used off-and-on here now for the past ten years.
       4) 100% Tempranillo from Spain's Ribera Del Duero region , this 2008 ( $13.99 ) is a great deal for a hearty, earthy, gutsy styled Spanish red to be enjoyed with a meal. It's rustic and best when served with food - maybe even chill it slightly for fifteen minutes.
       5) Tuscan Sangiovese dry red blend from the MOLINO DI SANT'ANTIMO ( $10.99 ), this 2009 is a fine everyday red from the Montalcino region of Tuscan in Italy. People love it: great flavor and exuberant personality and a fine graphic label, too. We sell out frequently of it and so does our supplier. Come and get some while it's still available.


     BEERS From Santos :
       1) THREE from GORDON BIERSCH : All 3 six-packs are $8.99 -  a) Czech Style Pilsner ( Crisp, robustly hopped ),  b) Marzen ( Auburn lager )  and  c) Blonde Bock ( 7% alc. by volume, - full-bodied golden )  - all from San Jose, California.
       2) Nugget Nectar from TROEGS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at $12.99 has just been released in a 6-pack and it will disappear quickly off our shelves. Get it now : only one shot at it each year!
       LIQUOR From Ravi -
     ! ) THREE Tequilas from CASA NOBLE ( ALL On Special ) : a) Silver On Special for $36.99,  b) Reposado On Special for $44.99,  and the  c) Anejo On Special for $56.99 a bottle. Ravi bought extra cases of all of these three because the quality and price ration of all three were so good. Cheers...
     WANT TO GO TO PROVENCE, France & Tuscany, ITALY? My friend and customer Mark Haskell - a chef by trading, a family that lives in the Rhone Valley of France can tell you more about these trips. Go to : Friends & Food International, Inc : 202-726-4616 to find out more. " Our specialty is culinary and cultural trips , but we also offer biking, hiking, watercolor painting, history and healthy living themed trips... we can pretty much do whatever and whenever you'd like on one of our individually tailored trips depending on your interests. "
       MY FRIENDS ED and JINNY FLEISHMAN of COMPANY'S COMING here on Ross Place a couple of blocks away also do some of the same sort of thing with trips and meals that you make and eat on the spot at their home on Ross Place just off of Macomb Street. I RECOMMEND BOTH HIGHLY as I like and respect all three of these individuals highly. Cheers, call here or there for more information.
     WEEKEND WINE-TASTINGS Friday Jan. 28th and Sat, Jan. 29th, 2011 : JOIN US - NEVER ANY CHARGE.
       Friday, January 28th ( 5-8PM ) : We have Mark Congdon of JW SEIG Imports coming here to pour his exciting " new " 2009 red Bordeaux wines which are getting so much press these days:  1) CHATEAU De TASTE 2009 from the Cotes Du Bourg ( $12.99, comes in wooden boxes for laying away and storing )  ;  2) CHATEAU VIEUX DUCHE Lalande De POmerol 2009 ( $21.99 ),   3( CHATEAU De PIN Bordeaux 2009 ( $11.99 )  ,  $0 CHATEAU ROUSTAING Bordeaux 2009 ( $14.99 )  ,  and the CHATEAU MONTJOUAN 1er Cotes Du Bordeaux ( $14.99 ). Chris and I have tasted both and liked them for either drinking now immediately in their youthful blush of flavors or for cellaring and waiting patiently on the ones like the CHATEAU VIEUX DUCHE Lalande de Pomerol. But you can try them all yourselves and come to your own conclusions. Join us. You will enjoy Mark : he's been in the business for quite some time and has been here already doing a number of our wine-tastings.
       Saturday, January 29th , 2011 ( 3-7 PM ) Estebe Salgado of Tradewinds Imports will be here tasting his Spanish and Argentinian wines. He's from Spain and has also been here doing some nice tastings with you already. Quite the youthful looker with a smile to beat and a friendly knowledge and just nice to be around, Estebe will work you all through his selection of one Spanish dry white and three other reds, two from Argentina and one from Spain. They are :  1)MANIA Dry White Indigenous Verdejo Spanish ( $20.99 ),  2) CHANARMUYO Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alta region of Argentina , this 2008 costs &16.99,   the  3) CHANARMUYO Reserva Tannat ( the grape originally from Madiran, France and famous now in Uruguay which of all the grape varieties is the highest in the natural substance Resveratrol that is good for us - they want to make Resveratrol pills now! ) from Rioja, Argentina and the  4)  LADRON ( Joven, young ) DE GUEVARRA 2009 Rioja at $13.99 a bottle. We have worked with all of these producers before and it will be exciting to see how these four wines are tasting now especially if there is some snow on the ground this weekend.
     SNOW'S COMING TONIGHT, TUESDAY, January 25th, 2011 so BE PREPARED! Come see us tonight and start to get ready to stock up. Place your order today for tomorrow's sale of 20% OFF on 12 bottles or more of still wine. Be proactive and beat the snow, SAVE THE MONEY and have some wine to enjoy while watching tonight the State Of The Union Address that begins at 8PM. I will listen to the first part myself at 8PM as I drive home as I get off tonight at 8PM. The rest I will watch at home.
     JEAN GAGLIOLO just came by with our " new " JAILLANCE French sparkling rep from New York ( Pierre Caizergues that works for friend and owner Claude Athimon ) to taste three of their sparkling wines, two from Bordeaux, France a regular brut and a dry rose ( BOTH at $16.99 - the rose is soft and velvety and creamy with no edges, the regular brut is drier with more distinct flavors ) and the Clairette De Die from France's Rhone  which also at $16.99 is drier and more distinct with nuts and exotic fruit overtones which like the other brut from Bordeaux is more stimulating and draws one out of one's shell even more because it is so uniquely distinct. They will all three be here the first week of February. Cheers.
       THANKS FOR ALL YOUR BUSINESS and come by and let's get you all set for the week and the snow and anything else that might need. We are always here to assist you plan your parties and events, meals, dinners, small or big - fancy or casual. Let us help you - that's what we are best at : trying to make your lives as easy and stress-free as possible.
     Cheers and Thanks Again ...     TONY

Anthony Quinn's TWO Cleveland Park Wines' Store Tuesday Emails From 2/14/17 & 2/14/12! Enjoy!

Celebrate Your Loves Today-Tonight/ Join Joseph & Tony W/ ConchoYToro, Martini&Rossi JuveYCamps 5-8PM


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Cleveland Park Wines


Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 4:27 PM
Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY To you all today. Wow, what a treat for me to be able to write an email on the day itself. OH THE PRESSURE!
SOME OF YOU, perhaps many of you do not like or wish to celebrate Valentine's Day and so we welcome you hera ll day and the early evening before we close to celebrate yourself, your special one, others, the arts, culture, food and wine, cider and beer , waters , spirits, liqueurs, places, settings, moods, manners, mysteries, fantasies, seas, lands, skies, mountains, valleys, cul-de-sacs, avenues, boulevards, streets, cities, countries, days and nights, sunsets, sunrises, moons and stars, clouds, sun and sunshine, shadows, pastures, meadows, horses, rabbits, cats and dogs, treasures, reefs, corals, blue waters, oceans, streams, rocks and climbing, skiing, sledding, surfing, searching, wanderings, wonders, schooling, learning, reading, discussions, heart-to-heart conversations, .... you get the idea now : celebrate all your loves, lives, get rejuvenated, and    ....   AND :
COME TASTE Tonight Here with Joseph and Tony : we will celbrate all this and more, community, togetherness, love, laughter, smiling, giggling, ... and enjoying both sparkling and non-sparkling wines, dry and sweet tonight here, FREE, Join Us - what fun it all will be!
I AM ALL JAZZED UP about today as to me it is arranged and oversold and commercialized, and yet the pure original ideas of this day are good and just a great reminder to all of us to not forget that special one or ones in our lives!
SAW THE movie " Lion " with my wife on Sunday and loved it. Hard to watch but it sure was a great true story that I am glad to have seen told on screen and that shows the good in all of us, our eternal spirit that will continue on through good times and bad times.
I HAVE AGAIN walked our aisles and these are some of my many inspiriations for today and tonight, and the rest of our week, too.
IN BEER from SANTOS we have to offer :
     1) Radler beer with fruit soda , a malt beverage specialty, from STIEGL, Salzburg, Austria, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce beers, with 3.2% alcohol by volume, this is a delight, refreshing, and a great way to start any special moments you all have in mind, or will be surprised with! Very pleasing, really specially nice.
     2) " The LOVE " is a local wheat beer made in Charlottesville, Virginia, by the STARR HILL Brewery, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles. A fine effort of more legance and finesse, nice to sip. Another nice way to start this special evening with that special one in your life.
     3) ' Flesh & Blood ' IPA India Pale Ale, , 6-12-ounce cans from DOGFISH HEAD: " An honest to goodness India Pale Ale brewed with a bevy of real citrus including orange peel, lemon fresh & blood orange juice. " On Special for $14.99, refreshing, tasty, great for this cold weather with the snow flurries earlier with possibly more to join us later?!? Yes, si oui, bueno, magnifique, nice!
FROM Jagir To Celebrate Tonight & Thru Week!
          LIQUEURS :
     1) Irish cream liqueur from BRADY'S made with the finest single malt Irish whiskey, produced in small batches, using local Irish ingredients, product of Ireland, qith 17% alcohol by volume, and On Special for $12.99! My daughter and wife say they are drinking Bailey's when they enjoy this at a $16 savings! I would say that is pretty good, and the taste is there to back it up, come get some and enjoy!
     2) Black Joe Coffee Liqueur , made with the Mayorga Coffee Co. and the TWIN VALLEY Distillers in Rockville, Maryland, On Special for $25.99 a bottle : decadently thich, rich, oozing concentration depth and stick-to-your-mouth-and insides, such a wonderful way to relax, smile, enjoy, and combat the cold and wet outside , and give love a chance to flourish, blossom and be!
JoAnn our local rep will be here tasting it again with you all this coming Friday, February 17th, 2017, 5-8PM : join us for that as she and I taste you on some great wines and spirits!    
3) 1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey , a handcrafted Spirits distilled in Rockville, MD from the TWIN VALLEY Distillers, On Special for $35.99 a bottle, and a richer, more intense and rich, yet refined and smooth taste once again that JoAnn will taste here this Friday with you all. It is like an Armagnac versus a Cognac - more fire and flame and warmth exploding onto your palate and tongue and impressing, pleasing, flattering all your senses, too.
     4)  Colorado Whiskey STRANAHAN'S On Special for $35.99, from $49.99 a bottle ( great product, great savings! ), from Denver, Colorado, : " Born in the fires of George Stranahan's old barn, our whiskey has always been hand-crafted exclusively with Colorado grains and Rocky mountain spring water. " It is double-distilled in small batches, a blend of four barleys and aged in virgin-charred American white oak barrels. The color, the bottle, the label, the bouquet alone once you open it and it whafts up into your nostrils and draws you closer to it, all as it should be, perfect purr-fect for Valentine's Dat today and tonight!
ALSO : available the ' Diamond Creek ' On Special for $35.99, take your pick?!?
     5) Grain-distilled English vodka from THREE OLIVES is On Special at the great low price of $16.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, tried-and-true, stood the test of time, here at a great price, a handsome sleek beautiful bottle, labels, and perfect to celebrate tonight Valentine's with that special one in your life, or special ones if you are gathered together with friends as well.
WINES By Chris & Tony : Mostly Fruity, Off-Dry!
          FOUR Dry wines to celebrate tonight :
     1) Pinot Gris California's Carneros Valley, from ETUDE, a 2014 dry white On Special for $19.99 ( buy it tomorrow and SAVE 20% OFF this sale price and pay only $16.00 for the bottle!, regularly $27.99, so that is $11 off that price tomorrow! Call : 202-363-4265 if you cannot come and pick it up at your convenience. Perfect now for this cold and damp and possible snow? A real treat.
     2) Rosat Cava from BOHIGAS , a Brut-Dry Spanish sparkling flavorful, full and rich on the palate, long finish, fills your senses almost to full, splendid, beautifully rich heartfelt heartstrong heart-warming color to flame and flesh and flatter us all! $20.99, will hold it's own to some dark chocolate, a treat! Enjoy tonight.
     3) ' Radici ' from PALTRINIERI , Emilia Romagna, on Saturday afternoon with Robert Kennedy pouring was amazing from start-to-finish, a flavorful unfiltered dry rose , On Special for $19.99, that would be FABulous tonight with dark silky sparkling slicing-dicing-dashing DARK chocolate au-lait, too.
     4) ' Essential Xarel-Lo ' indigenous dry sparkling spumante Spanish Cava from JUVE & CAMPS, $17.49 a bottle, ...
WILL OPEN  and taste this tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day and all our loves, loves, special celebrations! Join me and Joseph tonight. Free wine-tasting , you are all invited! 5-8PM.

     5) FRanciacorta Brut from ELISABETTA ABRAMI, only $27.49, a ridiculously-inexpensive price for all this amazing taste and flavor, the only sparkling wine that passionate wine pros thinks comes close to real French champagne, this is amazingly elegant, bright, silky, polished, love it!

          OFF-DRY Treats To Celebrate Tonight :

       THREE From Greece :
     1) ' Deus '  SAMOS Greek Muscat, $10.99 a bottle for a golden expression, great value, too ... of peaches, apricots, honey and delicate nuts, yum!
     2) Mavrodafni of Patras , a drier-sweet-style wine ( Rot Suss, ) , $10.99, from Greece, rich dried fruit flaavors that are thick, dense, seep and weep and wish and wonder us all to wander closer to where this is made, and sold to us all at such low prices for all that we get! Perfect with tarts and pastries and pies, and so many sweets tonight to flame our passions and falir our smiles.
     3) ' Princess ' sweeter yet still not too swee-styled Syrah from Greece's EVANTIS Estate, a 2013 vintage-dated, 500ml with 14% alcohol by volume, $27.49 ( I have some here to taste you all on tonight, come taste! ) , it is magnificent, a real gem, a real star!
          FOUR from ITALY :
     1) ' Pineto ' Brachetto D'Acqui sweet           `        a delicate pink color, rose blush that will make our smiles blush, too with satisfaction, lovely! $19.99 a bottle, 2014, with 5.5% alcohol by volume, a true pure delight from Italy's Piemonte region! 375ml bottle, perfect size.
     2) ' Dolcemente ' Cabernet Sauvignon and Cesanese semi-sweet 375ml bottle, from outside of Rome, Italy , from Cantina GABRIELE, $6.49 a bottle, great to enjoy, richer, denser, more dark color and body than the delicate Brachetto!
     3) Brachetto from Piemonte from CASCINA FONDA ' Bel Roseto ' 2015, $22.99, with 6.5% alcohol by volume, again silk and subtle refined delicate flavors with accents of strawberries, cherries, cranberries, so smooth , like a welcome feather's touch that makes you turn, enjoy, and want more.
     4) " Voulet " sounds just like the French ' Voulez " which is the polite way to ask : " Do you want ... ?!? " , the rest is up to you both, as you sip this Italian Piemontese drier-sweet-styled red  ( we have it open here, ask me for a sip when you join us here later ), ... $16.49, a favorite all year riound here, the women love it sooooooo!
SAVE ON WINE HERE each and every Wednesday! Call Chris or Tony ( me ) for more info, pay on Wednesdays and always save! 202-363-4265.
Week's Tastings :

TONIGHT : ( 5-8PM ) : We have a Valentine's Day & Night, ALSO : Celebrate yourself, your love, your other loves, and enjoy, smile, relax, feel love and appreciated, too! WE have the ROSA REGALE sparkling red to taste here from BANFI, $21.99, that has always been so successful! Cheers, Join us as we taste you all on some fun, exciting wines for tonight and throughout this week, as many will still taste good three-five days after open!

WEDNESDAY , February 16th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Narayan Campbell here to try some great wines for this cold and damp , breeze, wind, sunshine, bare trees, bristle, brrrrrrr ... will leave it all one big surprise for you all!
FRIDAY : February 17th, 2017 ( 5-8PM ) : TWO tastings :
     WINE : With me, Tony, I will open the ETUDE Pinot Gris 2014, some of the JUVE & CAMPS Spanish sparkling wine, maybe a dry French rose or two?!? Will see, have a number of wines up my sleves, feeling a bit uncomfortable, so will unload and share them soon with you all!
     SPIRITS : TWIN VALLEY Distillers in Pikesville, MD : We have Evony here to taste these with you all, join us, 5-8PM : may have up to five to try like the last time we did this with JoAnn! I mentioned two above, there is also the excellent Rye, and more.
SATURDAY, February 18th, 2018 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Andrew Stover here to work some magic with all his fine wine selections, still to be decided tomorrow. Stay-tuned for more soon.
THANKS For Everything, you all are the very very very best. We love and appreciate all that you do for us. Thanks. We could do none of this without your suppoert. Cheers,
JOIN US TONIGHT to celebrate life, love, loves, being here together, feeling appreciated and wanted. Take care,  TONY 2/14/2017
WHAT FOLLOWS Below is an old email I wrote on February 14th, 2012, Valentines' Day way back then! Read and enjoy if you have time, check for current vintages, prices, availability, too! Cheers, thanks again, celebrate all your loves for yourself, for others, for that secial one, for the arts, culture, food and wine, place, setting, everything you love! Cheers,  TONY 2/14/2017
That's okay, I have been thinking a whole lot about it even around the very sad passing of Whitney Houston over the weekend. That is truly a great loss and one that many of us are grappling with now. Of course her famous song written by Dolly Parton : " I Will Always Love You " is a perfect Valentine's Day song and last night I admit after making a pre-Valentine's Day dinner I did listen to it twice and my spirits rose each and every time that her voice rose. Both a broad smile and a tear welling up in the corner of my eye each time. This morning I was comforted and joyed and overwhelmed once again as I listened to her to her sing our national anthem, especially the last few words that rallied my spirits to such an excitement and joy.
IT'S OUR Monthly 2-Part  Still ( Non- ) Wine-Sale Tomorrow and Thursday ( 2/ 15-16 / 2012 ) here at Cleveland Park Wines :
     1) Buy any  non-sparkling bottle of wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price, even if the wine is already on sale.
     2) BUY Any 12 Bottles of Still Wine ( includes sake, port, sherry, marsala, madeira, half bottles, magnums, box wines - ANYTHING bust sparkling wine and liquor ) and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker prices, even if they are already On Special! What a deal! SAVE, SAVE and SAVE some more here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.
WE STILL HAVE A FEW BOXES of Bailey and Saif's D.C. Chocolates here for Valentine's Day up at our register, starting at $10 a box, they are the real thing, distinct, flavorful and offer everything that one could want : all from the best ingredients and not with lots of filler and things that are less desirable ... the creme de la creme caramels and more ... dark chocolate ... oh yeah ...
SO : I have just walked the aisles here in the store in search of some PERFECT LAST-MINUTE Valentine's Day gifts and ideas to enjoy with that someone special in your lives. There are so many great ideas and I have gathered just a few now to share with you all.
MOSCATO D'ASTI from Cascinetta VIETTI, this Castiglione Tenella 2011 from Italy's Piemonte region ( $18.99 ) is one of the great examples of the perfect marriage and harmony and pleasures to be found in combining in one's mouth the flavors of peaches and nectarines, pears, and apricots ( YES : some of all of those flavors ) with accents of various nuts, and splashes -dashes of honey, too. It's an amazing experience when it gets to this level. There's also an amazing brightness and airiness that I love here - not heavy and cloying, refreshing. The flavors sort of pause and gain speed and emphasis and definition and clarity like Whitney's voice does as she sings " I Will Always Love You ". Drink some of this VIETTI 2011 Moscato and listen to Whitney sing at the same time and see if you do not taste and experience some of this harmony and correlation between the two? It's pretty amazing, really. It's worth every cent of this $18.99 and more.
WHEN MOZART WAS ALIVE he loved the Bricco Mondalino Dolce Stil Novo off-dry red made from the Malvasia Di Casorzo D'Asti grape of the Piemonte region of Italy as well. This is made by GAUDIO ( $28.99 ) and it's made from 100% Malvasia Rossa. It possesses a light, cherry color, it's fizzy, delicately sweet. I like it's elegance and finesse, makes me think of fresh rose petals, even of raspberries and blackberries. It depends on what part of the taste you are at at any given time : the start, the middle or the long and wonderfully lingering finish? I even get accents of red currants. The flavors, too are refreshing and airy and gravity-defying and they cleanse and refresh me rather than weigh me down. Chill slightly and tonight on Valentine's Day serve some strawberries or other berries; perhaps a simple fruit salad and desserts, of course : the simpler the better. Let the flavors speak for themselves and not fight amongst themselves.
BANYULS 2000 Vigne D'En TRAGINER ( $34.99 , 375ml bottle ) from EY is another " classic " Valentine's Day great off-dry red to enjoy with that someone special. There is no better, that's why it is still the great treat for this time of year. It's French and from the southwest of France and we want everyone to taste some of it. Every time that an article comes out on wines and beverages for Valentine's Day this is mentioned at the top of the list. You don't need a whole lot : just a little bit coats the palate and intrigues, teases and YES : PLEASES. You can close your eyes and tilt your head back and get that dreamy smile, you know that expression : like true love : goofy even and yet so marvelous and so wonderful and so all-consuming. It's a revelation, it's a special treat. You will taste all kinds of wonderful nutty flavors. Imagine all the nuts that you love in the world - all coming together to please. Imagine a bit of chocolate as an accent? It's there , faint but unmistakable.
BUT HEY, SOMETIMES we all need something that's even more subtle and delicate and polished and refined. So here's a lovely ethereal, silky, really refined taste that just skips daintily over your taste buds and like the swish of a skirt or the turn of a shoulder and the break of a smile can reduce us to that state that we all say : " they're in love ". WE all want to be in love. So here's a step in the right direction :  
     1 NEBBIOLO ICE 2010 from Virginia's BREAU Vineyards in Purcerville. It's got a deep amber color that is warming and welcoming all in itself. Made from grapes that are frozen after the harvest ( $24.99, 375ml bottle ) these Nebbiolo grapes were plucked from their frosty vines on the morning of the final day of harvest. High in natural sugar frozen and pressed quickly : the taste is a wonderful blend of nuts and peaches and pears and has really delicate splashes of honey, too. It's hard to pin-point : every time that you do the flavors change in your mouth and erase almost completely what preceded these " new " flavors. It's fun, it's a challenge to describe except to nod your heads and smile sheepishly and know that you are all enjoying the flavors perfectly. It's another treat and this one's from our own back yards. For more info go to : The residual sugar is 12%.
THEN THERE IS ALSO GREAT golden liquid flavors that come from apples! The FOGGY RIDGE " Pippin Gold " , $28.99 , : it's a delicious, deep and thick, viscous melting and simmering and brewing and story-telling of the Newtown Pippin apple with Grimes Golden, Ginger Gold and Golden Delicious apples. Wow, a little bit goes a very, VERY LONG way in flavors, harmonies, rhapsodies and it will be a great one for this romantic evening! For more info go to:, 18% alcohol by volume.
WE JUST HAD OWNER ANDREA of her family's CASA LARGA " Created for everyday enjoyment " - LILAC HILL Finger Lakes Table Wine ( a blend of Riesling and other grapes ) that is medium-sweet and only $10.99 a bottle. This is perfect to sip and enjoy later tonight as it is lighter and refreshing and not cloying at all. For more info go to : or call : 585-223-4210. Only 11% alcohol here so really easy on the system.
THEN YOU CAN SKIP ACROSS THE U.S. and discover the fabulous OKANOGAN Estate & Vineyards 2006 Ice Wine made from the Chardonnay grapes in the Orchard Hills Vineyard of Washington State. This half-bottle ( 375ml bottle sells for $37.99, go to : www.okanoganwines. We just got some recently when Andrew Stover tasted Ean and me on it. We loved it, especially Ean. He's a big fan of these " sticky wines " and so our collection is definitely expanding as a result.
BUT THEN AGAIN, SOMETIMES a dry wine is in order as well and so for fun, quick last-minutes we have BOTH the MONTEFORTE D'ALPONE dry red and dry white blends from Veneto, Italy here for only $7.99 a bottle! Great flavors and taste and labels and blends. The red is a blend of RABOSO and MERLOT ( quite bold and flavorful and the Raboso flavors give nice spice and individula herb and pepper flavors while the Merlot acts like the flesh of the wine ) : and the dry white is a blend of GARGANEGA and SAUVIGNON BLANC grapes( it's dry and got some good body, bright, with some good acidity, too ).
     Saperavi and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes blended together at CHATEAU MUKHRANI, this 2007 ( $17.99 ) is hearty and robust and very flavorful and best with a meal. It's from Georgia and it will be tasted here this coming weekend I believe, Friday the 17th, 2012 with our new French rep Virginie.
     60-Year-Old Non-Irrigated vines in Apalta, this 2008 CLOS APALTA Limited-Release CASA LAPOSTOLLE dry red blend ( On Special at $58.99, regularly $79.99 ) is a real treat. WE also have some of the 2006 available at the same price. The 2006 was drinking like a dream the other day when Paulette tasted it with our customers. I would have bought a bottle myself at the time it was so good : that's how much I really enjoyed it. It surprised me a whole lot and that's always a great thing. I like being surprised especially when it's in a positive way like this!
BUY ANY OF THE WINES LISTED ABOVE TODAY / tonight and get another 10% OFF the sticker prices! SAVE and ENJOY some more!!!!!!
BUT WAIT A MINUTE :  Valentine's Day is not simply about wine, it's also about beer and liquor, too!
     1) Imperial Choklat Stout  ( $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz. bottle, ) from the Blackwater Series : " The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl ( ch-co-atle ). " This would be great tonight on Valentine's Day!
     2) Lips Of Faith Series ( with a name like that? and for Valentine's Day?!? ) Biere de Mars, Ale Brewed With Spices ( On Special for $6.99 a bottle, 1 Pt. 6 Fl Oz. , alcohol 6.2% by volume , Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium Brewing , )  " is a celestial collision of orange-hued ale, citrusy lemon Verbena, and unidentified flying brettanomyces, launch to new ". Great label, a great " must-try " tonight.
     3) Baba Black Lager Usda Organic from United Brewing Co. in Salt lake City ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles , ) is " new and exciting " and with a cool label. 
     4) XXX Weisse ( another great name for Valentine's Day! ) from RIEDER Feinste Innviertler Braukunst ) is a malt liquor, 6.5% alcohol by volume ... and also very new and very exciting. Check it out! It's a " supercharged Hefe-Weizen which is equal to a Weizen Bock beer. Very drinkable, yet rich and mouth filling. ... a true specialty from the Rieder Brewery ".


     1) Elit STOLICHNAYA Ultra Luxury Vodka ( $58.99, 750ml bottle , 40% alcohol by volume, ) is also kosher for Passover. What a treat. Great bottle and package andpresentation.
     2) Gin, Gold River " Traditional " ( $26.99, 47% alcohol by volume, Batch # 10 ) is distilled and bottled by Maine Distilleries, LLC. Freeport, Maine, USA is made from 100% neutral spirits, distilled from Maine potatoes.
     3) LINIE AQUAVIT Fabrik Maerke ( $27.99 ) from Norway ) is " taste that really travels ". From Oslo, for more information go to : We are thrilled to have it here : there's a real demand for these aquavits and there has never been enough of them here in Washington D.C. to satisfy the demand. Cheers.
     4) Irish Whiskey Special Reserve from MILLARS ( Adam Millar & Company , On Special for $29.99, 40% alcohol by volume , for more info go to : ), was established in 1843 , and is from Rivertown, Dundalk. Co. Louth. It's just arrived here this past week. I still have not tried it.
    TONIGHT : Valentine's Day : I will have at least one red open to celebrate if you all come by and need some last-minute treats. I may do more, it depends on how many of you all show up to start celebrating here before going on to a dinner ...

     Friday, February 17th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Virginie coming to pour a selection of excellent Georgian wines that include at least one rose and one white and two or three reds, too. Discover the Saperavi grape with Virginie.

     Saturday, February 18th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) :  Chris Bartha of Cobblestone Cellars will be back to taste some of the really fine COOPER Vineyard wines of Virginia that include the great chocolate-infused " Noche ", $18.99  Norton grape - PERFECT FOR TONIGHT!!! ,  as well as a killer Viognier and two great reds : a Petit Verdot and a Reserve Norton. Chris will also pour some of the HANS WIRCHING dry German rose trocken from Franken. It's a Rudi Wiest selection and sells for $14.99.

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to post this so you can/ may all read it and get here in time for all your Valentine's Day needs! We can help, we want to help you!  Check out web page :, we are also on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and follow my blog at :,

GET OUR BAILEY & SAIF D.C. Chocolates here for tonight and for Valentine's Day. Starting at $10 a box ... caramels, dark chocolates, ginger and sea salts and more natural flavors ... distinct and personal and delicious!

THANKS AGAIN for everything ... Happy Valentine's Day Today : come by tonight for last-minute things and then again tomorrow for our TWO-DAY Still-Wine TWO-PART SALE. Read about it above and SAVE 20% On Your Still Wine Purchases Wednesday and Thursday ( 15th-16th, 2012 ) here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits! Cheers,  TONY


Come Join Us For Our Valentine's Day & Night Tasting Tomorrow, February 8th, 2017

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Celebrate Your Love, Black History Month, Appreciate Women's Invaluable Contributions ...


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Cleveland Park Wines


Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:56 PM
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, will be unseasonably warm today on this Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 day, as my wife and I celebrate 36 years of marriage, listen to the Senate confirmations on the radio here at work ( our education is key to a strong society and economy and country ), and I am feeling both worried and proud, on the edge, anxious, thrilled, so happy that yesterday I was outside in a t-shirt enjoying the warmth and sunshine, and thinking to this busy week here in Cleveland Park.
WE CELEBRATE BEING ALIVE and many things now, and this Big-Theme Wine-Tasting of 25-30 wines, with six passionate wine professional wine-lovers will be a grand treat indeed.
TO PAY and ATTEND, go to : and pay the $15 that will later be applied to any purchase you make of the bottles tasted.
DATE : Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
TIME : 5:30-8:30PM.
COST : $15
WE ARE celebrating so many things as well as Valentine's Day. I am so pleased to celebrate this month of @BlackHistoryMonth, and so excited that I saw the movie about the black women labeled " computers " in the late 50's and early 60's that worked at NASA in Virginia and helped to get John Glenn and others into space and onto the moon! The movie outraged me that it took so long to acknowledge these wonderful young black women and their invaluable contributions to our lives and country and world. I was so excited when actor Kevin Costner hammered-down the ' Colored ' metal signs for the bathrooms then! That made me proud to be an American, proud that someone did something to abolish that should never - ever - have been.
WE CONTINUE  to celebrate women and all that they contribute to the fabric of our lives, INVALUABLE. We started in January and only made it so far so I had the idea to extend it to the whole year of 2017. We will celebrate many of our wonderful women's causes, too here. Just inquire, or tell us which are nearest and dearest to you, and we will do what we can to include them.
WE CONTINUE  this to be a second or third home for all you spectacular women : 51% of our population that we would be miserable wretches without! Let us know what we may do for you to add in any ways that we can to your lives. You inspire all of us, you are a true inspiration. There were many wonderful scenes, like when astronaut John Glenn broke away to go and shake the hands of the group of ' computers ', loved that, I clapped in the movie during both these scenes, proud to clap, proud to show my appreciation for all these amazing contributions!

SO : Come celebrate with us tomorrow, try between 25-30 wines, enjoy a full range of wines from around the world which include : South Africa , Spain, Moldova,  California's  TRIONE Vineyards & Winery wines, Italy, France, Argentina, the Basque country, Bulgaria, Portugal, ...

     1) Stephen Watkins, of the Winebow group
     2) Stacy McArthur and Serghei Gulceac of their own Old Town Cellars
     3) Megan Charnero of Well Crafted Wine & Beverage Co.
     4) Diana Richer of G&B Importers
     5) Christina Caswell of Kysela Pere Et Fils Et Fille Imports
     6) Reid Harper of TRIONE Vineyards & Winery
TABLE # ONE : Stephen , of the Winebow group pours sparkling and still wines of Spain :
          THREE  sparkling spumante Cavas, ONE still dry white blend  from JUVE Y CAMPS : I like the expressiveness and individuality here : wines made to suit their place of origin and all that is wonderful from Penedes, Spain, including the jambon that is cured so devilishly inextricably wonders-of-wonders-tastes-of-tastes GOOD, to need these wines to make the whole place get up, dance, sing, smile, and be comfortably loved.
     1) Gregal D'Espiells 2014 dry still ( non-sparkling )  white, 3-grape blend, $14.49, rich, full, some real  body, great cold-damp-weather white!
          Sparkling Cavas :
     1) Cinta Purpura Reserva N.V. Brut,  of JUVES Y CAMPS Cava$16.49 a bottle : a great discovery here, do you agree?
     2)  2013 Essential 100% Xarello indigenous grape variety cava, Brut , $17.49, that added depth and character that plumbs us deeply delightfully so much so that we are stopped to reflect our exact state of well-being at that exact moment?!!
     3)  Brut 100% Pinot Noir NV dry rose, $16.49 ( Chris just enjoyed a glass last week during Restaurant Week and came back really pleased. ) Some impressive liquid solidness of the Pinot Noir grape that sparkles and spews splashes, spurts tenderness in a big comforting bear-hug to top all liquid bear-hugs!!??!!!!
          TWO Still dry  reds, Spain  :
     1) Enrique Mendoza Tremenda 2014, 100% Monastrelle ( also called Mourvedre in France ), $13.49 : layered, full, really rich! Chris was really impressed with it.
     2) SVMMA 2008 dry red Rioja blend including some kick-perfect Petit Verdot , $32.99 : this blew my gaskets to smithereens! Loved it! Enjoyed it here, took the bottle home and enjoyed it with my family at our meals and was ' under it's spell! " Earthy, musky, masked, unmasked, gruff, abrupt, smiling, eyes-determined, knowing it's value, it's place, no apologies, just layered of focused tastes and flavors filling many nooks, many crannies, many divides, many gulches, many ravines, many air pockets down low in cave and grotto, and up-high in mountain, hills. rolling lush meadows, ... an amazing liquid work of art! I think I like it?!?

TABLE # TWO : With Serghei Gulceac and Stacy McArthur of their Old Town Cellars Imports, fine wines of Moldova & more!

     1) Crisecco Vin Spumant Alb Brut Nomen est Omen CRICOVA Winery, $13.49, Original sparkling dry white blend , brut, from Cricova, Moldova. Made from 90% of the indigenous grape variety Feteasca Alba, and 10% Muscat, with 12.5% alcohol. I was pleased, so delicate, so subtle and fresh and lilting and refreshing in it's understatement. This is to be sipped slowly, some food to flesh it out at first, some appetizers from Marco across the street at Byblo's Deli for example, or go down to Coppi's Organic and get a pizza made in their brick oven? The food gives it something to hang around longer so that the taste lingers and fingers, splashes, pokes and pleases just that extra millisecond or more. Mmm. Great price, too.
     2)  Feteasca Alb 2013 VINARIA Din VALE , $10.99, an impressive dry white with great distinction, clean clarity, alacrity, presence and poise, to : like it, refreshing!
     3) Feteasca Regala Vin sec alb , $10.49, here we have so much depth, presence, perfume of grapes that resonate, reverberate, insinuate, seduce and lull us into a state of comfort, too! Yes!
     4) Feteasca Neagra vin sec ' Rosu ' 2014, , $11.99, made from the indigenous 100% Feteasca Neagra an indigenous grape that develops, evolves, perks and percolates, simmers, summers, winters, wander, wonders into dried fruits like plums and prunes and other stimulations, elations!From Calarasi, Moldova, 14% alcohol by volume, Yes!
TABLE # THREE : Megan Charneco of Well Crafted Wine & Beverage imports ... Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Italy ...
     1) Alto Landon Dona Leo , $17.99
     2) Ixeia Blanco Chardonnay , $10.99
     3) Alto Landon Rayelo Bobal dry red, $21.99
     4) Ixeia Tinto dry red, $10,99
     5) Aravissa Malbec, $15.49
     6) Capello Prosecco, $16.49
     Megan is new tasting with us. I asked her, last-minute to come up with her ' faves ' to pour here for you tomorrow. I have not tasted them, am trusting her here. I asked her to write something for us all :
     " [ Tony and ] I have selected some beautiful wines at incredible values for your special celebration this Valentine's Day. I chose to focus on incredible female winemakers from around the world and their impressive passion projects. From bubbles to the unique Bobal grape, you're guaranteed to fall in love with these wines. Celebrate you this Valentines' Day and treat yourself! "
     1) Pixels sparkling Glera indigenous grape wine, $21.99 a bottle, subtle, velvet finesse and flowery fragrances whaft so smoothly up into your head and play gently with your state-of-excitements! $15.49, a dry brut, Thracian Valley, Bulgaria : sooo much fun.
     2) Jampal really really so very rare and wonderful dry white grape variety, indigenous, called Jampal, from DONA FATIMA, Cheleiros Manz, from Lisboa Portugal, 2015, qith 12.5% alcohol by volume, $28.49, I loved the dense dwelling depth living deep and far, close and fragrant, flowers and honeys and miels and creames cremes of " de la " fleshy grape essences that are both opaque and translucent at the same time. Ola, bom dia , obregado amigos, amigas!
     3) 2015 Rose of Pinot Noir from BLAIR Estate, Arroyo Seco, California, On Special for $26.99 a bottle, looks unfiltered, looks cloudy and un-fines, like pink salmon-colored rose clouds to hand all your weight, worries, maladies, problems, stresses at, then be bolstered, be amazed, Maybe, NO : definitely Paul I am bloody amazed, well-amazed, finding myself in this wonderful maze and daze and doze and delight of liquid walls of Pinot Noir grapes - suspended inside the grapes after fermentation! YES! Love this!
     4) Tanta Miuda ( and indigenous grape variety from Portugal ), 2015, from FIUZA, estate-bottled, young, joven, jeune, gentil, graceful, smooth, still developing a whole lot, needs to breathe an open-up, no need to rush this delightful dry red that needs the chill of forty minutes to make it POP and burst as is it's rightful state! $14.49, 13.5% alcohol by volume.
     5) Mavrud 2015 indigenous red grape variety from Bulgaria, from VILLA YAMBOL, $9.99 a bottle, from the Thracian Valley, with 13.5% alcohol by volume, I LOVED the authenticity, correctness, firmness, spice, pepper, alacrity and vigor, vroom! oh yeah, chill 30 minutes and be off to the camp fire, the flame, the sparkle of stars, the shine of mood, the ardor of bed and romance, love - all splendid stuff!
   I asked Diana to write something for you all :
     "  I of G&B Importers will be tasting some unique and exciting wines special enough for your Valentine! From the nearly extinct Jampal grape in Portugal, revived to make the only 100% Jampal wine in the world, to the single vineyard rose of Pinot Noir painstakingly crafted from the vines planted in the same soil as the winemaker's beloved grandmother's garden to the exotic red and bubbly from Bulgaria, each wine has a special story to share with your loved one. "
TABLE # FIVE : Christina Caswell of Kysela Imports pours French and Italian treasures for you all :
     1) 2015 Sancerre 100% Pinot NOir dry rose ' Les Villots ' from Jean Reverdy et Fils, On Special for $19.99 a bottle, with 13% alcohol by volume : this is sleel , svelte, a dab of steel, a dab of stern, a dash of liquid Pinot Noir sunshine at sunset, ahhhh yes, si, oui, ca va marche tres bien pour vous tous ce soir, j'aime bien. I really like the overall control, balance and bliss here!
     2) ' Clos le Vigneau ' 2015 Val de Loire 100% Chenin Blanc from the French town of Vouvray, On Special for $16.49 a bottle, from Alexandre Monmousseau, with 12.5% alcohol by volume, this is a real treat, a real comfort blanket to soothe ragged, jagged, jarred jazzed nerves and to make your whole body relax and smile brilliantly as you come out to find your real selves outside your skins, just like the grape juices as they escape their skins : you both share a similar trajectile, that is vroom vaulting, villainous, vibrant and voracious once released : go for it, enjoy, nothing to lose! Yours!!!!!
     3) ' Secrets des Princes ' 2013 Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, On Special for the sublime ridiculous price of only $26.49 a bottle, this has so much body, so much stamina, it will support your frame, it will frame your state-of-mind, it is dark and deep and you will find a clarity that suits you just right when combined with some food to flesh out these darker night-time flavors, layers to show!
     4) Moscato d'Asti d.o.p. from RINALDI, On Special for $14.99 : this bug juice is as intoxicating to humans as it is bees that flock and fly and buzz and broom-ride their way directly to these Moscato grapes of the Piemonte in Italy and OOZE their wonderful liquid apricot, peach, per and apricot essences, honey, too! Great deal, too!
TABLE # SIX : Reid Harper of TRIONE Vineyards & Winery, Russian River, Alexander Valley in California : sublime all, velvet silks in liquids!
     1) 2015 Sauvignon Blanc from the Russian River appelation, River Road Ranch, with 13.3% alcohol by volume, $23.99, a lovely dry white to sip as it carries both it's weight and that of your tongue, too, cradles it, rocks it back and forth ever so slightly and the air around passes through it's flavors as they do on your palate, and the warmth of the sun's shine adds gleams of sun-moon-beams, too!
     2) 2013 River Road Ranch Pinot NOir, Russian River Valley, $39.99 a bottle : the balance, the depth, the body, the charm, the subtle flame to flower and smooth your stress and pain, ahhhh, enough to drive someone quite almost yet not, ahhhh insane, insane, insane! What a welcoming refresher , refrain with warmth, a drain of nerves and jarred feelings, ... love sets in so nicely.
      3) 2012 Alexander Valley Appellation Geyserville Ranch . ' Henry's red Blend ', 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot, 13% Petit Verdot, 13% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec : a lovely Claret red like a French Bordeaux, this delivers in spades and shovels and dollops and dashes, splashes, dunks, spins, spunks, spacious areas for both you and all your senses to enter into this liquid red blend of grapes, enjoy, frolic, fraternize, swoon, seduce, and select all your moments shared together, come and go, at your combined consensual says ... everyone wins here! $37.49, with 14.5% alcohol by volume.
     4) 2011 Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley, CA. This is a treat, even at $79.99 a bottle, Chris and I swooned here, we loved these subtle, silky seductive wines. Chris would have liked a touch more power and guts and perhaps rawness. I was happy with how deliciously forward and fresh and bright flamed they all four are! Cheers, Join us!
SAVE THREE Ways tomorrow,
COME SEE Us. ...
PART TWO of this week's email will come on Thursday, cheers, TONY 2.7.2017

Life Of Me, Wineenabler Anthony Quinn & Those Lives That Touch Me, Too , Early February 2017, Cheers, Enjoy,Dine @Coppi'sOrganic


Nothing like the anticipation of a great meal that meets and passes expectations, @coppisorganic e @juveycamps ! 2/2

Nothing like fine #spanishcava de @juveycamps e comida organically excelente de @coppisorganic ChezQuinn esta niche2/2! Gracias!



Celebrating almost 36 anos con mi esposa magnifica esta noche @juveycamps e @coppisorganic si si si!


#ChezQuinn @juveycamps #spumante #Milesime 2012 con comida organica excelente de @coppisorganic !


#ChezQuinn @juveycamps #spumante #Milesime 2012 con comida organica…


Live the dream, the love the warmth, the joy NIW at @coppisorganic 2/2 we are in style!



Always a great comfort to feel at home, eat like at home but not do a thing, relax @coppisorganic NOW, we are!


Hop on a bike and get your asses over to @coppisorganic NOW! Eat, celebrate, party, feel at home! 2/2


Happy happy hour hours at @coppisorganic NOW great organic food, people atmosphere, come now!


Anthony Quinn

Celebrate tonight at @coppisorganic 2/2 we are 36 yrs being together #mahimahi #SeafoodPasta!


Come Join Us this Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 5:30-8:30PM , $15 per person here as we have our Valentine's Day Big-Theme Wine-Tasting - 25-30 wines, 6 wine pros pouring, a great way to celebrate and find community and a welcome 2nd home, join us, pay at : Cheers. That $15 gets applied to any wines you taste and want to buy this Wednesday night!
 Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 2/4/2017  

Come taste with Meagan here this Saturday fro, 2-6PM _: free wine-tasting of Spain, Italy and South Africa!   TONY

Women-Men : Make Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Your 2nd Home Away From Home : We Love Diversity & Variety, U R ALL Welcome Here!

Cleveland Park WineCleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

IT'S your home away from home, your ' other ' home in our neighborhood - here, with us all to bolster and rally and march your spirits forward for your good, your health, your comfort and safety and forward momentum!




WE HAVE SO MANY SPIRITS of all kinds, of all persuasions, of all countries, of all types. colors, sizes, forms, textures, tastes and flavors.

we welcome the diversity, the exposure, the growth, the learning, the appreciation, the healing and helping and holding-hands and tongues, kisses and hugs from all around the world as they find their way onto our shelves and into your homes, too!

THIS IS YOUR PLACE to find an ultimately diverse selection of products made around the world. We want you to have choices. We want you to make them, too. We are here to help you, but ultimately we want you all to make the choices at anytime here that you feel they suit you best. No pressure, no us telling you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, just suggesting to help you know what your choices may be, depending on if you want to play it safe or be daring and bold?!? That is your choice.
WE NEVER WANT to dumb-you-down or believe that you do not have what it takes to make your own decisions. We know it takes courage and balls ( and if the recent months have shown you all have plenty of balls to make your own choices and decide your own futures, immediate and long-term, and for that we smile broadly, are happy to know you, happy for you, happy to be along together for this series of rides ).
OUR NEXT ' Big-Theme ' Wine-Tasting is on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017. 5:30-8:30PM, of 25 or so wines that are perfect to celebrate Valentine's Day with your lover, your special person, you husband or wife, noyfriend, girlfriend, that really special one! How fun this will be!

SERGHEI GULCEAC just stopped by again a few minutes ago. He will be here with his wife Stacy McArthur tasting at least four fine wines of Moldova! Looking tomorrow to taste a sparkling dry white blend, two whites as well as ine dry red, using indigenous grapes as well as international ones. Like the D'Or Feteasca Regala, a dry white, the Crisecco spumant NV brut sparkling white belnd of Feteasca Alba and 10% Muscat ... oh yeah!

I JUST CALLED MEAGAN of  WELL CRAFTED Importers and I am hoping she will be available, too to pour some of her company's selections of both Spanish and South African wines? Working on all this, we will have some TRIONE wines of California, with Reid Harper, Stepehen Watkins will be pouring both some Spanish sparkling cava as well as some South American wines of Argentina and Chile.
SO : Stay-tuned for more. we are rushing to our finish line to get this all set and in motion for you next Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 : in time to fully celebrate and enjoy Valentines' Day, and also the continuation of our whole year of 2017 we call Female-Appreciation!
SO : We have lots to offer you and I have , once again, walked our aisles and found with the help of Santos, Jagir and Chris some wonderful spirits to bring to your attention.
BEER From Santos :
     1) SAISON Begian Farmhoouse Ale, dry-hopping, from STFEUILLIEN, a non-filtered product of Belgium, 4-cans of 33cl. , a flavorful, tasty treat at $11.99 On Special.
     2) Belgian Abbey Ale Triple Triple , bottle-conditioned, also from STFEUILLIEN, product of Belgium. Here we have a 4-pack  of  11.20Fl. Oz bottles with 8.5% alcohol by volume, also another great cold and damp-weather treat!
     3) 2015 TRIGNAC Ksteel Tripel aged in Cognac casks, $31.99 a 1Pt 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, XII, with 12% alcohol by volume, an incredible treat to enjoy with a meal as it is so flavorful, and you will be looking around for something to balance these delectably-rich flavors with some edge and some sass!
     4) Seasonal Raspberry White Wheat Beer from SOUTHERN TIER, a wheat beer brewed with raspberries, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, with 4.6% alcohol by volume. Yum!
LIQUOR From JAGIR we have :
     1) Roundstone Rye Single barrel whisky, distilled from 100% Rye, from CATOCTIN CREEK, $40.99 a bottle, 750ml, with 40% alcohol by volume, this is so rich, so much extra body, so many nuances, so many nooks and crannies, this is special indeed. Come taste all the ways that it shouts true, authentic, layered rye flavors, yes!
     2) Rye Whiskey from Washington D.C's own ROCK CREEK, from ONE EIGHT Distilling, $49.99 a bottle, with 47% alcohol by volume, ... great deep, rich, inviting color that draws my eyes closer to the squat distinct bottle, and the leaf on the tan-greened-faded label just jumps out, too : works on every level from visual to taste! Yes!
     3) Singlr Malt Irish Whiskey triple distilled 12 years old, from KNAPPOGUE CASTLE, this Bourbon-cask-matured spirit is distilled, matured and bottled in Ireland, fun and exciting, and a great price, too at $49.99 a bottle! What a treat!
WINE From Chris & Tony :
     1) El Jefe ( Grande ) Tempranillo Spanish liters , unoaked, On Special for $11.99 a bottle, fresh, fruit-forward, bright, easy delicious quaffing, " sourced from sustainably farmed family vineyards, grapes fermented in traditional cement vats. " You all ove this, perfect to sip, smooth, needs no food. Perfect to watch the Super Bpwl with soon, or any game where you want wine and not beer. The more you chill it the drier it will taste.
     2) A dry 2014 New York State red wine , a blend of 55% Merlot, 40% Corot and 5% Malbec. From SHINDIG, On Special for $15.99, regularly $19.99, chill this 30 minutes and enjoy how lively and fresh and edgy-smooth it can be all at once. The Corot grape ripples it's flavors keeping the taste always a bit nicer with finger-foods.
     3) A Tannat . Merlot andZinfandel dry blend from ARTESANA Vineyards in Uruguay, a 2015, a medium-bodied red that again is best with food, perhaps some Tex-Mex meals, anything steaming-hot off the grill, even some vegetables marinated and grilled, a flavorful dish, casual or more sophisticated, this is a gem of a wine made for a female American owner from California,
     4) A sparkling Maria Gomes grape variety from Portugal's LUIS PATO is a real treat to enjoy while watching the games as it goes with all the flavorful foods we enjoy then, as it will cut through these flavors and provide relief and pleasure and bring gentle purrs and smiles to our faces! $18.49, a lovely treat! Discover Maria Gomes all over again!
     5) White Chateauneuf-Du-Pape , a 2012, from the southern Rhone valley, made by ALAIN JAUME & FILS ( et Fille ) , $49.99 a bottle, with 14% alcohol by volume, I loved this when I tasted it, will love it even more now as it has developed really nicely in the bottle. For me a great white Chateaneuf-Du-Pape can often provide more pleasure, interest, fascination and intrigue than the red counterparts for the same amount of money or less! Cheers, come try some. I tried this with the daughter when she visited and she was all so excited about her Lirac wines on the last visit. Wonder if she has changed and moved onto another village in the southern Rhone valley? I doubt it. We will see.
     6) Blanc de Blancs Reserve Celles-Sur-Ource RM ( Recoltant-Manipulant ) , $56/99 a bottle, Brut French champagne from JEAN LAURENT. 100% Chardonnay, disgorged on April 2016, from Dan Kravitz and Hand-Picked Selections, with 12% alcohol by volume, I was so impressed!
This last year I have been blown-away by many of the Blanc-De-Blancs champagnes that I tried for their power, concentration, finesse, flavor, complexity and sublime tastes from the atart all the way through the long finishes! This JEAN LAURENT is no exception, it shines and rises high in the spectrum, and is highly-recommended here. You great great value for great taste, and total harmony.
WEEK's TASTINGS : Still working on this and so it will be on our Web Page and also on Facebook within a day or two.
ON SATURDAY Andrew Shapiro is scheduled to come here and do a tasting of the SCHRUB DISTRICT Fruit-In-Vinegars for you all to try. We tried them with Andrew last week and were blown away, really special Flavors like :
1)  Just Grapefruit, 
2) Pineapple-Allspice,
3) Lime, 
5) Blueberry-Basil,
6) Cranberry-Juniper, and
7)  Apple-Nutmeg!
A BIG YES for them all!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for our Big-Theme Valentine's Day Wine-Tasting of 25 or so wines to enjoy with your special one, Wed. Feb. 8th, 2017, $15 a person ( that money you pay will go towards any purchase you make that night of the wines being tasted ). You may pay online at :, cheers!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS For Part-TWO Big-Theme BEER-Tasting on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 ( 5:30-8:30PM ) ... that already included ABITA Brewery with Lindsey Ely pouring, .... and BOLD ROCK Hard Cider with John Haley pouring ...  
SAVE BIG ON WINE here each and every Wednesday, 3 ( THREE ) ways to SAVE BIG, Up to 20% Off, ... so come and buy your special bottles of wine at $19.99 or more ( except Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot champagne ), any bottle 750ml, That $19.99 a bottle becomes $15.99 a bottle! That is a good savings!
CALL US if you cannot come by at : 202-363-4265, pay over the phone, then pick up your purchases at your convenience. BUT SAVE!
I WANT TO THANK ALL THOSE of you that come to shop here, that come to propose things for us to buy as well. Some of you are new, some of you are people we know well already.
IN THE LAST WEEK or so I have collected many business cards from people like :
1) Jon Brandt Off-Premise Sales Representative from MADIDUS Importers that just was part of our Big-Theme-First-Ever-Beer-Tasting ( The next one is on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 from 5:30-8:30PM - MARK YOUR CALENDARS ), ...
2) Stacy McArthur  and Serghei Gulceac of OLD TOWN CELLARS that will be pouring at our Big-Theme Valentine's Day & Night Wine-Tasting, their wines of Moldova,  ...  
3) Reid Harper of the TRIONE Vineyards and Winery in the Russian River Valley and Alexander Valley, and Reid will also be here pouring on our Big-Theme Valentine's Day & Night celebration tasting ... 
4) Richard Milkovich Director of Sales at the MOSHIN Vineyards Russian River Chardonnay & Pinot Noir that was here laste Wednesday pouring his and Rick's wines for you all, ... 
5) Nicole Hassoun Principal & Head Distiller of our local D.C. Ivy City JOS. A. MAGNUS & CO. here pouring 4 of her favorites the last Wed. Jan 18th, 2017 when we invited seven women come to pour of their ' favorites ' for women to show support and solidarity... 
6) Rodrigo Leone of Vinos de la familia LOS NOQUES, Argentina, ...Brad Hockenberry , Sales for BAD WOLF Brewing Company in Manassas, VA., that was here with Jon Brandt last Wednesday pouring at our 1st-ever Big-Theme BEER-TASTING , and it was a treat! ...
7) Matthew Carroll Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager of the Eric Solomon Selections was just here last week with Graham Isaac of the Country Vintners/ Winebow Group portfolio showing us some exceptional French wines ...  
8) Dr. Adam Forni Proprietor & Director of Authenticity from his own DANCING CROW Vineyards ... and the list goes on and on and on.
It takes a community that is diverse and comprehensive to make all of this work. WE thank you all and are thrilled to be a part of this magical, wonderful process that is the spirits' world of beers, ciders, liqueurs, liquors, and wines, water, too!

SO : Come see us, be a part of all of this. We want to include you wherever, whenever we can. Without you none of this is possible, none of this can work.

Cheers and thanks again, TONY  1/31/2017

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